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Miss OC Pageant Audition - Zintiel

By falingard
Because I'm a big fan of potentially fun things, and because I need every excuse I can get to draw more... I thought I'd enter :iconmiss-oc-pageant:! If you've been following, you'll know I ran some polls to decide who to enter exactly... and I took them into account, I swear! I just didn't go with the the top result all the time. Up first is Future Zintiel (from Flaky Pastry, of course)!

Zintiel Lutinàn
Species: Elf, originally. Now? Perhaps unclassifiable.
Age: 657
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 335 lbs of supernatural muscle
Likes: raspberry jell-o, a good smoke (but not together)
Hates: molemen, finding wrinkles in the mirror

Champion of the powers of Chaos, Zintiel is quite possibly the single most dangerous being where (and when) she comes from. No person or creature can possibly challenge her - any fight she gets into is over before it begins. And that leaves her terribly BORED. Thus, she goes through life nonchalantly, occupying herself with pointless things like interior decorating, playing Bejeweled, cheating on her wife, or entering beauty pageants. While mellow dullness is the norm for her now, her taste for randomness and violence still floats just beneath the surface, and anything at all could prompt her into suddenly leveling a small country.

There's more Zintiel all over my webcomic, Flaky Pastry.
But this particular version of Zintiel shows up starting here
and that whole story arc starts a bit earlier.
Miss OC Pageant Round 1 - Zintiel by falingardMiss OC Pageant Round 2 - Zintiel by falingardMiss OC Pageant Round 3 - Zintiel by falingardMiss OC Pageant Round 4 - Zintiel by falingard
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Estonius's avatar
Wicked pretty!
BHBranham's avatar
Looks like an easy win :)
(long time reader bias exhibited, possibly needs medication)
falingard's avatar
There's more than a hundred contestants, I fully expect NOT to win :p
It might still happen, I'm just enjoying the ride!
Hunter-Wolf's avatar
Very interesting character and lovely art, all the other entrants should watch out .. she seems the kind that doesn't like to lose XD
Ironghast's avatar
Very cool! I've really gotta get my audition entry in, I'll miss out if I'm not careful.
byrdiethemotley's avatar
Ooh, I love this Zintiel! I love 'em all, but this one rocks!
Also, does she really weigh 335 lbs or did you mean 235? Though I'm super happy that you even gave her a higher weight--it drives me crazy when tall, really muscled women are described as weighing 125 lbs or something.
falingard's avatar
It wasn't meant to be a realistic weight :D
At this point she's made out of living steel, or some kind of really dense unnatural stuff

I generally think of "present" Zintiel as 190-some pounds
BHBranham's avatar
yeah, 190 at 6'2" and slender build works out about right on the old character design charts ;)
byrdiethemotley's avatar
Wow. XD Did you explain that in the comic? I don't remember that. (I should, that was a wonderful story arc.)
190-something sounds really good.
well will she reduce us to pulp if we dont vote for her?
falingard's avatar
Maybe, maybe not. It's a gamble!
you know i prefer my bones unbroken as much as possible.
HobbsEnd's avatar
Wonderful facial expression!
LunaBell's avatar
W00t! Go Zintiel! Kick ass and take names!
falingard's avatar
She might just take asses and kick names!
RubyNina's avatar
She'd totally win the swimwear section! :O
falingard's avatar
I don't know if you're implying that she's wearing a swimsuit in this picture, but... those are her everyday clothes :D
RubyNina's avatar
no no I meant, usually in beauty pageant there's always a swimsuit competition of some kind.

Also I'm happy she's back to her ''chaos self'' in your comic ;p
falingard's avatar
I know there's usually a swimsuit competition in these, I just wasn't sure if you were saying what she was wearing was great, or if she was just great to fill out a swimsuit :D

And yay! I've had a number of comments from people who liked her better with the grey eyes and everything, so it's nice to know I haven't disappointed everyone ^^;
RubyNina's avatar
loool well it was nice to see the real her, actually looking like her brother, but I like her better now. I dont know, its like there was something missing without her power
falingard's avatar
Nice, but I still think you should have entered Poly Theist.
LorienInksong's avatar
Ah so this version eh? Should be interesting.
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