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Good clean fun

I... I felt like it.

Well, to be honest I felt I should do more of these... Big shiny illustrations, for one. But also art of the Flaky Pastry characters other than the comic. You know... FOR THE FANS. (Not that I don't also enjoy it)

So here we have Nitrine! Taking a bath. With her steam-duckie? Heck, I don't know. It's more about the foam and the toe curl and the cute wet hair. That foam was very fun to do, contrary to what one might expect.
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    I have to admit, she's still my favorite.:+favlove: revamp :+favlove: revamp :+favlove: revamp :+favlove: revamp  =^_^=
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Nitrine always was my favorite :D

Nice to see her relax before going back on a rampage ;)
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and if you squeeze the duck it turns into a cannon.
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Mmmm, toes. And what ~gothold said!
this is so cute, why when I look at it I just want to climb in with her and wash her back, her ears, her feet her legs and....and....oh god I need a life!!!!!
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I wish WoW's female goblins were as hot as Nitrine. XD haha!

Amazing job, as ever, Félix! Have to tell you, FP is one of the few webcomics I've been religiously following for some time which shown skin is kept to a minimum (as much as I'd LOVE to see more of it XD).
You rock, dude! Keep up the amazing job. ;)
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I am guessing that is a compliment, thank you sir!
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It surely is, pal. XD haha

Just thought I should tell you this, I'm not as much of a WoW player as I've been before, but I have a Nitrine (an obvious goblin engineer rogue) and a Zintiel (a night elf death knight). XD haha

All your fault, pal, FP is amazing! Keep up the great work. ;)
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Still quite the nice picture pin-up you made there...Maybe I could try and talk you into doing a couple of cute pics of my W.O.W goblin girl?
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she got some...weird goblin charm -_-''
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Quite the lovely pic, I just started reading your web-comic last month while wondering around the net. I don't know if this is the right place to ask,but do you take or have time for commitions and how much you would charge for said service? Please E-mail me.
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Oh, it's true... we can't resist those delicate curves framed by foam, that subtle gleam in the eye that says "you desire me, but cannot have me"...

...yes, we all want our own bathtime paddle-duck.
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Yay fanservice:iconimpervyplz:
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Very nice work! And I love the comic, also. It's amazing how bubbles and wet hair can make a character seem so....alluring.

Sure, yeah, "alluring;" lets go with that...
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First of all I have to say that Nitrine is one of my favs and that I love this pinup of her :D

As for a critique:

The overall layout and design of the pinup is done very well. It is very apparent that much time and care went into the suds of the bubble bath. A little bit more drippage & sheen on Nitrine's hair would give her hair a more wet look to it. That is all that I could find. The message of this piece speaks loud and clear as to what and where the character is and doing (well we can't really say that Nitrine is in HER apartment taking a bath... she could by all means be at her boyfriends or her new halfling's place taking a bath... lol.)
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Did she design her duckie herself?
falingard's avatar
If you ever see it maim anyone, you'll know she did
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Damn girl needed a bath after her little stake out outside the neighbors door o_o
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YES! Do more of those big shiny illustrations of the Flaky Pastry characters! :nod:
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the steampunk duck can only be hailed as an Epic Win.
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Oh yeah... and that duck? Priceless... steam punk bathtub ducky... I'm SO going to make one now!
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Since you requested critique... I have to admit... being a fan of your comic and the character... flaws in this image are hard to find. About the only flaws I saw is some of the shadowing might be slightly askew... like the shadow on the shampoo bottle seams a little off... and I only noticed THAT because I was really looking for it. Even that might be an error on my behalf. Love the slight shift to the foam highlights to match the lighting angle. Gotta love that seductive look on her face. Heh heh... not many people could make a GOBLIN look sexy. Keep up the excellent work! Oh... and might wanna remind Nitrine that she's going to ruin her gloves like that...
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More Nitrine and goblin art!
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That duck is -awesome. And I would totally buy Sudz for ultimate foamy goodness.
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