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Fanservice day 2012: Sexy Nightmare

April 1st is Fanservice day, remember? Yes?

Tell all your friends, and draw something for the occasion! :D

Anyway, following the poll I held to determine which Flaky Pastry (or other) character would be featured in this picture, Zintiel won - but the neighbour was a close runner-up, having held the first place at times, and being close to equal (or even equal!) to Zintiel in votes for much of the time. Hence why I included him in there too.

Zintiel fanservice. HMMMM. Of course this could have taken many forms - but I figured sexy nurse outfits were a widespread enough fetish. Buuuuut.... Zintiel couldn't just be A nurse. She would have to be a scary nurse. This just happened.

Also check out these other titillating Fanservice Day offerings:
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*meanwhile inthat room of that Joe was in some kind of hospital bed watching these news on tv abouth this weather while tv was turned on* (turns off tv)
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Something about this one made me laugh, although I'm not sure why.  Regardless, I like it.
Fairportfan's avatar need a bit of (ooo) shock treatment ...
Uh..I changed my mind about the prostate exam!
falingard's avatar
Too late. She already did it. By the way, those gloves used to be white.
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I read the entire comic(to date) yesterday in about 1 hour. Zintiel is officially my favorite character, and this is officially my second favorite webcomic, with GGaR just a *tiny* bit ahead.
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Yay! I'm glad you enjoyed it :D
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Yes. Yes I did. And I can't wait to see the battle between Zintiel-Marelle-Arle and the goblins. lol
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I can't believe I forgot all about this day D:

I especially love the sexy neighbor pose XD
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This is Hilariously over the top.
Thank you for servicing fans who like gents as well as fans who like ladies. The neighbour is SMOKIN'.
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You're welcome! :thumbsup:
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I feel stupid yet very enlightened about this tradition... I absolutely love it! :D
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Any time is a good time for fanservice!

But... some times are better than others, it seems! :D
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I had no idea about this tradition! I will not miss out next year!
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The more the merrier! :D
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This ist.... totally... VENOM!
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mmmmmm neighbor.....
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[link] enter in my group!!!!!!!!!1
TappyToeClaws's avatar
Damnit. Now I need to make ANOTHER Zintiel costume.
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Clearly that was my plan all along.
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