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Character Cast Meme - filled

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Published: August 8, 2009
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Yay! I filled my own meme.

The original, blank one is here.

So I tried for a weird combinatory setting.... grim steampunk fantasy horror... I imagine a lot of steampunk-like technology that incorporates magic elements. There are outright mages, but they're a rare, secretive sect - so of course there's two of them in the main cast. In the end, I think the character I like the less is the Hero himself. Still, the grumpy badass inventor always tweaking his steampunk sword for enhanced badassery is a cool concept... I just hate his looks! ...he was actually even worse before I completely redrew his face.

I don't think I'll do anything with these guys (and girls), but it was fun! YOU should all do it too ;) ...you wouldn't want to make the eeevil mage cross, would you?

EDIT 2017/05/20: I've been thinking a it about this thing lately, and decided to retroactively give all these character NAMES, because names are good.
The hero/inventor is Eddigan Lowson.
The sidekick/sister is Lenney Lowson.
The third wheel/mage is Benticar Fairkey.
The love interest/rival is
Vannice Shelleigh.
The romantic rival/ex-husband is
Jacquen Jostier.
The sidekick's romance/waif is Sylthia.
The big bad is Zulter Thrumm.
The lieutenant is Yiltash - since I know these two combine later, I made his name an anagram of Sylthia
Their combined form is still Sylthia.
So there you go!

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SheWhoShinesHobbyist General Artist
This is awesome! I love the third wheel. And the second love interest is really pretty :meow: Did you ever create anything with this awesome? I would love to see it :D The last two panels are awesome. Great composition.
JanTuts's avatar
JanTutsProfessional Digital Artist
Cool :D
Also, I guess that would mean the Hero has to kill his sister's love interest to save the world?! D:
falingard's avatar
falingardProfessional Digital Artist
There has to be another way! :noes:
Moradum's avatar

And the REAL hero turns out to be... the tomboyish little sister!
lauraorganasolo's avatar
FÉLIX WHY ARE YOU AWESOME. I wish I could read a book/comic of this. Or play a game of it. Any of the above.

I love the eeevil mage's skeletal hand (since he has a normalish human appearance).

I'm sorry you're not all that happy with the hero's appearance. Since he looks a bit broody and has facial hair, he LOOKS like he might be a villain -- which is why I like that he is the hero.

I imagine his and the love interest's competition/romantic tension would be witty and snarky and awesome.

The love interest reminds me a little of Beatrice from Umineko no Naku Koro ni. [link] I wonder if you'd enjoy reading Umineko...

artgeek12's avatar
Wow, i stumbled on this page just randomly browsing but i have to tell you, this is TOTALLY AWESOME! You've pretty much hit the nail on the head when it comes to creating a cast...
Very nice!
Erua's avatar
Whell, Mr. Mage, I did it, now PLEAZE DON"T KILL ME! I'm too...too...___(fill in the blank) to die!

It was fun to do, tnks for making it. I got a few things sorted out with this that have been bugging me, like if paige should be a blondie or not.

falingard's avatar
falingardProfessional Digital Artist
You may keep on living, FOR NOW ;)

Cool! Glad you had fun :D
Paruser's avatar
Mad scientist woman with cigars = win. Now all she needs is an overly elaborate steampunk monocle.
Starchasm's avatar
Hmmm...grimpunk? Steamdark? I need to hide this from my GM or I know where our Dark Heresy group will end up...
Lomebririon's avatar
Lomebririon Digital Artist
So gonna do this. :o
enmesarra's avatar
Excellent meme... and extra points for the steampunk setting :dance:
Dahila-Mockery's avatar
Dahila-MockeryHobbyist Writer
Dude, you need to stop being so damn awesome!
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duralictHobbyist Digital Artist
Wow dude, the color scheme is really working with your lighting here.
falingard's avatar
falingardProfessional Digital Artist
In this case, yes.

Bald with weird tattoos on their head, even. :nod:
atoji's avatar
yes, it's all beginning to come together.

i gotta remember to do this meme, it looks super fun.
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OcafiHobbyist Writer
Nice. I'll definitely add this to my faves.

I love these character creation sheets because they always make me either reevaluate a bad decision I've made with one or more of my characters, or to reinforce the good ones.
HocusPocusFocus's avatar
HocusPocusFocusHobbyist Traditional Artist
Loved the Evil Mage.
falingard's avatar
falingardProfessional Digital Artist
You mean the Eeevil mage :B
HocusPocusFocus's avatar
HocusPocusFocusHobbyist Traditional Artist
Oops My bad.
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