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The next day, Keiichi didn't see anyone fighting at the school entrance. At least that was a good sign regarding Janice's promise. Keiichi then proceeded with his routine, expecting this to be a calm, normal day for a change. During break time, however, Janice walked over to Keiichi.

"Hey Keiichi, I forgot to tell you,” she said. “It’s Rachel. I found her this morning, and as I was apologizing to her, she asked if she could meet with you today during break time, at the music room in the third floor."

"Wait, you did what Janice?" - Gina suddenly shouted in astonishment, as she simply couldn't believe that Janice and the word ‘apologize’ could ever get along. Janice simply smiled and ignored her as she turned back and headed out.

As both Keiichi and Gina got out of class as well, they started chatting with each other.

"I have to talk to Rachel, so please go ahead without me," said Keiichi.

"Okay then, I'll purchase one of those chocolate bars in advance" – replied Gina as they parted their ways.

"Thanks Gina. I owe you one!"

Keiichi walked upstairs and headed to the music room. He knocked on the door…yet the only answer he received was a weak, barely audible voice.

As he opened the door, he saw a girl, wearing the standard female school uniform. Her precious amber eyes, totally fitting her chestnut hair, lost their vivid glare behind her glasses, and her childish face looked like that of a cute doll. Despite her short and petite appearance, she was the same age as him…so she wasn’t that little.

Keiichi sat down and said hello, but in response, Rachel simply focused her gaze further on the table, trying to avoid any sort of eye contact as much as possible. But she finally gained the courage to raise her head and speak to him.

"H-Hi..." she said.  Innocence and shyness poured out of every inch of her essence.

"Janice told me you had something to talk to me about. Is that right?" - asked Keiichi.

" Thank you for...helping me out yesterday..."- Mumbled Rachel as fluently as she could, rolling her eyes in all directions, in a desperate attempt to speak without so many pauses. Then there was a long silence...After the longest, most awkwardly silent thirty seconds of his life, Keiichi decided to break the ice.

“S-So...why was Janice bullying you? Ya know, since you’re a girl and all," Keiichi chuckled nervously. That was probably not the best topic to go for. Rachel seemed surprised at the question, but she then looked straight at him and provided her answer.

"Well, she posted a flaming comment about Bayonetta online...something about sexism and feminism and stuff. Anyways, I objected to it with a 150 word reply, but apparently, Janice didn’t like that. She simply threatened me after that, and when she recognized my face from my profile picture, know the rest."

"So, you like Bayonetta, huh? Didn’t think you’d be interested considering the...aesthetic of the game," Keiichi said, pulling a fake smile as he desperately tried to change topic. However, Rachel quickly raised her head and looked at Keiichi very confidently.

“What, I should be offended by her design like Janice? People like her just can’t have fun with a game. I can like whatever I want! I don’t care if Bayonetta’s sexy or not, I still think she’s a great character!" Rachel crossed her arms as she continued. “And I think her design’s fine! I would even like to cosplay as Bayonetta one day just to prove that point.”

A light bulb lit inside Keiichi's head as he heard those words. “Is that so? You would really like to be her?”

“Wait, ‘be her’?” replied a confused Rachel.

“Ah! It’s nothing, um…I gotta go! See you!” And before Rachel could reply, Keiichi quickly left the room. He seemed cheerful, as his mind was already processing a master plan.

The next day, it was now Keiichi the one looking for Rachel. Luckily for him, she was at the same classroom as yesterday. He had brought her a couple of presents: one was a nice and tasty onigiri; the other one, a pair of glasses with the exact same shape as Bayonetta’s. Except it was clearly just cardboard stuck on a frame.

Rachel’s jaw dropped as she saw them, immediately trying out the glasses first. “Aren’t these a bit too large for me? – She said, as the glasses slid a little down her nose.

“Looks like I messed up a bit…” Keiichi said, chuckling a bit in embarrassment, but Rachel quickly interrupted him.

“B-But they certainly look neat! I will definitely find some use for them…someday. Thanks a lot Keiichi!“ She said as she grabbed the onigiri and took a bite out of it.

No problem; enjoy your meal! I have to go now.” Keiichi exited the room, but instead of actually leaving, he leaned against the door the moment he closed it, trying to hear what was about to happen.

Meanwhile, Rachel had just finished eating her onigiri when she started coughing up a bit, as if something had become stuck on her throat, even though it clearly slipped in safe and sound. At that exact moment, Rachel started feeling a bit dizzy.

“Oh boy…maybe that riceball didn’t sit well with me...ugh, can’t this guy make even one present right?” she said, trying to maintain her balance. For some reason, she could feel her hair tickling her. Something wasn’t right. She tried walking as best as she could towards the window to see her reflection. There, she saw herself...but with longer hair.

“What the…?” She then gasped, as she could clearly see her hair continue to grow past her shoulders. It kept on and on, falling down her back, even reaching the floor. The strangest part was that some strands of hair deliberately slipped inside her uniform…caressing her entire back. Just then, Rachel felt a pinching sensation on the back, not very painful, as if the hair had pierced a bit of her skin.

She felt a sudden sensation of vertigo and stumbled a bit; she was growing taller. She could confirm this as the two sections of the uniform separated, her belly and legs showing much more in her tighter clothes.

Rachel couldn’t believe what she was seeing. Just what kind of drugs did Keiichi put in that onigiri? However, the dizziness faded when Rachel reached an adult height, and a particularly tall one. She was amazed at how much she had grown, but frowned when she noticed her build had not grown accordingly.

Just then, her immense capillary waterfall started moving by itself; some strands tightened around her arms, forming a spiral down to her wrist, others did the same with her legs and, finally, her whole front torso was embraced by the remaining strands until not a single hair touched the ground. Curiously enough, her back had not been covered by them.

Then, the strands began pushing against her arms, as if they were massaging her. Her arms began to stretch, their muscle and skin being refined, and the more adult they grew, the further the hair spread around it, forming little by little a leather-like fabric. Rachel even felt how they tore through her clothes.

They pushed particularly hard on the wrists, making her hands grow more slender and feminine. Rachel felt astonished by the changes. She was starting to recognize the leather sleeves forming on her now beautiful arms.

“N-no way…” was all she could mutter.

Next were her legs, and like her arms, the hairs massaged them as well. Her legs stretched a bit more and rearranged into a more adult shape. The strands on her leg formed the same leathery fabric while this happened, a row of rhomboid-shaped tears opening through the each leg. She could even feel her socks being destroyed by the newly formed fabric.

Then, her thighs began expanding and gaining luscious, fleshy curves; her feet grew a little, constricted by her tiny shoes. She had to remain barefoot for the rest of the transformation, since the hair strands had disintegrated her knee socks, and she had to quickly remove her shoes.

“Oh god…these clothes…it can’t be…THEY’RE HERS!” Rachel pinched the fabric just to feel if it was real, and to her excitement, it was. Her butt suddenly became firmer under the newly formed “jeans”, growing bigger until it reached that perfect heart-shape.

The hair on her torso was the one shifting her figure now. Her hips grew wider as her waist narrowed into scandalous curves; as the front of her new outfit finished sewing itself, her exposed back grew wider in volume and muscle tone, while her spine cracked when it arched in an almost impossible way.

“My god…I-it’s her body! A-and her clothes! Ohmygosh, ohmygosh this can’t be happening!!!” Rachel even jumped in joy, as if she was opening one of those Collector’s Editions she liked so much, before holding her hands next to her chest. As if on cue, her breasts began expanding, pressing against her crossed hands. She instinctively looked at them grow firmer and perky, touching them with a mischievous smile.

“I wonder how many people would make a fit if they saw me right now!” she said. “Ha! More likely, they’d just be jealous of me!”

The long hair strands started snapping off of her head, leaving her hair at about the same length as it was before. However, said hair grew even shorter now, and it adjusted itself to Bayonetta’s stylishly messy haircut. She looked at the mirror to see how her facial features changed before her joyful eyes: her lips puffing out sensually, her eyes becoming sharper and electric blue, her whole face rearranging into that of a beautiful woman…and last but not least: Bayonetta’s signature chin spot.

It wasn’t a perfect transformation. The costume lacked some of the more complicated ornamentation of the Umbra Witch’s outfit, mostly on the arms and the chest. Despite that, Rachel was incredibly happy, looking and feeling around every single bit of her new body. She removed her now uncomfortable glasses and tried out the new ones Keiichi had given her. As expected, she couldn’t see a thing with them, but they fit perfectly on her face. In any case, she would have to use her old ones for now.

She instinctively ran out the classroom and spotted Keiichi eavesdropping on the door, almost in a trance. She looked at him, speaking in her favorite characters’ voice.

“Keiichi…Did you did this to me?” This seemed to snap Keiichi out of his nirvana, as he quickly turned to look in fear at the witch in the flesh.

“Eh-um, no…I was just, checking if you em, were alright after eating the oni…-“ Keiichi was interrupted by a tight hug from his classmate.

“Oh god, you don’t know how much I owe you for this one! It comes with her costume and all!! I don’t know how you did this, but you just made my day!” Despite having the actual voice actress’ voice, Rachel’s childish charm still remained in her speech. She broke the hug when she realized Keiichi was being squeezed in her breasts. Keiichi’s face was as red as a beet, which made her laugh.

“Anyways, I gotta get out of here before anyone sees me! I know how to leave through the fire exit. I will change the lenses for your other present on the way!” And just like that, she was gone. Keiichi wondered what she would do with that body...before realizing he forgot to tell her the effects were temporary. He would have to message her after school, though. Gina was surely waiting for him for what little break-time remained.

After school, Keiichi messaged Rachel to know of her whereabouts. The pill’s effects should wear off in a couple of hours or so, so he had to hurry. A pop-up sound signaled an answer:

Hello Keiichi! Attending cosplay contest later! Wanna see? At usual convention site.

He sent a reply, mentioning the effects of the pill are temporary, and that she should be careful.

OK, everything under control.”

Despite her reassurance, Keiichi had to watch over her in case she messed up. He didn’t want the truth to be exposed when so many people were watching her. He rushed home and grabbed some clothes. No underwear, though. He then excused himself from his dad, telling him he had to check on a test subject. His father had no real choice, so he had to cover up for Keiichi, who had already run out of the house.  

When he got to the convention center, Keiichi had to wait a long line before he could enter the convention. A message from Rachel then alerted him that the contest was about to begin...and he still had to wait for at least another quarter hour after receiving that message. He finally got past the entrance, just in time to hear the megaphone announcing Rachel’s turn in the contest (although all she had to do was walk up to the stage and pose for the cameras.)

He rushed through the audience, pushing them aside desperately, and even did the same with the people at the stage, forcing his way to the first row. There, he was briefly mesmerized by Rachel’s gracefulness while posing, but he quickly snapped out of it and started making signs towards Rachel. He raised his arms, and touched his wrist with the other hand, trying to simulate a wristwatch.

The now-adult woman, however, was distracted by her performance; she had never felt so in-character and alive in her life…not even when she did those role-plays at other conventions. She eventually spotted Keiichi, and recognized the obvious sign.

Just then, Rachel’s tight suit began to loosen. She could see how the fabric on her arms softened and became long strands of hair once again, falling apart little by little. Looking at them a bit scared, she could see how her hands were becoming shorter, as did her nails. Rachel interrupted her performance and immediately ran backstage. She even pushed a guard while crossing her now naked and weaker arms.

She quickly slipped into one of the changing rooms as her legs were the next victims of the sudden stripping. Looking down at her increasingly thinner legs in disappointment, a hard knock on the door alarmed her.

“Miss Rachel!” It was a deep, harsh adult voice…possibly one of the backstage guards “A so-called Keiichi came here to give you some seasickness medicine or something! Do you know this guy or can I show him the exit?”

“Y-yes! Let him in! I’m actually feeling reeeeally dizzy right now!” she said. Her legs were naked by now, and they had lost all of Bayonetta’s sexiness, despite retaining their adult size. After a hard door-slam, she heard Keiichi’s voice.

“R-Rachel! Where are you?” - The poor guy was completely lost in this unfamiliar room.

“What are you doing here? Why didn’t you tell me the pills were about to leave me naked on stage? I thought this would last at least a day or something!” Rachel replied, a bit annoyed by what could have happened. Keiichi decided to simply slip the clothes underneath the curtain.

“Here, I brought you some of my clothes. Not the best option, and no underwear, I know…but I couldn’t think of anything better!”  He involuntarily scratched his head despite not being face to face with her.

Rachel blushed deeply for a moment, thinking he would break into the changing room, even by accident. But after getting the clothes, she simply sighed and started getting dressed. She put on Keiichi’s trousers, despite being a bit tight thanks to her current size and scandalous hips.

Fearing the clothes would rip again, she waited until her torso was completely naked before proceeding with the next piece…a short T-shirt.

‘Really? A short T-shirt? I hope it at least gets looser when I detransform,’ she thought. ‘He could have brought a jacket so I was better covered…but oh well, at least he was nice enough to bring them to me.’

Luckily, Rachel kept those thoughts to herself. She put on the T-shirt, right as her hips began deflating. Her torso, though, was still enviable. She got out the dressing room to see Keiichi right in front of her, who blushed intensely when he saw Bayonetta, or at least part of her, dressed in those tight clothes. He blushed even further when her breasts started to diminish in front of him, making him to turn around.

“ can look now, I am already flat as a wall” Rachel said sympathetically, giggling a bit.

“N-No, I’m fine…” he said scratching his head once again, leaving Rachel talking to his back. She started to feel a bit worried, as Keiichi voiced had trembled…she thought something happened to him, so she grabbed him by the shoulders and turned him around.

“Keiichi, are you okay?” she said. ”I can understand being embarrassed to look at me while my body was...bountiful, but that’s gone now.” He wasn’t listening. Keiichi was too focused on her shrinking body; he even felt a soft tickle when he felt Rachel’s arms shortening.

“Eeeeh, it’s nothing…really…” he muttered. Rachel became suspicious. Looking through her mental nerd trope database, she came across the most likely cause of his behavior.

“Don’t tell me you have a transformation fetish!”- Keiichi turned around in fright as he heard those words.

Rachel smirked; now she was about to get some hard evidence. Keiichi had turned around again right at the moment she felt her face returning back to normal, and his face said it all. She grabbed his hands and placed them on the back of her neck; that way, Keiichi could feel her hair growing again. She forced Keiichi’s hands to remain there until her body was completely back to normal. When she finally let go, Keiichi almost fell unconscious.

“You fulfilled one of my dreams today…so I thought I could fulfill one of yours. Sorry if I seemed a bit pushy…and yeah, no worries, I won’t say a word about this to anyone.” Keiichi, still stunned by what he had seen, simply gave Rachel her old glasses, unable to articulate any possible word.

“I think it will be best to leave you alone for now. Bye,bye!” She then switched her now too large frames with her old glasses, putting the new ones safely in her pocket, and happily left the room.

Keiichi was left there, alone with his thoughts for a couple of minutes, before being interrupted by the hard knock of the guard again. He immediately got out there, daydreaming about what had happened all the way home. It was an, interesting experience…he never had thought he could have that kind of fetish. In fact, that would explain a lot of things from his early teenage years.

But he would have to think about that later. Half of the pills had already been used, and he could not wait to see what the rest of them would do.

UPDATE: Check out :iconyukiko-sakurey: 's designs on the characters :D 

The third chapter of the story ^^ 
Hope you like it ^^ 

Thanks to :iconyukiko-sakurey: :iconkaiza-tg: and :iconchriskim8365: for the additional help
And to :iconsinarrow: for giving me the idea ^^ 
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garciarael Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2016
Keep it up!
Faky3ah Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2016
I will try...I am going to be reeeally busy from now on 
SonicandRBisawesome Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2016  Professional General Artist
well you dont see these kind of things everyday.
Faky3ah Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2016
I'm surprised a normal person got here :O 
SonicandRBisawesome Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2016  Professional General Artist
lol, don't underestimate me. i can be weird sometimes XD i was really shocked to see a bayonetta tf here lol
Faky3ah Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2016
More like overstimate you :O 
But hey, thanks XD 
Wackix Featured By Owner Edited Feb 24, 2016
Delicioso como siempre :3,

Sabes, tengo una sugerencia interesante para las otras 3 historias (si es que decides hacerlas), pensaba en que además de alterar la apariencia de quien consuma las píldoras también afecte en parte su personalidad, es sólo una idea extraña, además de que tengo al personaje perfecto para este escenario :3.

Buen trabajo, Saludos!
Faky3ah Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2016
Buenas, lamentablemente eso no quedaría bien con las bases de la historia. 
¿Quién compraría unas píldoras que pueden ocasionar tal trastorno a la mente también? 

Aún así, mandame tu skype/gmail por una nota y veré tus ideas a ver qué tal ^^ 
KAIZA-C Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
While personally I'm not sure how to feel about certain parts and comments of these last two chapters, as a TF writer, I gotta say, I do like the story and the concept. :)

I also like the way you write the transformations. I always like when a level of detail is added while describing the process. The writing could use a bit more polish here and there, though, but I understand. Ya know, with the whole English not being your first language issue. ^^;

There are a few errors here and there (a proofreading comment even got left in in the previous chapter, I believe), but overall they don't detract much from reading. I do look forward to more!
Faky3ah Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2016
Thank you very much ^^ . I like comments like these ^^ 
The concept is what I would precisely like to be more in the TF community: actual "into character" female Age TFs, instead of basic inflation/growth transformations. There are LOTS of male TG "into character transformations" so I am kind of annoyed by the trope XD
Theorically, I've been proofread the story by a friend of mine. So I am kind of shocked at that.... 
Anyways, I will try to get better on next parts, although don't expect anything given the genre and my english "skill" 
KAIZA-C Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Well, admittedly, I'm primarily a TG artist/writer, but I have written a few FtF TFs off-site and/or in unfinished stories (been a bit busy lately ^^; ), and hey, I can understand. :) I do like the concept myself.

And well, we're only human, mistakes can still slip through. ^^; I could offer my help from time to time with proofreading, if you'd like. After all, English is not my first language either, but I've still managed fine so far. Not the best, but I could try. :)
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