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Miss OC Pageant Audition - Sage

By falingard
Because I'm a big fan of potentially fun things, and because I need every excuse I can get to draw more... I thought I'd enter :iconmiss-oc-pageant:! If you've been following, you'll know I ran some polls to decide who to enter exactly... and I took them into account, I swear! I just didn't go with the the top result all the time. As a second entry, I chose Sage!

Sage Sparks
Species: Human
Age: 28
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 110 lbs
Likes: mysteries, pop-tarts
Hates: vampires, cleaning her apartment

Sage is a reporter, or so her business card says. In truth, she just loves to travel around the world, see strange things, meet strange people, and if necessary kick strange butts. She's extremely curious and adventurous - if she's joining a pageant, it's most likely cause she's heard something MYSTERIOUS was gonna go down there. Not that getting her name in the papers isn't a good thing in itself! For yes, she aims to be famous. She also has a reporter's strong sense of justice, meaning she'll bend every rule there is if it means getting the Truth out to the public.

More Sage!
Sage Sparks by falingard Sage Sparks on the run by falingard Sage's Pages (now with ALL the pages!) by falingard
Miss OC Pageant Round 1 - Sage by falingard Miss OC Pageant Round 2 - Sage by falingard
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Saaaage! As much as I love Zintiel I hope Sage makes it in! :)
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Woo, it's Sage! I'd forgotten how cool her hair is.

An excellent choice, good sir. I hope she gets to investigate First Place. :D
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I love this character! I'm sad her comic died :(
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Yeah, it started off so well! Are the comic pages still online anywhere?
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Well, the first page is in my gallery. I have either all the pages or most of them on my HD at home. But there is no online version anymore, nope :\
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Hee hee, I'm sure Sage will have plenty to investigate during the pageant. Good luck!
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