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I have two screenshots like this. I don't know which one to choose, so I upload the both: [link]

Here we go ! Finally Halo 4 !! The art of this game is just so beautiful. I can't stop admire and watch it. As the music and the campaign.
A lot of armor is awful in this game, but a few is nice, even beautiful. And Elites are gone. In addition, no theater for the Campaign and for The Spartans Ops. So I'll never be able to take a screenshots about Elites or another Covenant, even a subtile Promethean.

But dawn, look at this.

Oh, and it's a god damn luck I have a friend who decides to take my screenshots with his software. Because I have to wait 343i making the file shares working !! Gaaah !!
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looks amazing!!
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I think 343 is supposed to add Theater for Spartan Ops and Campaign, it just wasn't ready at launch. I may not be 100% correct on that though.

Great picture!
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Thanks, but I've already learned :D
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this one i like more
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what armor are you runnin?
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Actually my armor on Halo 4 is the Mark VI chest & legs, Scout helmet and I forgot the remaining...
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i see (but i was referring to this pic)
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Hoho, awesome pic, the spartan looks very good at that angle :iconifyouknowplz:
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I thought of a substitute for the theater cam in campaign, play online with the blind skull on but its gonna be tough getting a screenshot coz I didnt think that though... Anyway, Nice picture! I love all the capture you got in this.
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Thanks thought :D
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Your welcome :D I hope that helps alittle :)
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now is this a shot from the game or your own work? because if you made it It's very nice in lighting, texture, focal point placement, landscape. It's alittle too crisp for my taste though because it feels computer generated rather than seemless.
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Yes ! I just went to the game, adding in the game a FX black and white (in the forge), create an armor for the subtile background and take the screenshot.

So yes, full in game, no retouching. :D
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I believe the brutes are gone, I saw plenty of elites in the campaign and stuff

But Nice work catching the beauty of Halo 4!
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Yes ! But maybe brutes will be back for Halo 5 ?

Thanks loads!! :D
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I need to do some epic Halo 4 screen shots like this, you hath inspired me.
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