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So! Yes. Hello!
My name is Felix. Maybe you already know me, but... just in case there was still any doubt, I'll clear things up for you: It's true. I am, as a matter of fact, completely crazy.

This is -if you only read the description and don't look at the picture (the world upside down!)- a meme where rows and columns of female characters and male characters intersect, yielding hypothetical offspring. Exquisite silliness! Flaky Pastry: the Next Generation!

Notes about the characters I picked: No incest. No nuns. No one too far outside the "young adult" age group (i.e. no old men or teenagers, for example). Aside from that, sense is thrown out the window, and even robots can have children.

2014/03/09: So this is a work in progress. I'm posting it here so... people can see it and pester me to finish it. It's a form of insurance, y'know? Hopefully I won't need too much "encouragement"... after all, what's left is the FUN part!
Also note: this will be coloured

2014/03/10: Progress!! Actually, half the parents were already coloured when I first posted this yesterday. And the next update is likely to be not quite this fast. But hey, some uncoloured children have POPPED up. I'm doing these in random order, by the way.

2014/03/12: So far it looks like I didn't need much pestering! Coloured the first five children, and added four more! This is really fun. And yes, I admit it, I am not having a 50/50 split between males and females. It'll probably more like 60% female when it's done.

2014/03/14: Five more! Can you spot them??? Starting to see that some of these look similar... so starting to find some ways to unique-fy them. Which is good! Also: Now everyone has at least one kid (and only Marelle has just one).

2014/03/18: MOAR. Didn't think I'd have an update with more new males than females, but there you have it. Funnily, my hair looked kind of like Mistrale's today - except not pink. Here we have Zintiel's column completed, while Marelle's still has only one child in it... RANDOMNEEESSSS *shakes fist* Ah well.

2014/03/22: EIGHT more, this time! I've stopped doing them randomly in favour of re-balancing things... everyone has 4-6 children now. Only nine left to do! And then... ... ... gonna draw them full body. Probably not all of them, though given infinite time, I would, haha. I'll probably run some polls so you guys can vote on which of these characters you're more interested in seeing fleshed out further - visually, anyway. Cause yeah. Unlikely these will make it into anything, I'm just giving myself a new pastime XD Also of note: I've decided to post this file in higher resolution than before.

2014/03/26: How does a guy spend an evening on his birthday? Drawing for fun! Or colouring for fun anyway. So this is DONE! SO to speak. There's still the part where I'm running polls to see who I'll draw full body... Notice how I cut this into four "quadrants"? Anyway! Hope everyone enjoyed watching this unfold as much as I enjoyed doing it! :D

2015/01/31: ERMAGERD! I actually did it! I drew ALL the characters. More info here

2018/06/21: He's baaaaaaaaaaaaack! Did I say this thing was finished? I did! But that was over three years ago. I think I can start adding to it again. Who's going to stop me? Updates will NOT be fast. But they'll happen. :eyes:

2018/06/24: I know I said slow updates, but HEY... there's a holiday this week, so that means more time for drawing! For the first batch of portraits, I wanted one kid from each of the new parents, as many males and females, and no two kids from the same already-established parent. Done! My favourite? Orlot! EASILY.

2018/06/26: HELLO. I MIGHT HAVE A PROBLEM. The problem is I keep wanting to work on this instead of doing anything else.

2018/06/29: There's 8 more this time. The problem has not materialized yet, but IT COULD. that's 19 down ... .... 26 to go. This time, my favourite is Lupe, for reasons I can't tell you yet. Though Ziveline has a really charming smile...

2018/07/03: I know, I know! I can explain! See, this weekend was also a holiday, and in addition to that, the weather was literally too hot to do anything.... anything other than drawing a lot, I mean. So there, 11 more faces! I think we can all appreciate Savin, and how I didn't decide to just draw a totally normal person for the most evildark pairing - I think this is a case where the unexpected would have been too expected. Meanwhile, Cedric's just sitting there, surrounded by fairies and vampires and demons but he don't care! Also Mango is cute, but I feel like she pales right next to Gardenia... or maybe... their combined cuteness is greater than the sum of its parts?!

2018/07/07: I can't pretend anymore. I can only concentrate on any of the things I should be doing once I'm done with the latest batch of these. So here you go! 9 more squares filled, so only 6 left to go. SIX! Highlights include: Blanche, who, despite her name and being the neighbour's daughter, has brown hair; Locke, trying desperately to be Nitrine's son and look cool at the same time; the triplets (TRIPLETS! Not twins!) Jinn, Jacq and Jules... (Which is which? Which is a boy? Which is a girl? What's the third one? Who knows!)... and many others!

2018/07/12: Wooooooo! 45/45... or, if you like, 81/81. Maybe even 99/99. Technically 101/99. ANYWAY. The grid is full once more! ...a lot faster than I expected, to be honest. But... what can I say... I love doing this :XD: Now begins the much longer task of drawing a full-body picture for each of the new 45! And... it's ALSO going to be fun! WATCH FOR THEM! Hopefully I won't neglect all my other activities too much.

By the way... Flaky Pastry has a Discord server, did you know that? Well now you do! >> <<

I've even made a little gallery for them!
>>The Flaky Gene<<

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JRBeeler's avatar

An amazing effort!

PuppyBrat's avatar
I really, really love this damn thing. You're so good at creating characters.
falingard's avatar
Thanks! :D Creating characters is one of the things I enjoy the most!
CheskaMouse's avatar
Why do I feel Savin, eventually ate his parents.... o_O
falingard's avatar
LorienInksong's avatar
Dang Falingard you're a beast.  I really like the new batch, but I think Mango, Vaine, and Xaratenet are my favs so far.

(And for some reason Baliver's kids remind me of your character Chimera Delune for some reason.  Any chance of seeing her and/or Lysandre again?)
falingard's avatar
*Beast roar!* Glad you like them :D

(And there's always a chance)

Ozzac's avatar
now i want to see the full body pictures you know? Anyway Lupe is my favorite for now :D
falingard's avatar
It's gonna happen :la:
Drake have very beautiful descendants, Ah now I want to in the Canon he marry almost at ALL girls!)
Need to dial up the suspension of disbelief to around 14.... isn't Puce like around only 200mm tall?
falingard's avatar
Something like that, yes!
But with canonical size adjustment powers :D
Joybuzzer's avatar
The Neighbor and Drake seem have the "Yes.  My children will look good genes." going on about them :)
falingard's avatar
They've got the "look like a human" genes, for sure!
james-the-c's avatar
I dunno if I've said it before (four years is a long time!) but it's interesting to me that despite the fact Reptilis is a bit of a creep, both in appearance and personality, most of his kids are hella cute (yup, even the Nosferatu-like Orlot). Or maybe this is just more indicative of my own tastes more than anything else?
But I do remember saying Zerda was my favourite, and I think she probably remains my favourite overall, though I'd be here for absolutely hours if you forced me to pick a second favourite. You got such a knack for this! :ohnoes:

Cedric really doesn't seem to mind being surrounded by all these adorable weirdos; he must be a nice guy :D
falingard's avatar
I dunno either! It HAS been a long time! :D
Glad to see you're still around and still enjoying it!
I like to think everybody on this grid has beautiful children! Since I generally like to draw appealing characters anyway ^^;
james-the-c's avatar
Like I said, you have a knack for this kind of thing; I got great respect for artists who love character design, a big weakness of mine :D
Will you be doing the full profile pics for all these extra characters like you did previously? That's something excellent for me to look forward to; I really want to see what jobs and hobbies Baliver's kids all have :D
falingard's avatar
Thaaaaat's the plan! :dummy:
dmann1982's avatar
Can there be twins in one of the remaining slots, because the prospect seems fun.
falingard's avatar
It's not impossible!
The thought had occurred to me, but we'll see whether I am inspired to do it at any point
dmann1982's avatar
You could go identical, or, more fun, non-identical.
Joybuzzer's avatar
What is the symbol on Carmin?
falingard's avatar
Well, it's neither male nor female... so logically it must be... neither male nor female!
SELehcar's avatar
I hope Savin's individual profile either exceeds or subverts expectations.
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