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Sonic the Hedgehog :COLORED:



If you check out the order of my gallery, it's actually my first deviation... well, its colored version >>> [link] . I drew this... like... some years ago. I don't know exactly.

It's my first try of Sonic Adventure style with Pen Tool. It's still sucky, because I made a TERRIBLE mistake in the middle of it (when main coloring [except the glows and shading ya know] is done, I merged all the layers and wasted my History chances with shading the damn nose, so I had to do all the shadings and the glows ONTO the actual lineart). If I make another SA-styled pictures in the future, I'll be even more cautionous.

The idea? Ehm. I checked out my first deviations, found it, and it laughed at this one. So, this idea came up. I hope I can laugh at THIS picture in the future.

So, ya guys. I'm going for one week. Cya later!

Where is my photoshop cd?! Grr... Oh, here it is...
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