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Spring is really here

Fri May 2, 2014, 5:43 PM by falcona:iconfalcona:

The flowers are out the trees are leafing and the hot sun is beating down on us. Yesterday Victoria got up to 23c or about 73F. That's hot, considering that the last two weeks saw a high of 13c. I'm sure the rest of the country is envious considering the bad winter they've had.

It did allow me to get some new shots of flowers and blossoms.

Plum Tree by falcona 

  Cherry Tree by falcona   

Don "Falcon" McCaskill

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Long time no post

Tue Oct 8, 2013, 2:28 PM


Its been a little while since I did much on :da:, but I wanted to let those that follow me know that I'm still alive.

I actually log on to DeviantArt everyday to read post and view artwork. Its also where I find a lot of Cosplay images to feature on Cosplayers of the Week, my project where I display Cosplayers from around the world and post the ocational interview.

I'm still doing photography, as a-matter-of-fact I am going to post some new images to my gallery as soon as I post this journal. I got a lot at Tsukino Con this year and ran a successful Cosplay Day in July as a supplement to the local scene's absence of July events.

I'm a fairly big Sci-Fi / Fantasy fan and as such I try to keep a news blog going called Realities Unlimited, I carry a lot of Doctor Who, Star Wars, Star Trek, Game of Thrones and other TV / Film news in our genre. As part of the site I started a YouTube Channel to vlog a newscast on.

So as you can see I'm busy, when I'm not at work, but if you message me here I will get it.

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Devious Journal Entry

Mon Nov 19, 2012, 1:02 PM

.: Change :.

Life is about change, spirals and growth. The world is going through change as we experience Autumn in the northern hemisphere and  Spring in the southern. I experience change at this time of year as I want to spend more time  on my writing projects and less on my photography.

I edit & write two similar but different blog sites, Goth Girl of the Week (GGotW) and Copslayers of the Week (CosWeek). Both feature images of models that are Alternatives to traditional fashion models, and both feature people from around the world. Goth Girl of the Week has been a project of mine for 6 years and I seem to be getting less and less response to it, I used to see 1,200 hits a day in 2009, now I see less that 400 and I posted the first Feature since August yesterday. In contrast Copslayers of the Week is a new project with just pictures, so far. I only get 20 viewers a day, but it takes time to build a site like this.  I see one as fading, the other as growing.

Copslayers of the Week is about to go into a new faze as I add interviews and start engaging the readers more. CosWeek is definitely a project I want to keep going and I am losing interest in GGotW as fewer and fewer submissions for interviews are sent in.

I'm wondering if my year end tradition at GGotW should be transferred to CosWeek? I hold a competition for Goth Girl of the Year, can I do the same for Cosplayer of the Year? With 125 Cosplayers displayed so far this year, how do I break it down?

This is going to take some real thought, but I want to hear your input.

A)Is this a good idea?
B)How should I make it fair?
C)How to qualify & not qualify?
D)Should there be categories?

I'm throwing this out to you guys for feedback, but please pass this around and ask you friends to check this Journal and comment too. The more responses the more likely I'll do this.

New Project

Journal Entry: Sat Jun 23, 2012, 6:56 PM
I've stared a new project on blogger. A weekly Feature of cosplayers. Unlike my other featured model site, I am not doing interviews. At least not yet.

I started the project a few months back, but have been keeping relatively quiet about it until now. I wanted to make sure I had the format the way I wanted it, and that all aspects of the site were working.

The site is ready for public display and I welcome all of you to check it out. Cosplayers of the Week

Destination Valhalla 02 by falcona I Got Your Back by falcona Crimson Viper 01 by falcona

Tsukino Con 2012

Journal Entry: Mon Feb 27, 2012, 4:57 PM

Another great Con at UVic and now even more images to edit. I took just under 1300 this year, and a lot more of them were group shoots. Nine group shoots in fact, ranging between 24 images and 139 for an average of 75 images per set. I see that alot of other people have gotten great shots and added them to the Tsukino-Con group too, that's awesome.

The one thing that really caught my attention this year was the huge amount of cosplayers from Home Stuck, an online comic that has really caught on and gets 600,00 hits per day. I'll post a few group shots that I got soon.

I am working with some of the groups that I shot with to edit their images before I move on to the more individual shots. That being said email and here are the best ways to contact me so I know were I'm sending pictures and who is in them. I check my email a few times a day and my :devart: at least once per day.

If you are tying to submit images to the Tsukino-Con 2012 folder in the #Tsukino-Con group, and can't, PM me and I'll adjust your permissions. Just make sure you're actually a member and not just a watcher.
Sub-Topic2 Header

A few of the :devart:ers I worked with over the Tsukino Con weekend.
:icondishenvy: :iconlupinine-reiji: :iconlynnie-kleriker: :iconlifeasanartist: :icongeoectomy:
I'll add more soon

Some of my :+fav:s by Jason Tice

Tsukino-Con 2012: Gakupo at the End by geoectomy :thumb286832477: :thumb286832481:

Great Groups

:icontsukino-con: :iconcosplayclubofcanada: :iconbc-cosplay:

|  design and coding by trip-to-zion  |  cosplay photo by Itchy-Hands  |
|  photo taken by farizasuka  |  brushes by fotoristic  |  Vocaloid ©Yamaha Corporation  |

G+ Nightshadows

Journal Entry: Thu Nov 24, 2011, 1:55 PM

Google Plus
Goth Girl of the Week

Sorry that I've been away from DeviantArt for a while. I have a few other projects that I've been working on, and :devart: just wasn't a priority.

Buckerfields Lot by falcona Reflective Building by falcona TrounceAlley by falcona

I completely re-tooled my web site, I found a free CMS that is mainly for photographers. I should say I re-found it. I looked at ZenPhoto once before, but didn't see the features that I was looking for. Now those features are there. I wanted something that not only organized the images and displayed them in a sensible manner, but aloud me to with articles too. The addition of ZenPages with some of the templates, I am now able to write artcles/journals/blogs when I want, and have them display as part of the site.

The other thing I've been doing is playing on the new Google Plus (G+) site. If you haven't looked at G+ I suggest that you see what it has to offer. Before you write it off as a Facebook clone let me point out that the security and restrictive issues and property theft isn't there on G+. There is a huge community of photographers on G+ as they all seem to like the way that Google treats their property. G+ does have some games but unless you play farmville you will never see requests from Farmville. I don't have to add you for you to see my public posts, you just need to follow me, like Twiter, but you can share posts with just the circle of friends that you want to.

I am trying to get myself back into using :devart:, and with the work I'm doing on TsukinoCon :icontsukino-con: I want to reconnect with all the great Cosplay Models from previous years. Yes and the Cosplay Photographers too.

Dreamy Vanessa by falcona   Out in the Woods by falcona    Maka Albarn by falcona    Hetalia Together by falcona

Canon by Krolikus

Clubs / Groups
:iconmodel-canada: :icontsukino-con:

What We Shared

Mon Aug 1, 2011, 9:54 PM
Happy Birthday :devart:. I can't believe that I started here a mere 8 years ago and watched the launch of version 3.0, (everyone complained back then too) :)   Since then I've watched the introduction of so many features I couldn't possibly mention them all here, but I do remember the roll-over of the 1,000,000th deviation.

Through :devart: my photography :camera: has gained focus and improvement  and I will always share back with this amazing community.  If you ever want a tip or a critique from me, all you need do is ask.

I have been on the Internet, since before the Web and I was on local message forums (BBS) before that, nearly 30years. As a mater of fact next month I will have officially been a computer user for a solid 30 years. I have never made as many friends or shared so much community as I have on this site, not since either. Blogs, MySpace, Facebook, Live Journal, Xanga all served a purpose, but none of them could do what :devart: could do.

I subscribe for the extra features that it affords me, and to keep the site that I truly believe in alive.

Why are you on :devart: :?

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Journal Entry: Thu May 19, 2011, 9:24 PM

When I'm not out taking :camera: for my own :gallery:, or editing them in photoshop, I'm working on Goth Girl of the Week. The concept behind Goth Girl of the Week (GGotW) is to Feature a different Goth Girl each week, with interviews and images. The unfortunate part is that I can't Feature a new girl every week. It usually takes a few weeks to complete an interview and in between that I have to work full time and have a life.

Here on :devart: a Feature is to post images of anouther deviant on your Journal, so seeing as I haven't posted a Journal of late I thought I'd Feature some people that I thought should be Goth Girls of the Week.

Don't forget to check out their galleries and show them some comment and :+fav: love :)

Katana by Elisanth Kunoichi by Eblis-Images ZEALOT I by Vera-Chimera
Winter Lady vol 2 by DeadlyDoll667 old broken doll by Drastique-Plastique
:thumb207133997: :thumb204327153: Scotch and Pepper by ulorinvex

If you're really lucky you'll see some of them Featured on GGotW week soon.

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Taking a Break

Journal Entry: Thu Mar 24, 2011, 4:19 PM

The last few weeks I've been editing images from :icontsukino-con: 2011.

Hungry for Turkey by falcona Maka Albarn 2 by falcona Hetalia Together by falcona

Some are up in my gallery and even more, unedited, are on my site. There are a few I have edited and will be saving for my gallery on NightShadows, I can't put everything I do on :devart: :D.

If you see your self in one of my images note me so I can credit you, or send an email to Tsukino [dot] con [at] nightshadows [dot] ca

I've also edited some of the videos I shot during the Costume Contest and put them up on Subscribe to me on YouTube. If you see yourself in one, let me know so I can credit you.

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Devious Journal Entry

Fri Feb 18, 2011, 10:39 PM

.: Tsukino Con

So I'm getting ready for Tsukino Con and thought it might be an idea to set down a workflow. So that unlike last year I can post some images in a reasonable amount of time, and maybe explain to people why it takes as long as it does.

[X] Friday Take Pictures
[X] 6:30p my Cosplay Model panel
[X] Download images to HDD
[x] Saturday Take Pictures
[x] 2:00p Cosplay Contest - took Video
[x] Download images to HDD
[x] Sunday Take Pictures
[x] Download images to HDD
[X]   1) Review images, looking for poor and excellent quality
[X]   2) Choose image to edit
[X]   3) Remove Blemishes from image
[X]   4) Adjust lighting of image
[X]   5) Enhance quality of image
[X]   6) Embed logo in lower right corner
[ ]   7) Repeat steps 2-6
[ ]   8) Repeat steps 1-7
[X]      a)Edit video footage and post on YouTube
[ ]      b)Repeat a
[ ] Email images to promised recipients.
     - I can't e-mail you if I don't have your e-mail. E-MAIL ME
[X] Create Tsukino Con 2011 web page
[X] Post Tsukino Con 2011 web page
[X] Select highlight images to post on DA
[-] Select fun outtake images for Facebook (Not going to post to Facebook)
[ ] Repeat again and again

As these tasks are completed I'll check them off.


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What am I upto?

Journal Entry: Thu Jun 24, 2010, 2:27 PM

Goth Girl of the Week

Been a few months since I last posted a Journal and I have been busy. I've done a few shoots, had my computer blow up on me and gotten involved in a few activities.


If you don't know what steampunk is, this isn't were I'm going to tell you about it. I have gotten involved in the local group, lead by :icongeoectomy:. And events are being planned for the summer.

My wife, :iconravenwoodphotography:,is working on making us both outfits. And I popped into a local antiques shope and picked us both up some nice pocket watches, of which I need to do some shots.


Victoria's little Anime Con has invited me back to get involved in the event. I attended our first staff meeting last weekend and I think we have a good cohesive team. There are plans to make this year's event even bigger, if possible.

I can't give anything away, but if you are interested in helping out for Tsukino 2011, there is a meeting at noon in Uvic's ECS building (Tsukino Cons main building) on July 10th.

I created a group, here on :devart: for :icontsukino-con:, if you want to join, leave a comment and I'll send an invite.

Outside of Tsukino Con I have revisited my Manga story and am re-seeking an artist to collaborate on it with me.

Hair Event

Back at the beginning of May, I attended an Event for a local Hair and Make-up school. Various photographers were invited to take pictures and I got quite a few nice shots. At the end of the event I had the opportunity to get some individual shots with, Jenny Denluck, Chantal Babin, Erica Dobson, Liz Anderson and Trina Pugh.

Trina at The Event by falcona Erica at The Event by falcona Alice at the Event by falcona

Elsa's Shoot was the week after The Event, By Richard Mar's School of Hair and Fashion, and a little coaching with her turned out some fantastic results.

I just posted one of them, but as she is a starting model, I do recommend her.

Elsa at the bar by falcona

I've known Kyra Sheard for a few years and had the honor of doing her first shoot last August, at the Annual Victoria Goth Shoot. She has wanted to do anouther one since, and we managed to sync our schedules during Buccaneer Days. I got to Beacon Hill Park early and got shots of the Snowbirds flying over. Once she arrived in her Grad-dress of Peacock Blue, I knew we needed to try and get a Peacock from the Petting Zoo in the shot, unfortunately none of them worked out.

In the end I spent four hours in the bright sun without a hat, got the sunburn, and over 150 images and a lot of fun.

Kyra Grad 02 by falcona Kyra Grad 01 by falcona

Goth Girl of the Week Canon by Krolikus

People at Tsukion Con
:icontarorae: :icondevil-snow: :iconkylaxie: :iconvaudevilleshow: :icondreaddolls: :icongeoectomy: :iconvaldrein: :iconheimdallll: :iconlux-laterna: :iconmanafromheaven: :iconmer-bunny: :iconrainowls: :iconjeiarsenault: :iconhana-tachibana:
I you were there and I missed you, let me know :)

Clubs / Groups
:iconvancouver-islanders: :icontsukino-con:
:iconcosplayclubofcanada: :iconbc-cosplay:
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Feature 10

Journal Entry: Tue Apr 27, 2010, 10:41 PM

Hey Everyone here's a great idea?

:D Be one of the first 10 commenting on this journal entry, and I will add you to the Feature List.

:D For each of the 10 first people answering this journal I will put his/her avatar and three deviations from his/her gallery on the list.

:D If you answer, you'll have to do the same in your journal, putting me on the first place, completing this way the list with 10 people. The idea of this is not to get a free feature, it is to spread art around for everyone!

01) :iconaj-aka-bushiryu:
DareDevil Vigilant by night by AJ-aka-Bushiryu | Da Projects Gyal Colored by Miykael by AJ-aka-Bushiryu | Magneto - The superior race by AJ-aka-Bushiryu

02) :iconarizona2919:
Street Performer by arizona2919 | In The Bookstore by arizona2919 | Beauty Behind The Broken by arizona2919

03) :iconamenoel:
Gothic Lolita - Ero Lolitas by Amenoel | Gothic Lolita - Aristocrates 2 by Amenoel | Sariel at the Church by Amenoel

04) :iconblissfuldeath:
:thumb10695310: | :thumb12888884: | :thumb96761224:

05) :iconvampiressartist:
Alice and the Mad Hatter by Vampiressartist | Vanitas by Vampiressartist | Smile, Baron by Vampiressartist

06) :icongeoectomy:
Ophelia Submerged IX - 5 by geoectomy | Master of All He Surveys by geoectomy | :thumb161354795:

07)            Space is Going fast





I took this from :iconaj-aka-bushiryu:, who'll be featuring me.

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Tsukino Con 2010

Journal Entry: Fri Apr 2, 2010, 5:59 PM

Goth Girl of the Week

Tsukino Con 1

Had a lot of fun at the end of February at UVic's Tsukino Con. But the weekend following I moved and then had to unpack and life, and blah, blah, blah. So it has taken me a bit to edit pictures and put them online.

My site now has the full gallery, I would appreciate any help that anyone could give in putting names to people in the images.

As I said I had a lot of fun and it was great to see some people again. :icongeoectomy: was a pleasure to shot with as always. We seem to shot well together.


:thumb155510307: :thumb155506892: :thumb155608233:
JAT Tsukino-Con 302 by geoectomy :thumb155728715: :thumb155864390:

I have some edited image that I posted on :devart:


Notice the Alice theme?
Where's Alice by falcona Chase the Rabbit by falcona Alice I'd Know You Anywhere by falcona Off With Her Head by falcona

Steampunk vs Cyberpunk by falcona Masque of the Harliquin by falcona Tsukino Rebeca 3 by falcona Lovet's Meet Pies by falcona

I'll get more on here with time but for now I'm happy I finally got the Gallery up on my own site.

Again if you know who any of the people in my images are, please let me know so I can give them credit.

Goth Girl of the Week Canon by Krolikus

People at Tsukion Con
:icontarorae: :icondevil-snow: :iconkylaxie: :iconvaudevilleshow: :icondreaddolls: :icongeoectomy: :iconvaldrein: :iconheimdallll: :iconlux-laterna: :iconmanafromheaven: :iconmer-bunny: :iconrainowls: :iconjeiarsenault: :iconhana-tachibana:
I you were there and I missed you, let me know :)

Clubs / Groups
:iconvancouver-islanders: :iconcosplayclubofcanada: :iconbc-cosplay: :iconconventionscanada:
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Feature Cosplay

Journal Entry: Fri Feb 19, 2010, 10:18 PM

In honor of this weekend's Tsukino Con, which I am not at tonight, I thought it fitting to showcase what I think are so of the best Cosplays on :devart:

cosplay by wistine by :iconwistine: is currently the best cosplay on :devart:

Some of my :+fav:s are

In the Lolita Catagory
Guilty by Image-of-You Sakuracon '08 Cute Thing by VampireIncognito SP:Umbrella by Nai-najo
--:iconimage-of-you: - - - - - - :iconvampireincognito: - - - - - - :iconnai-najo:

Comic Books always make great inspiration for Cosplay.

black cat by courtenei My City by AnaAesthetic
--:iconcourtenei: - - - - - - :icondeviouselite: - - - - - - :iconanaaesthetic:

I am Batman by Lunar-Liaison :thumb143192509: Harley Quinn by AnaAesthetic
--:iconlunar-liaison: - - - - - - :iconphotogeny-cosplay: - - - - - - :iconanaaesthetic:

The Team by gillykins

Star Wars has a lot of source material too for Cosplay

3 faces of Leila by photogeny-cosplay Entertaining the Troops by creeashawn Star Wars: White Twilek 1 by ctrlaltvamp
-----:iconphotogeny-cosplay: - - - - - - - - - - - - :iconcreeashawn: -  - - - - - - - - - - - :iconctrlaltvamp:

But as Alice can tell you, most Cosplay is all a dream
:thumb146217517: Alice I by doctor-surgeon American McGee's Ivy by Ivy-Vynes
--:iconkhoshq: - - - - - - :icondoctor-surgeon: - - - - - - :iconivy-vynes:

Steampunk White Rabbit ::01 by Cvy Evil queen of broken hearts 3 by vampire-nyx Duct Tape Queen Of Hearts by DuckTapeBandit
--:iconcvy: - - - - - - :iconvampire-nyx: - - - - - - :iconducktapebandit:

A few more before I finnish
The companion portrait by BryttKrou Nevan Bites by creeashawn The Black Parade by TheWanderer-Chan
--:iconbryttkrou: - - - - - - :iconcreeashawn: - - - - - - :iconthewanderer-chan:

:thumb114998824: weapon check by Majin-sama Cosplay - Dir En Grey VIII by doctor-surgeon
--:icongeoectomy: - - - - - - :iconmajin-sama: - - - - - - :icondoctor-surgeon:

Suigin Tou by vingaard
Journal Help by

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Feature Blue

Journal Entry: Fri Jan 22, 2010, 8:27 AM

Some areas around the globe are facing some chilly temperatures this winter, so I felt it was time to pick up peoples Blue spirits.

Those cold winter day and nights can have hot beauty in them
:thumb95213494: Sub Zero - Pt: 2. by KassandraLeigh
cris-alisasis ------------ KassandraLeigh ----------------- HIMstress666

Sometimes a little drink can just warn you right up.
. your drink sir . by Countess-Grotesque

When you're Blue you just want to dress that way.
Servatis a Maleficum by slimikin Blue by aerynwalker Frost by ulorinvex
slimikin  ------------ aerynwalker ------------ ulorinvex

Corset bleu by Yevdhora Anachronistic Sunglasses by scarlettstvitus Spiral Towers: Coquette by silvergrey
Yevdhora ------------ scarlettstvitus ------------ silvergrey

We can't wait till its warm enough to get back in the water.
:thumb133862265: :thumb96760265:
geoectomy ------------------ blissfuldeath

I hope you enjoyed a little bit of Blueness

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A collection celebrating the color :bulletred:Red on DeviantArt :devart:.

There are some :bulletred:Red Corsets that are always hot.

Queen of the damned by Xaverias Red is the Whisper by Crooked-Angel Baby PinUp VII by PhantomOrchid :thumb81634398:
Xaverias Crooked-Angel PhantomOrchid BlackLillyFlower

All to often the male form is ignored here on DeviantArt. These four really stand out in their :bulletred:Red.

:thumb85605035: Killyou by xLusTx Red Death by vingaard
Jangsara bitchinblack xLusTx  vingaard

From :bulletred:Red gloves to the glimpse to a :bulletred:Red bra, here we look at the more romantic period in costumes and dress.

Moulin rouge-1 by Uzariel :thumb66632706: Mystika Deamonya by Uzariel Secret of the Queen by OMEGA86
Uzariel Wingless-Seraph Uzariel OMEGA86

:thumb106566411: Baroq Shoot by Silverfrost Mokobi by Image-of-You Romantic Threads 2 by vampireleniore
JaapBoekestein Silverfrost Image-of-You vampireleniore

:bulletred:Red shows up commonly in the synthetic hair of Cyber-Goths, here are just a few samples.

Random Kitty Cosplay by Darth-Spanky Crazy Bitch by bryanhumphrey your little suburbia is... by RyuKiyhuri
Darth-Spanky bryanhumphrey RyuKiyhuri

:thumb103099169: :thumb106504188: :thumb71252840:
The-Dark-Silhouette JaapBoekestein SereneStock

:bulletred:Red is obviously a colour that makes things pop, so its not surprising that some photographers use it as a backdrop.

Mature Content

the Wicked Trinity in Japan II by OMEGA86

Mature Content

Cinema by kleinerkampfhamster
OMEGA86 kleinerkampfhamster solitudoaeternus HIMstress666

miss Jeany Kicz 2 by blooding RazorBladeKisses by Nitemare-Photography Passion for Fashion II by Nightshadow-PhotoArt
blooding Nitemare-Photography Nightshadow-PhotoArt HIMstress666

The most famous story of our feature colour is :bulletred:Little Red-Ridding Hood.

Petite rouge 3 by comte-de-pique :thumb95024060: Little Red Riding Hood 7 by spydersweb51

Mature Content

Little Red fetishood 3 by Dr-Benway

comte-de-pique modelmeg2003 spydersweb51  Dr-Benway

Where else could we possibly find the colour :bulletred:Red in the Gothic crowd? Oh, I know! How about :bulletred:Red-Heads?

:thumb65463035: :thumb76067268: White roses by azdaja Sunny Morning by fatallook
Pelicanh Helleana azdaja fatallook

:thumb67872595: :thumb74930935: Deep insight by venusmantrap The Present by Image-of-You
6v4MP1r36 d1sarmon1a venusmantrap Image-of-You

The Sacrement is you VII by princesse-chaotik Vampy2 by courtenei Anglomania Otz by Ms-Forks
princesse-chaotik courtenei Ms-Forks rammkitty-stock

:thumb100164004: Creep by ulorinvex