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Aiming high

By falingard
Nitrine can be and HAS been accused of many things, usually deservedly, but one thing she cannot be accused of is of lacking ambition.

Fun interactions brought to you by :iconocpartytime:
Skadi the giantess belongs to :iconekuneshiel:
Background characters belong to various lovely people

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Wow... Nitrine really has no limits, does she?
UnseenHarbinger's avatar
It's gorgeous. I'd love to see a continuation :-) The look on their both faces is priceless.
ObsidianPyre's avatar
Haha, ambition indeed! (and yesss, that suit was one of my favorites :D)
ArdRhi's avatar
You can't make love to that woman.  The best you could manage is to make love AT her.
falingard's avatar
Well, of course I can't. She's fictional, duh!
Hentaikid's avatar
That's a fairly deep swimming pool.
falingard's avatar
That's a fairly deep topic!
MerchManDan's avatar
In a D&D game a few years ago, my half-orc barbarian had Enlarge Person cast on him so he could hit on a frost giantess. It worked out well. ;)
falingard's avatar
DEMarq's avatar
   I have to say, I'd do the same in this situation...With a different pickup line ^_^
LPHogan's avatar
Nitrine never backs Down from a challenge! :D
LexiKimble's avatar
I don't know what I love best; the cute giantess, Nitrine's bravado, or her WATERMELON BIKINI!

That's like the best thing ever.
Levia-the-Dragon's avatar
Oh my... well, best of luck to her then.
If Skadi is a Jotun (Frost Giant) they can shapeshift, so she could choose to meet Nitrine on her level ...
LegionaireB's avatar
Sunny with a chance of light clouds.  How's the corniness down there?
falingard's avatar
You want corn? I give you corn. So much corn do I give.
RandomRedneck1990's avatar
That's funny right there.
Vangandur's avatar
Why do I have to think of this MTG Card right now:…

I think I have a dirty mind...

Also, I love how that card also has "Mountainwalk".
Double pun!

.... I really have a dirty mind.
falingard's avatar
Dirty like a chimney in need of sweeping? :p
Vangandur's avatar
I see what you did there....

Though I guess Skadi's "natural reaction" would be:
"How's the weather up there?"
"Wet? How wet are we talking?"
- Skadi flicks Nitrine into the pool -

Which, consequently, would make Nitrine fall even more for her I guess... oh well!
ShadowDragonFox's avatar
Oh Nitrine , such a lady charmer isn't she? hahah that pickup line tho haha
persimmon's avatar
Ffffffff. Nitrine, darling you are my heroine
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