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It certainly had been some very strange days…but now, only half of the pills remained. Keiichi sighed as he walked through the school halls that lead to his classroom, worried he wasn’t having much luck with the three remaining pills. Not only that, but if someone discovered him, the consequences could be fatal, for both him and his family.

He was so preoccupied, he almost forgot to study for today’s exam, not to mention he ended up oversleeping as a result of cramming for it. As he entered the already loud classroom, someone immediately yelled at him. “You are late, Keiichi! Sit down before you embarrass this school any longer”

Keiichi quickly turned towards the teacher, intending to apologize for his tardiness…but before he could do that, she simply motioned her eyes to the side, a subtle hint that pointed to the true source of the voice; a satisfied student a few desks away...and one he knew too well.

Helen, a well-known teacher’s pet, daughter of the school’s principal, and an egomaniac obsessed with high grades…to the point that, for her, they were the only thing that defined a person. As he silently went to take his seat, Keiichi began to recall the image of a once innocent girl, one who he encountered when he first entered high-school. Her radiant light blue hair seemingly reflected a calm demeanor, but ever since her position and status got to her head, it became a sign of her unscrupulous behaviour.

She followed Keiichi back to his seat with her captivating golden gaze, smirking all the way, while Keiichi carefully tried to catch a few glances. Helen had developed quite well for her age: her feminine assets already shone, probably aided by her dominant behavior; or maybe it was because of her tight school uniform, who knows. The only things she could probably wish for were bulkier arms and legs, given how thin her own limbs were. Still, she would be the perfect candidate for the pills, if not for the fact that a better body would probably just add to her ever-growing pride.

Keiichi would not waste this opportunity, however. Even if all it accomplished was getting her naked in front of a crowd, he would be as satisfied as a sculptor after years of intense planning and crafting.  

For now, however, he simply sat down next to Gina, like always, and began working on his plan. While failing to pay enough attention to class, of course. When class was over, Keiichi then put said plan into motion.

“Woo, easy peasy! I got this exam on the bag, Gina! I’ll definitely be number one in the class this time!” As Keiichi told her this, shouting proudly and as loudly as he could, Gina simply gave him a worried look, as if she was warning him of an incoming danger.

“Says the one who can’t even get to school on time.” And of course, upon hearing their ‘conversation’, in came Helen; like a moth to a flame. “Don’t even pretend you have any chance of beating my own score.”

“Oh, I definitely will! Especially after I take one of these neuron-revitalizing pills!” smirked Keiichi, showing Helen a random pill taken from the briefcase. “Already took one earlier, just need one more after the break. With these, I can beat your score, no sweat!”

He then left the pill on the table, satisfaction in his face as he saw Helen’s horrified face…he could already tell what she would do the moment he left the pill alone. Later during break time, Gina immediately dragged Keiichi out of the classroom, leading him to an empty corner of the hallway.

“Keiichi! Please tell me you didn’t fall for one of those online scams!” Said Gina, going into one of her ‘motherly rants’, as Keiichi liked to call them. “Do you even know what’s in those pills? What if it has some drugs or…”

Keiichi simply raised a hand to interrupt her, letting out a sigh and rolling his eyes. “Gina, please relax. I am not going to take any pill; that one was just some candy I had in my pocket. I just wanted to give Helen a little scare, that’s all!” Gina looked at Keiichi with a raised eyebrow, but he only shrugged in response, as if it was a totally obvious conclusion. She simply sighed in relief.

“I guess you’re not dumb enough to do drugs…but, still! You need to learn how to properly treat a lady, dummy!” Just when it seemed like Gina would act a bit nicer to him, she quickly switched topics. A nice save, Keiichi thought.

Just then, the two heard a scream coming from the classroom, sounding like someone had fallen to the floor. Gina immediately rushed to the classroom, leaving Keiichi behind. He instead just stood there, pretending not to care about the results of his wonderful plan. Gina slammed the door open like a fireman in the middle of a fire, yet somehow she found herself jumping from the frying pan right into said fire. She saw what appeared to be a shrinking Helen lying on the ground, her limbs slowly growing shorter.

“Gina…help me…” was everything she could mutter in her fear. As Gina stared, Helen’s graceful fingers retracted and became smaller, more child-like, albeit seemingly not too much. Her thighs puffed a bit, but their shorter length made it almost unnoticeable. Gina was left speechless at was she was seeing. She quickly rushed to help Helen stand and held her up, which was a bit difficult, since her limbs felt much weaker than before.

After her shrinking spurt, Helen now looked closer in height to someone a few years younger, around fourteen at best. But the worst part came when she saw her magnificent assets start to recede.

“Oh no...not them! Ahh...I’m supposed to be perfect in every way...!” She exclaimed, as her firm breasts perked down, and shrank drastically in size. “Helen, your…y-your butt!” Gina noted, still unable to find the right words to describe what was going on. She didn’t even know what to do as Helen tried to grab her perfectly-round butt, which was quickly vanishing into nothing…just like her now-almost-completely-flat chest. And right then, her hips cracked in and flattened too, her waist became nothing more than a straight line with her hips gone, as her spine lost its blooming curve.

Her blue hair then started darkening into a chestnut color, growing down her shoulders. “N-No! No one will rec-!” She immediately covered her mouth, as her voice sounded much  different, tears welling in her eyes as they lost their piercing golden glare and turned into a dull brown. Her facial structure youthening, her cheeks puffed and the rest of her shifting and rearranging until there was no trace of her former self.

Where Helen once stood, now was a strange girl, one which Gina quickly recognized as her hair strands became curlier… “ You…you can’t possibly….be her…” Gina muttered, her eyes wide open.

“Who?! What are you talking about!?” Helen responded loudly, though her new high-pitched voice made her sound anything but intimidating.

“You look like the protagonist of, uh...a romance series I’ve heard about.” Gina could not even believe what she was saying.

“What? How am I going to be recognized looking like this? The exam is in ten minutes!” Helen shouted, desperation becoming apparent in her tone. All she could think of was how this would affect her perfect record; this could ruin everything she had worked for!

“I-I need to reverse this; how can I fix this? And why this form?! My only true love has been perfection…I would never watch one of those banal, escapist love stories-” Helen stopped for a moment, as her mind began to turn, before giving an increasingly angrier glare at Gina. “You recognized my appearance quite quickly, didn’t you, Gina?”

Gina looked back, though confused. “What does that have to do with anything?”

“You must be the one who did this to me, aren’t you? Filthy witch! You can’t stand any girl that gets too close to your dear Keiichi, so you cursed me! Give my body back…now!” It was clear that Helen’s mind was breaking from the pressure, no longer using reason to try to rationalize what happened, instead going for the fanatical.

Since reason would not work here, Gina tried to counter her absurd arguments the only way she could. “No, no, no, Helen! I am not into that kind of series…Keiichi and I talk about a lot of things, and he told me about this show and…”

“Keiichi!!! That has to be it!” Helen suddenly screamed, causing Gina to flinch in fear. “That insolent brat deceived me! He put some sort of curse into that pill he was bragging so much about!” Helen’s conclusions were getting more and more out of touch with reality...but those last words did strike Gina in an unexpected way.

She thought back to the way Keiichi laughed at that seemingly Japanese blonde woman the other day…and that’s when she, it couldn’t be…

“What, no! Are you listening to yourself, Helen?!” Now it was Helen’s turn to flinch. She didn’t expect Gina to explode like that. “That was just some candy! He was bluffing you! Are you trying to pin all your problems on him now? Come on, I expected better from you! You know what? You’re on your own Helen.”

“N-No…I-I just…I can’t…” Helen began to tremble out of anxiety, the thought of even letting herself become like this...because she fell for Keiichi’s bluff? On top of what had happened to her body? Her already fragile mind just couldn’t take any more, and that was a breaking point. Poor Helen simply began crying and rushed out of the classroom.

Gina bit her lip, feeling a bit guilty and even uneasy. She was too fond of Keiichi to believe Helen’s little theory, but there was the fact he hadn’t even come to help them…it was as if he knew what had happened...yet it couldn’t be him, right? To reassure herself, she decided to look through his backpack, trying to find some evidence to prove Keiichi was innocent.

“I just have to be sure...just to be sure...” she repeated over and over to herself. Rummaging through the schoolbag, she felt something peculiar inside. Pulling it out, it was some sort of pencil case.

Luckily, there was no lock, and she simply opened it. Inside were six slots in the inner fabric, two of which were occupied by two small pills, resembling the ‘candy’ Keiichi used to bluff Helen, though their colors were vastly different. She picked one of the two, putting it in her pocket. She still refused to believe it. This...this had to be something else. But at least she could confront Keiichi about it later.

She returned everything to the backpack just as the bell rang. It was time for the exam. With no time to waste, Keiichi didn’t even bother to ask what happened in the classroom…he could more or less guess, after all.

Soon, school was over, and luckily Keiichi had not noticed the missing pill yet. After a brief goodbye, Gina rushed to her house as fast as she could, just in case Keiichi checked the backpack along the way. She simply needed an explanation from him, she didn’t want to admit that her best friend and crush was as pervy as he seemed. And she knew how to make him spill the beans.

When she got home, not even bothering to greet her parents, she immediately went to her bedroom, taking a picture of the mysterious pill. She then sent the photo to Keiichi, along with a brief text message: “WE NEED TO TALK, SEE YOU THIS EVENING, JUST THE TWO OF US.”
Sorry for the long hiatus, I've kind of switched priorities lately. I am going to try to finish this story for real this time. 
This time we have a shorter episode and a different kind of transformation as the title shows :P 

Have fun, and thank you to the people who follow and appreciate the story. 
Thanks a lot to :iconyukiko-sakurey: and :iconkaiza-tg: for encouraging me, helping me out and proofreading the story. You are awesome!
Fallere825 Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2016
Debo confesar que pensé que ya no habría otro capitulo de insta-cosplay, buen capitulo con AR para variar.
Faky3ah Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2016
OMG Fallere me ha comentado :O 
Me alegro de que te haya gustado ^^ no sé cuándo podré hacer más debido a que ha empezado la universidad y estoy liado con otros asuntos más prioritarios, pero en el momento que me venga la inspiración le echaré otro acelerón sin dudarlo :3 
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