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Dulcinee Snobeedle, Double Halfling

I'd like you to meet Dulcinee Snobeedle, of the Waterdeep Snobeedles, that illustrious halfling family. She is herself a halfling... a five feet six inches tall halfling.
As she was reaching adulthood and no longer able to fit through doors at home, her parents sent her abroad to study, and she joined the church of Sune, the goddess of beauty. Some years later, a fully accomplished cleric, she returned to her hometown. She heard tales of a heroic group of adventurers who had recently done much for the city, and longed to join them. As an added bonus, this group of adventurers owned an inn in town where her younger (and much shorter) (and not adopted) sister was employed. So she could join this group, fight for the cause of good and beauty, and watch over her little sister all at the same time.
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Giant halfling or... not really halfling after all?

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Halfling via adoption :dummy: