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likes to watch anime and play games and work. Requests i would like someone to do for me. Cell absorbing: Togekiss, Poipole, Lurantis, Leavanny, Diance, Banette, Hoppa and Lopunny. note me if you can do it i would appreciated.

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star wars
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space dandy
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history and mangas
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Smash bros
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Wiiu vita and 360
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know how to clean and work hard
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*Cinderace Blaze kick Erick* Erick: This is impossible! How can a creature like you have this much power! Flo: Because me and Cinderace train together to get stronger and that’s why we’ll never lose to the likes of you! Erick: Grrrrr! Meanwhile in a close area Bea was sensing a battle nearby and decides to follow it. Bea: Something is going on that area better cheack it out! Bea than arrived at Flo’s location and was surprised to see Erick. Bea: Flo what’s going on here? Why is Erick a monster! Flo: Bea! Get out of here! He’s sucking up our friends! He already got Sakura and Hinata! Bea: What! Erick: Hmhm it’s dinner time! Than Erick put his hands as he ready his attack! Flo: What’s he doing! Cinderace: Cin! Erick: Hm! Solar Flare!!!! A flash of light than blinds Flo, Cinderace and Bea while back in the cabin Lana can see it the flashing lights Lana: What’s happening there! Bea: I can’t see! Erick than stand in front of Bea as he ready his tail Erick: Now here’s the best part my dear
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Flo along with Bea and Lana are traveling together in the Forest as The other groups are trying to find a way back to their own world. Flo: This is just a dense forest you can barely see afar. Lana: I’m scared why did we got lost here??? Bea than holds Lana’s hand says. Bea: Hey don’t worry you have Flo and me protecting you so if any creep wants to get you I’ll knock some sense to them! Flo: Yeah and with me and my Cinderace we will ruin their surprise! Lana than sighs with relief. Lana: Thanks I’m glad I got you on my side! The group than hug together as they continue Searching for a way out. Than they find a cabin and decided to take shelter there. Bea: Lana you stay here and lock the door we will continue looking. Flo: Me and my Cinderace will take the left path while Bea will take the right path and Bea careful my Cinderace is senseing danger. Bea: Same to you we meet back here in 15 minutes, Lana stay put! Lana nodes as the girls leaves only thing is they won’t be coming back.
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Sakura Haruno returns to meet Hinata again but she noticed she was gone and only her clothes were left sensing danger she tries to make a run for it and soon meets the monster that ate Hinata whole. Erick: Hello there my sweet Sakura! Sakura Haruno: What have you done to Hinata! Tell me now or I’m gonna be punching your lights out! Erick: If you want to know so bad I ate her and now she’s apart of me! Sakura Haruno: You ate her? *Cracks knuckles* Fine I’ll just punch you hard enough that you barf up Hinata! Than Sakura gets a close look to the insectloid’s face and is shocked to know who it is. Sakura Haruno: It can’t be your Erick! Erick: Yes my dear and just like your friend you too will join her as well as your friends! Sakura Haruno: You monster if you think I’m gonna be a easy meal you got another thing coming mister! Erick: I look forward to it! Sakura jumps high at Erick and punches his face. Sakura Haruno: Got you! ...Wait what!?! Erick: Good attempt girl but my turn! Sakura
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Hi,gonna do kaa after eating ollie

Hi,where is my request?
When will you be back?

At a friends house so I’ll be in 5-6 days.

Ok.can you do it now?

I said I’m at my friend’s house mean I don’t have a the wii U with me.

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