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A Star is Bourne

Iiiit's that time again. I hope you like reading about OCs that I'm most likely never going to draw again, cause I'm gonna write about them. Again, this is literally what I do for fun. Just ...create characters. Come up with stories for them, or at least story premises... and then never write those stories. These started in a dream I had. It feels like a recurring theme at this point, even though it's not really that frequent. Anyway!

Bourne Felicity Skye
Bourne is secretly the superhero Star (no relation to any similarly named published superhero). How did she get her powers of flight, invulnerability and energy blasts? Who knows! Perhaps she went swimming in a lake magic high in the mountains below the stars... But when she realized she had these powers, she knew she had to use them for good. She hasn't been doing this for very long - maybe a year or so - but has already become really famous. Everybody loves Star. So much so that no one bats an eye at Bourne's hairstyle; tons of people are sporting those streaks, like their hero.
Bourne is also a budding actor. She's just landed her first major role! She auditioned and got the part to play... the superhero Star, in the fictionalized movie about her. What are the chances? It's a big production and with the popularity of its subject, Bourne has become hella famous in her civilian identity as well.
That has some problems. Balancing real life and superheroing was already hard before, but now training and filming and interviews means she's always busy. And people recognize her on the streets and everything.
(I'm pretty sure in my dream originally this character was white with long blonde hair, but this is just much more interesting than that?? I did fill like two pages of hair sketches before settling on this hairstyle. I love the look of these natural/afro styles, but I kind of hate drawing them XD They're so fuzzy! And my drawing style is usually very hard smooth lines. Also I initially had no idea what her superhero side would look like, but I'm very happy with what I ended up with. And YES, her first name is absolutely just to make the pun in the title. A Star is Bourne. Star the superhero. Movie star. Both fairly new occurrences. A star is born, A Star is Bourne. SUE ME. The rest of her name is MORE PUNS. Bourne Felicity Skye, because she's born under a lucky star. GETTIT?)

Erin MacMartin
This perfect triangular boy was assigned by the studio to be Bourne's personal assistant/bodyguard. I imagine a scene where she's told his name, and she pictures some kind of badass woman in a suit... but it turns out Erin is a boy's name in this case?
Anyway. He's always following her around now. He is genuinely helpful as far as movie stuff goes, but Bourne constantly has to evade him in increasingly comical ways whenever she has to do superhero stuff, just adding to the stress of it all.
(This character wasn't in the dream at all. As I was thinking what characters to add, a bodyguard was high on the list of possibilities, but then so were all sorts of movie-related people. I figured I'd sketch some faces and see if any grew on me. And this meek bespectacled boy with a thick neck did. And when I drew his triangular body and thought of the tagalong-dodging  dynamic, I had to add him in. Looking at his face I for some reason wanted to name him Erin, even though that's usually a girl's name. So I did. I'm allowed to do that! I also strongly imagined him with red hair, so I gave him a Scottish last name - yes, long with his Irish first name.)

Noah Hoshino
Noah is an introverted, studious dreamer who loves to stargaze and read and not go out much. When the superhero Star first appeared, Noah was immediately her biggest fan.
Coincidentally, Noah and Bourne are also childhood friends. Their first interaction was Bourne standing up for Noah against playground bullies, and they've remained close ever since. Until recently, that is. With Bourne becoming a superhero, and then a movie star, she unfortunately has less and less time for Noah. I don't want to say Bourne was Noah's only friend, but... Bourne was Noah's only friend.
Right now Noah is a conflicting mess of emotions: about Star (super cool role model, or reason -via the movie project- that her friend no longer has time for her?), about Bourne (is it friendship, or is it actually more?), even about Noah's own identity (is she actually male or female?).
She decides to do something. And what she does is hire private detectives (her family has money. Did I mention her dad is an astronaut?) to find Star, figure out her civilian identity if she has one, and arrange a meeting with her. Noah's not sure what that will accomplish, but she's sure if anyone can help, her hero can. Maybe she can talk to Bourne. Maybe she can stop the movie being made somehow. Maybe she can be Noah's friend.
(I relate to Noah, I really do. As also an introvert who doesn't get out much and usually doesn't care about people but sometimes is desperate for attention from one or two people who can't always give as much attention as I crave. Y'know? By the way, this pandemic? Social isolation? Yeah, almost business as usual for ye old hermit. In the dream, Noah was actually outside -a rarity! Trying to get into a diner where the detectives and Bourne were meeting, but failing because of a crowd of fans. Harsh. When designing her, I still didn't know whether I wanted the character to be male or female, so I kept it androgynous. I STILL DON'T. Because this was a person who mostly stays in but also can hire private detectives, I tried to give her a posh look but not one that you usually go out in public with. I settled on a yukata XD which is probably why I also gave her Japanese ancestry. I looked for a Japanese first name, but eventually went with Noah because it sounds a little Japanese, but is also not - and is also unisex. Also Hoshino means "star field".)

Frank Romeo James
Part of the duo hired by Noah to find Star, Frank is a grizzled veteran: pragmatic, methodical, laid-back. He knows how things work, and while he's not a slave to rules, he's sometimes worried about his partner/understudy Cameron's crooked tendencies. Noah being Star's #1 fan, she already had a ton of collected info on the hero to get the detectives started.
(The dream involved a pair of private detectives... I think there was a tall one and a wide one, but the rest I had to invent after waking up. I thought it would be funny to have one named James, and one named Cameron, but to split those between first name and last name, and to make it the opposite of what would be obvious, to throw people off. Except now I've told you. OOPS. Sometimes middle names are fun, and he gets Romeo while Cameron gets Jules for similar reference purposes. So Romeo and Juliet... Are the two lovers? Maybe? Maybe not? I mean, Frank probably has a wife who is never seen. Because his first name is be Frank, and that's supposedly Columbo's first name, and I see him a little bit as Columbo, personality wise. Appearance-wise I settled on this face for him, I thought it looked a bit like a thick Patrick Stewart, but I tried to lessen it - with the mustache for example. But the resemblance is still really present I think.)

Cameron Jules Sydney
Cameron is a bad-person (not bad-boy or bad-girl), a roguish private detective working as Frank's junior partner. They (Cameron) are pretty cynical about life in general, and usually won't hesitate to bend rules and cut shady deals to get ahead, fully expecting everyone else to behave the same. While not as experienced as Frank, they're very quick-witted and good at fast-talking. No doubt they're the one to put two and two together and decide it was worth checking out Bourne, the actor playing Star, and see if she was actually the superhero herself.
Once they have evidence and arrange a meeting with Bourne to confront her with the truth, Cameron's not surprised when Bourne offers them money. What does surprise them however, is that it's not a bribe to keep them quiet. Bourne does want to keep her identity a secret, but mostly she wants to hire them to help her superhero work. Busy and inexperienced as she is, it's getting harder and harder to do her thing. She could use people to do the detective part of heroing, to support her from the sidelines and everything. She'd considered going to the police, but that seemed too official - they would probably not help out a vigilante, no matter her intentions, and especially not without making her identity public. But two PRIVATE detectives, who already know her identity... maybe that could work. What else can she do? She can't give up her job... she has bills to pay, same as everyone... While being a famous actor i a lot of work, it does pay more than she needs to just live... so she could afford to payroll some helpers, if they'll keep her secret. All she wants is to keep fighting for what's right.
This all unexpectedly moves something deep inside Cameron. A moral core they'd forgotten they had. And they actually convince Frank to go along with it.
(I thought it would be fun to make a nonbinary character, since I don't have enough of those. The whole image of this character basically came to mind fully formed. The only thing I added at the end was the butterfly knife, just to show their bad-person-ness. I already talked about part of Cameron's name under Frank, but I'll go on. Like their middle names imply, Cameron is probably a little bit in love with their mentor Frank... but also probably a little bit in love with Bourne.Their last name, Sydney, is inspired by Sydney Carton, from Charles Dickens's A Tale of Two Cities. I get similar vibes from the two characters: broken, cynical bad-persons who ultimately choose to be heroes (a little bit because they're a little bit in love with a woman). Also: Cameron, Jules, and Sydney are all pretty gender-neutral names.)
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Creating characters is a cool hobby. I feel inspired by your work! Also I like your rant about the puns in Bourne's name :D

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Thank you! Always happy to inspire :D

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Hey, it's fun to create new characters. But we all know committing to sequential comics for them... is a serious commitment of time! >_<