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Lunar Giant
Twilight falls silent upon the land
A girl stares at stark sandcastles
The crowd gathering on Florida sand
She’s oblivious to the giant
The fireflies appear one by one
To perform their dance
Glowing brighter than the sun
And swaying like sailboats
A crackly voice through the radio
Hushes the crowd all at once
Her eyes, wide as a doe
As a countdown begins
Ten, nine, eight, seven, six
Five, four three, two, one!
The giant leaves his home
Carrying his passengers so far away
A starship, tinted lunar chrome
Rides a ball of crimson flame
Gazing at the starry sky
She watches his smoky trail
His grand goodbye
And wishes them farewell
What planet shall they see?
Mars or Neptune or Jupiter
Or moons in clusters of three
As space opens its arms wide
As she blinks, the giant disappears
And the astronaut leaves his world
Starshine reflects in his eyes
As gravity fades forever
They dance like fireflies
And sway like sailboats
Their starship quakes to a stop
Orbiting their beautiful home
A gasp
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Daggers and Sorcery: The Whispering Wood
The Whispering Wood is an ancient forest lying on the edge of Farmfields. For generations, the ash and oaks have supplied Sevgard with thick, durable lumber and inspired many artists by their vibrant colors. When the harvest moon arrives, the woodcutters chop trees mercilessly, yet they regrow by the snow's thaw. 
Not much is known about the Whispering Wood. Trailblazers constructed a crude path through the forest, yet the environment constantly changes. The path leads north one day and east the next. In fact, the tree leaves are heavily imbued with mana and create a whispering effect which provides magical energy to bypassing wizards. On silent nights, the whispers carry beyond the woodland and reach Farmfields. The strange whispers unsettle the farmers, and they prefer to keep their distance. Perhaps when a cartographer successfully maps the forest, they will make peace with it. 
Local legend states that unsavory creatures lurk in its depths. Travelers insi
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Daggers and Sorcery: Farmfields
Farmfields is a large, fertile vale nestled outside Sevgard's stone walls. Sevgard operates under a form of feudalism and provides farmers with land, supplies, and protection in exchange for fresh produce and meat. This relationship has thrived for centuries and has allowed Sevgard to become a prosperous city. 
On its own, Farmfields is a quaint, cooperative community. The fields are divided into plots with sturdy fences built around them, and each plot contains a different crop, guarded by a stout scarecrow. For every few plots, there is a green pasture for cattle, horses, goats, and sheep to graze. Their manure is then used to fertilize the fields which gives the land a natural, earthy scent. One central irrigation system supplies the fields from the Hister River and its tributaries. The Hister flows strong throughout the year and keeps the crops refreshed during the warm season. What is more, an inn was established to accommodate travelers, and it is stationed beside the farmer
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Daggers and Sorcery: The Races
1. Humans
It comes to no surprise that humans are the most dominant race in the realm. For centuries, they have endured through the harshest of times and tamed the wildest of lands. Their ancestors are most notable for being pioneers of change and setting off on grand ventures to establish thriving settlements. Through their blood, sweat, and tears, humans refined these rudimentary communities and transformed them into sprawling empires governed by royal families. This nobility often arranges marriages with other nobles to preserve their rich bloodlines and power, and their ire knows no bounds if anything threatens their sovereignty. 
However, not all of humanity evolved sophisticated lifestyles. Scattered throughout the wilderness, there are wandering tribes who still believe in tradition and the ancient gods. They are not inept, but they are not as advanced as the rest of their kin. What they lack in sophistication, they make up in a vast knowledge of the past, often coll
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Lace - Part 1
The airport terminal was silent that night with the exception of rapid clicking. A young male sat alone, his fingers racing across a keyboard. His green eyes narrowed at his computer screen, and the electronic glow illuminated his features. The lights in the terminal were dimmed, and the male seemed like a tiny blip of life amongst the darkness. The keyboard clicking persisted for a half hour, punctuating the silence. Jace never noticed how loud he was being nor how each click echoed endlessly. He took a deep breath and raised his head.
Where did everyone go? He blinked owlishly and squinted into the darkness. The light from his laptop blinded him, ruining his night vision. There had been a family waiting a few seats ahead of him, and he swore that a businessman had fallen asleep just to his left. He opened his laptop screen further and noticed the time. He had been waiting there for almost a hour.
He regretted arriving so early. 
Jace lowered his head and returned to his wor
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Dead Man, Dead Man
On my 10th birthday, my parents bought me a gigantic, blue trampoline. For years, I had been begging for one, especially since all of my friends had trampolines of their own, and I was starting to become jealous. My siblings and I were ecstatic! We stood on the back deck and watched our father cramp the trampoline beneath the branches of an oak tree. It was the only area in our backyard large enough for the structure due to the multitude of vegetable and flower gardens.
As soon as the construction was completed, we raced over and tried pulling ourselves on, but we were too short. Our father had to lift us onto the edge, and we eagerly clambered on. We jumped on the springy surface for hours under our parents' supervision. My mother would sit on the deck with a magazine and cup of coffee while my father would hover a lot closer. His main concern was the trampoline's lack of a safety net despite the product promising to have one. We reassured him multiple times that we'd be safe. 
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Costume Story #2 - Tiger
You were speechless. How could this have happened? How was this all possible? Your mind was racing. This was all too much. 
You allowed yourself to be swept away in a fanciful dream, and where did it get you? As you paused beside the male tiger, you stared into his intense, amber eyes. This was real. This was reality. It was some cruel twist of fate. Yet, this wasn't you. You were trapped within this feline costume, losing yourself one paw-step at a time. 
The male tiger wrenched you from your gloomy thoughts and finally released your paw. He took several steps ahead to admire the gigantic waterfall under the night sky. With all your worrying, you had barely noticed it. You slowly approached the craggy edge of a pool and felt a misty spray wafting over its surface. Tiny ripples flowed across the water and drew your attention. You stared down and saw your reflection. No. That was wrong. That was not your reflection. You had to remember that. 
You reached up lightly
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There's More Than Cod in Lake Mead
Since the early 90's, the fisheries in my coastal hometown have been comanaged by us and the government. It was supposed to keep power in the hands of the fishermen, so they could maintain their livelihoods. The government just does whatever it wants though, and the fishing regulations have become more and more strict. I should have seen this coming, especially after a lot strange folk came poking around the bay to do field research. All of them had hi-tech boats and were diving deep into the water. We were told that they were counting the remaining fish. That never made sense to me. We have sonars to detect commercial fish, but I cannot fathom trying to count individual fish. It's not possible.
With the new regulations in place, recreational fishermen like me were screwed. A lot of people were screwed. Quotas were cut in half. Heavy duty fishing licenses were required. All equipment had to be updated to new standards. If you didn't belong to a major fishing company, you were out of wo
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My Old Stomping Grounds
When I was young, we were left unattended. My friends and I rode our bikes deep into the fields and returned at our leisure. We rarely played in the same location and often ditched it after a few days. With each new adventure, we drifted further from civilization, and one day, we struck gold, figuratively speaking of course. 
We came across a massive field which seemed to stretch endlessly in all directions. It appeared to be abandoned farmland, and the grasses and weeds had grown past our waists. The entire area was completely silent as if we had broken the sound barrier, and to some degree, our voices seemed several octaves higher than normal. Whenever we went there, we lifted our bikes over a rotted, wooden fence, and then, we pedaled through the field. It quickly became one of our favorite locations. 
Our last excursion stuck with me the most. It was the day we discovered the farmhouse. 
I have no idea how we never noticed it before. It was just there, but somehow, w
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Roadrunner Energy Drink Study: Our Bizarre Outlier
I am a researcher for a small team, and now, I'm facing a moral dilemma. 
Over the past year, one of our main projects has been the development of a healthier, more energy efficient drink named Roadrunner. Upon completion of Roadrunner's formula and design, we contacted a local university and requested to use 100 of their freshmen as subjects in a study. The purpose of our study was to compare the alertness of the freshmen and determine if our energy drink positively benefited their college experience. The 100 freshmen were randomly divided into two groups. Group 1 received Roadrunner and were requested to drink one bottle per day. Group 2 was allowed to drink anything except Roadrunner. We specifically selected freshmen due to the stresses involved in the first year of college. To contribute to the subjects' stress levels, we assigned all of them a journal project about adjusting to college. They were required to write one entry per day for a total of 14 entries. Our study commen
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The Urban Garden
For my senior project, I volunteered at Clemency Medical Center. Three times a week, I would leave school early, drive to the hospital, and work in their urban garden. I was pretty underwhelmed at first. When I applied, I assumed that I'd be working directly with the patients, but that wasn't the case. Despite this, I'd be working closely with the hospital, and it wasn't as bad as I initially thought. 
A few months ago, the hospital hired an environmentalist named Homer to rejuvenate their old garden, and he tilled the land and planted organic fruits and vegetables. Through Homer's hard work, the garden prospered, and the crops grew in half the time even without artificial fertilizers or pesticides. The primary goal was to grow fresher, healthier food to supplement the patients' diets. By all intents and purposes, this urban garden was a local success story, but it wasn't always such. Before the hospital hired Homer, the land had been severely neglected. It had been such a terribl
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That Damn Buzzing Sound
Over the past month, I’ve been hearing this intermittent, buzzing sound. At first, I thought I’d be able to tune it out, but it just became more obnoxious over time. It transformed into a constant, vibrating noise in the back of my head. It was difficult to focus on anything. It became so bad that I had trouble sleeping, and it’s beyond me how my parents never noticed it. You know what they say though. You lose hearing with age, so I wasn’t surprised when they gave me confused looks. Tyler, my neighbor, heard it too, and I was relieved at that. It meant I wasn’t going crazy. He’s actually the one that brought it up when we were in my bedroom playing video games. So with him at my side, I was determined to find the source of this noise.
We searched my house first and placed our ears all over the walls. The buzzing sound never seemed to become stronger or weaker, so we checked outside. My original thought was that something was wrong with the air condi
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I Always Hated Partner Projects
This morning, I cleaned out my closet to create space, and I discovered a plastic bin filled with childhood memories. Being sentimental, I removed the bin and began searching through it. The bin mostly contained artwork from my elementary school years, and the majority of them were scribbles or fingerpaintings on bright construction paper. In particular, a crayon drawing of my entire 3rd grade class drew my attention. I have to say that I must have been quite the artist back in the day because I actually recognized some of my classmates. It helped that I had tried to spell their names next to each stick figure, even if I misspelled them horribly. It just gave me that warm and fuzzy feeling inside, being able to cherish memories like this. I was about to move onto some more crafts when something in that drawing caught my eye. That's when I remembered everything. 
When I was young, I went to this really small, Lutheran school. The school offered kindergarten through fifth grade, and
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Beware Moose Estates
Before my best friend's wedding, we rented a cabin in South Carolina from a company called Moose Estates. We stayed there a full week with four of our closest buddies who were the rest of the groomsmen. The cabin was situated near Redwood Lake, and a river named Cripple Creek fed into the lake about a half mile from the property. It really was a peaceful place. I remember lying in bed and being able to hear the river babbling along if I listened close enough. There was an eerie calmness that appeared at nightfall, something that you'd never find in the city. It's probably because there were no other log cabins around for miles. I mean, you could stand on the pier and see them across the lake, but I don't remember ever seeing anyone else. There were boats docked along the piers, bobbing up and down, yet there was nobody pontooning or skiing like I had expected. Maybe, there were rules against that. If our neighbors heard us being rowdy, they never complained, but for all I know, it coul
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Nobody Can Help My Brother Now, Not Even God
It was just like any other day when I received the call. I had been sketching the horizon for the past hour when my phone began ringing with an unfamiliar number. I would have ignored it if the call hadn't been from my home town. Fast forward 24 hours later, and I'm sitting in a stark conference room and waiting for a team of doctors to arrive. I would have never imagined myself in this position. Who could? My mind was racing, and I wished that the doctor had given me a clearer explanation over the phone. This is all I know. I'm here to oversee my twin brother's transfer from Charity Medical Center to the New Eden Psychiatric Hospital. 
As you can imagine, I was freaking out. My knees were quivering uncontrollably beneath the table to say nothing of my hands, and I only had framed, black and white photographs of Charity's grand opening to stare at. If my brother had a history of medical problems, I probably wouldn't haven been as terrified, but James always had a clean bill of hea
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Mature content
The Railroad Game :iconfalconess22:falconess22 0 3


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