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Fanservice day 2012: Sexy Nightmare



April 1st is Fanservice day, remember? Yes?

Tell all your friends, and draw something for the occasion! :D

Anyway, following the poll I held to determine which Flaky Pastry (or other) character would be featured in this picture, Zintiel won - but the neighbour was a close runner-up, having held the first place at times, and being close to equal (or even equal!) to Zintiel in votes for much of the time. Hence why I included him in there too.

Zintiel fanservice. HMMMM. Of course this could have taken many forms - but I figured sexy nurse outfits were a widespread enough fetish. Buuuuut.... Zintiel couldn't just be A nurse. She would have to be a scary nurse. This just happened.

Also check out these other titillating Fanservice Day offerings:
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*meanwhile inthat room of that Joe was in some kind of hospital bed watching these news on tv abouth this weather while tv was turned on* (turns off tv)