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Cheeky and Parla

Your brain ever, like... just come up with names spontaneously while you're half-asleep in bed? Mine does sometimes. Including three times in the last week (that's a lot more frequent than usual). The last of those three times was even a twofer! Meet Cheeky & Parla. Immediately after the sleepy part of my brain came up with those names, the awake part decided they'd be perfect for a duo of harpies. Perhaps that duo of completely random harpies glomping in the back of page 810 of Flaky Pastry that I had posted recently.
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Yup, sometimes even during the day when I let my mind wander off (when I'm travelling or something and I don't need my brain). For this case I have a note on my phone and whenever my mind suddenly throws a name at me I just write it down. I have a lot of names by now. Some of them are crying for a character but sadly I stopped role-playing and writing overall due to a major and everlasting block. Shame.