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I have two screenshots like this. I don't know which one to choose, so I upload the both: [link]

Here we go ! Finally Halo 4 !! The art of this game is just so beautiful. I can't stop admire and watch it. As the music and the campaign.
A lot of armor is awful in this game, but a few is nice, even beautiful. And Elites are gone. In addition, no theater for the Campaign and for The Spartans Ops. So I'll never be able to take a screenshots about Elites or another Covenant, even a subtile Promethean.

But dawn, look at this.

Oh, and it's a god damn luck I have a friend who decides to take my screenshots with his software. Because I have to wait 343i making the file shares working !! Gaaah !!
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how'd you get this piece anyhow? did you get it off of 343i?
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A friend take a screenshot of his screen and sent it to me ;p
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nevermind, qquestion answered.
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i like the screenshot
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very nice. i love the color and the armor on the spartan, it goes well with the rest of the picture
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Thanks yeah :D!
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this is an awesome picture by the way. Mind if I sketch it?
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No ! Of course you can :D
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My friends and I came to the conclusion that after 343 busts out the new DLC, they will unlock campaign and spartan opps in theatre. I think they locked it up for spoilers because the campaign is really story based :) Lets just hope.
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Yeah I've learned that !
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I'm excited for that, especially since I'm running through Campaign on Legendary solo, I'll have plenty of cool things to see.
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How did you take this shot? MY friend can't figure out how to get her screenshots onto her computer
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It's wrote on my description: A friend can take screenshot from his TV with a software to take videos on his XBOX, and then he share me my screenshot ^^
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ah I see thank you
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And i agree, the armor is terrible, also not being able to get all emblems when you want to. I loved making emblems, now theyre so complicated that its useless.
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