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Renova Icons

From the design of the social icons for the wordpress theme, a set of icons inspired by the Renova theme.

For a live preview you can visit the official theme page [link]

Renova icons set is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivative Works 3.0 License.This set is copyrighted to Lorenzo Lagana'.
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wonderful, i love minimalism very much.
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very beautiful minimalism =)

may I ask you for the benefits of creative commons? (what benefits for you besides being linked or named)
and my I also ask you how to get that license/copyright? is there some bureau where you have to pay or something or do you just claim it to be cc licensed and that's all? I ask you this because I made some icons myself and I'm not sure how to "release" them.

I'd be thankful for any advices and reply! =)
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