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Character Cast Meme - filled

By falingard
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Yay! I filled my own meme.

The original, blank one is here.

So I tried for a weird combinatory setting.... grim steampunk fantasy horror... I imagine a lot of steampunk-like technology that incorporates magic elements. There are outright mages, but they're a rare, secretive sect - so of course there's two of them in the main cast. In the end, I think the character I like the less is the Hero himself. Still, the grumpy badass inventor always tweaking his steampunk sword for enhanced badassery is a cool concept... I just hate his looks! ...he was actually even worse before I completely redrew his face.

I don't think I'll do anything with these guys (and girls), but it was fun! YOU should all do it too ;) wouldn't want to make the eeevil mage cross, would you?

EDIT 2017/05/20: I've been thinking a it about this thing lately, and decided to retroactively give all these character NAMES, because names are good.
The hero/inventor is Eddigan Lowson.
The sidekick/sister is Lenney Lowson.
The third wheel/mage is Benticar Fairkey.
The love interest/rival is
Vannice Shelleigh.
The romantic rival/ex-husband is
Jacquen Jostier.
The sidekick's romance/waif is Sylthia.
The big bad is Zulter Thrumm.
The lieutenant is Yiltash - since I know these two combine later, I made his name an anagram of Sylthia
Their combined form is still Sylthia.
So there you go!

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This is awesome! I love the third wheel. And the second love interest is really pretty :meow: Did you ever create anything with this awesome? I would love to see it :D The last two panels are awesome. Great composition.
JanTuts's avatar
Cool :D
Also, I guess that would mean the Hero has to kill his sister's love interest to save the world?! D:
falingard's avatar
There has to be another way! :noes:

And the REAL hero turns out to be... the tomboyish little sister!
lauraorganasolo's avatar
FÉLIX WHY ARE YOU AWESOME. I wish I could read a book/comic of this. Or play a game of it. Any of the above.

I love the eeevil mage's skeletal hand (since he has a normalish human appearance).

I'm sorry you're not all that happy with the hero's appearance. Since he looks a bit broody and has facial hair, he LOOKS like he might be a villain -- which is why I like that he is the hero.

I imagine his and the love interest's competition/romantic tension would be witty and snarky and awesome.

The love interest reminds me a little of Beatrice from Umineko no Naku Koro ni. [link] I wonder if you'd enjoy reading Umineko...

artgeek12's avatar
Wow, i stumbled on this page just randomly browsing but i have to tell you, this is TOTALLY AWESOME! You've pretty much hit the nail on the head when it comes to creating a cast...
Very nice!
Erua's avatar
Whell, Mr. Mage, I did it, now PLEAZE DON"T KILL ME! I'm too...too...___(fill in the blank) to die!

It was fun to do, tnks for making it. I got a few things sorted out with this that have been bugging me, like if paige should be a blondie or not.

falingard's avatar
You may keep on living, FOR NOW ;)

Cool! Glad you had fun :D
Paruser's avatar
Mad scientist woman with cigars = win. Now all she needs is an overly elaborate steampunk monocle.
Starchasm's avatar
Hmmm...grimpunk? Steamdark? I need to hide this from my GM or I know where our Dark Heresy group will end up...
Starchasm's avatar
Lomebririon's avatar
So gonna do this. :o
enmesarra's avatar
Excellent meme... and extra points for the steampunk setting :dance:
Dahila-Mockery's avatar
Dude, you need to stop being so damn awesome!
duralict's avatar
Wow dude, the color scheme is really working with your lighting here.
atoji's avatar
bald = mage
falingard's avatar
In this case, yes.

Bald with weird tattoos on their head, even. :nod:
atoji's avatar
yes, it's all beginning to come together.

i gotta remember to do this meme, it looks super fun.
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Nice. I'll definitely add this to my faves.

I love these character creation sheets because they always make me either reevaluate a bad decision I've made with one or more of my characters, or to reinforce the good ones.
HocusPocusFocus's avatar
Loved the Evil Mage.
falingard's avatar
You mean the Eeevil mage :B
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