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Fanservice day rides again

By falingard
I totally forgot about it last year, but I'M BACK. April 1st is Fanservice Day! A grand tradition started by :iconvanilleon: for great justice.

Uh... I certainly HOPE someone out there is served by this.
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Oh my gosh, I'm a bad person because I missed this fantastic bit of work. This just....I....ack.Love 
gaea-earthgoddess's avatar
Fuck. I. Can't. Stop. Laughing.
Goddamnit man.
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No need to stop... laughter is super healthy!
MidnightDStroyer's avatar
Laughter is healthy, huh? Well, what about this?

"Keep it up Eddie! You're slaying 'em! You're knocking 'em dead!"
~Roger Rabbit
gaea-earthgoddess's avatar
Stop being so brilliant, Fal, you're killing me, man.
briantk2003's avatar
Remind me of Bugs Bunny and Elmer Fudd musical
MidnightDStroyer's avatar
A true classic! Both the animation AND the music.
falingard's avatar
You don't say!
Astrih-Konnash's avatar
Awwww incredible art Heart
I miss a little Sir Manfred here (and Zintiel kicking him... just a bit  :D (Big Grin)  )
I-Liek-Bad-Fanart's avatar
And now I'm imagining Zintiel with her spear and magic helmet.
falingard's avatar
Magic heeeeeeeeelmet!
falingard's avatar

Sorry, I'm all out of samples :(
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"Arise, my love..."
Is that Croissant as the unicorn?
falingard's avatar
Of course not, what a silly idea. :eyes:
Yeah, silly me...
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Vanilleon's avatar
Heeee, so cute!

Croissant makes a mighty fine pony (and Nitrine looks pretty good in a helmet). :D I love all the little sparkles in the sunbeam.
falingard's avatar
Glad you approve, miss :thumbsup::D
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Buwahahahaw XD This is awesome!!! :+fav:
"Kill da wabbit!" Sorry, just... all I can think of. And clearly I am not the only one!
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