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The next day, Keiichi went to school at the usual time. However, as he approached the school, he saw a crowd around the entrance. Keiichi soon discovered they were gathered for a fight.

There were only two people in the center of the crowd: one was a 7th grade girl he had never seen before, lying on the floor in fetal position, trying to defend herself from the merciless, non-stop kicks from the other girl. She seemed to be yelling something, but the screams of the crowd made it really hard to understand.

Keiichi knew the other girl, she was in the same class as him after all. She was Janice, a girl that had become obsessed with the feminist movement, especially the one that focused on criticizing the humiliation women suffer in Japanese media, both games and anime. However, with time, her obsession had turned to an extreme.

Ever since she passed her first year in high school, she made it her duty to harass and attack any freshmen that seemed to like any sort of Japanese media. Keiichi had been a victim of hers during his first year in class, but given her absurdly bad behavior, she had to repeat her grade and somehow ended up in his class. Lucky him. However, this was the first time he had seen her attack a girl.

He didn’t like her attitude towards the opposite gender, but now she was crossing the line between defending feminist ideals and being a typical bully. He simply could not tolerate this and entered the ring. Before she could notice his presence, Keiichi violently pushed Janice away from the girl. And given her frail, thin body, she was sent hurtling to the other side of the "arena", crashing into a guy who was recording the fight and causing his cell phone to drop in the process.

Loud screams echoed from the crowd now that Keiichi had entered the fray, as if everyone had wished for it to happen. Janice stood back up. The fury within her fuchsia colored eyes behind now disheveled black hair would scare anyone, especially our protagonist, since her target was now himself. But just before the fight could continue, the PE teacher intervened, blowing the whistle and dispersing the crowd.

"Janice!!!" - He violently yelled – “This is your second warning this year!! A third one, and you are out of this school!! Is that clear??!” - Janice calmed her glance, and bit her tongue.

-"Are you so tough that you became deaf, tough girl? I said ‘Is that clear?’ "– the PE teacher yelled once again.

“Yes, sir "- She answered as all her fury vanished into fear. Her high ponytail, and her body, with almost completely undeveloped female assets, gave her a very innocent, pure look whenever she was relaxed.

When Janice proceeded into the school, Keiichi was about to do the same. But the PE teacher called his name as well, but in a more relaxed tone. Keiichi gulped as he turned back.

"Keiichi, I know that this girl has done a lot to you, but following her game would only make you a bully just like her." – He talked to Keiichi like he was his son. After all, that teacher was the most supportive towards helping out Keiichi during his hardships with Janice’s bullying in the past.

"Sir, I only tried to push her away from that poor girl, I swear. I'm not the bullying type...and I would never want to be one" - Keiichi replied

"That's fine then"- the teacher placed his hand on his shoulder as a sign of forgiveness. – "But remember: next time, call a teacher instead of getting yourself into the fight. I will help the other girl, so you head to your class now. And please, leave Janice alone for the rest of the day" – he spoke as he left. Keiichi nodded in response, but he knew something had to be done about that brat. She really crossed the line this time, after all.

As he was heading to his class, another familiar voice called out his name – "Keiichi." – This time, the voice was serious, as if he was about to be scolded. He then sighed and turned around – "What now, Gina? " - He replied, with a daring tone.

" Y-you behaved like a real man back there " - She kindly answered, but when she saw Keiichi's eyes popping out in surprise, she quickly improvised something - " It was so not like you to stand up for a girl like that. You should be like that with all girls and not only with the vulnerable ones. Women are not made of steel."

Keiichi simply smiled at her in response and answered - "Don't worry, Gina. There will come a day when I become the mature man all the cute girls like you will feel proud of!"

Gina, in response yelled at him, as usual - “D-Don't you think you can seduce me with that cheap-ass cliché quotes!" - She then crossed her arms and turned away with a quick movement, orange streaks whipping behind her. She remained like that for the rest of the conversation, as if Keiichi was only worthy of talking to her hair.

"Gina, we've been classmates for almost half a year now, so I know you. Besides, I may still seem like an immature kid, but I am mature enough to know that one seduces women through actions and being yourself, not through cliché quotes and sexy dude masquerades." Gina blushed and smiled as he said that, but he couldn't see it from this side. - "Come on, Gina. Let's go to class. It would get reeeally boring if you didn't sit next to me"

"I gotta say, about you being so immature, at least you know how to respect a girl's personal space instead of being a brutish gorilla like pretty much the rest of the class... So I agree."

The rest of the day went on normally. But when when break time started, Keiichi asked to stay in the class a bit longer so he could study a bit more. When he was all alone, he reached for Janice's water bottle and placed one of the pills inside. He thought about using the black pill, but decided that would be too cruel. For someone like her who hates sexualised Japanese media, Bayonetta might be too much.

Instead, he decided to go with a white pill, which also had the advantage of not changing the color of the water. He carefully placed the bottle back to where it was and watched as the pill dissolved inside. Since the pill should have dispersed through the liquid, she probably would have to drink the entire bottle for the effects to kick in.

After break time, it was PE Class. Today, they were going to practice the Course Navette test. Just as Keiichi expected, Janice didn't last beyond the second set given her weak physique. She was wearing the usual feminine gym outfit when she, completely exhausted, grabbed her water bottle and drank it all in one go. Keiichi smiled as he watched it happen.

Having drunk the whole bottle so quickly, Janice's body reacted to the pill more violently than it should. Clutching her pinching stomach, she urgently ran to the gym bathroom. She held onto the sink with her hands as they seemed to tremble. She could almost swear they were getting longer.

"Wh-What's going on? My whole body is burning...! I think I'm even having hallucinations... Calm down, Janice... It must be due to the bodily stress from the test" – She spoke slowly, trying to catch her exhausted breath.

Although everyone knows you must stay quiet to catch it, Janice found it more helpful to speak her feelings aloud. She even began to realize how she seemed to be getting taller. But it was not until the she could feel her socks sliding down that she knew it was happening for real. Her white T-shirt started rising as well, showing a bit of her slim constitution.

Muscles started appearing on her weak, long arms. She smiled as she could feel the tingle of her increasing strength. But her smile soon vanished when she saw her nails getting longer and polished. She watched in disgust as they gained a stereotypically feminine manicure.

"Ugh, I hope I can get my nail clipper before anybody sees them" – Her transformation continued with her legs, at a more accelerated rate. The curves became enforced by slight muscle in a sudden blow, which made the girl stagger a bit. But before she could recover, she watched with fear how her pulsating legs increased their mass.

"M-My legs! A-Are they...are they growing…?”- She looked at her polished nails in horror, already fearing the worst. " can’t can’t be happening! My body...I don't want to...UUUNGH...!”

A sudden groan interrupted her speech, as she felt her underwear tightening against her... “My butt? It’s bigger and...heart-shaped?!” The pain of this sudden change, both physical and mental, made tears run down her frightened face.

"This is a nightmare.... Janice, you fainted in PE class and will awaken anytime soon. That must be it... This is not happening, Janice. This is not happening..." She tried to hold back her tears with optimism. She felt so humiliated and low right now...becoming one of the stereotypes she tried to eradicate so much... But instead of waking up, she felt a crushing pain in her lower torso, as it suddenly shifted and gained luscious curves.

"Stop, please... I don't want this. No...” – as she couldn't hold her cries anymore, her voice became a bit higher and more childish. Nevertheless, it sounded as if, instead of crying, her sadness resembled moans of pleasure. Although it wasn't intentional, it seemed as if her way of speaking itself became more lustful and seductive.

"My voice, no..." - the changes didn't seem to stop, as her nipples erected and breast tissue started ballooning out of her almost nonexistent breasts. - “NO! NOT YOU! Don't grow on me, please! “

But as if some cruel God has listened to her, they exploded one after the other into C cup breasts. Her eyes were now popping out in horror. But it didn't stop there; another burst made them grow even further.

"Stop growing... Nooo, I am becoming one of those bimbos... I am just a child... Please..." - She put her hands on her growing breasts, trying to squeeze them back to their normal size. But instead she kept feeling more bursts until they reached the size of 108cm J cup. “I want my body back... I must show the world that women don't have to look busty...”

When she looked back in the mirror, looking at herself with a mixture of horror and hate, she saw her whole face changing rapidly. It was becoming more angular, with the flare of her colorful and daring eyes vanishing into a brown coloration, turning into a now subdued and sexy gaze.

Her pony tail exploded along with her hair band into a wild stream of long hair, whose color melted away into gold in an instant. Finally, her mouth narrowed, and her lips became poutier. She couldn't believe it...She recognized that face. She had transformed into one of the characters from that one erotic anime with zombies...and she had become the most stereotypic and bimbo of them all.

She stared in horror for a couple of minutes, frozen in absolute shock of what had just happened to her. She had to run away, by any means possible. But as she tried to sneak her way to the exit, the class bell rang, and a large crowd of students flooded the gym's exit hall, right towards her. They soon noticed and stared at the now more humiliated Janice, cornered against the exit door. When she saw the majority of them preparing their mobile phones, she simply ran away, crying in embarrassment as she covered her enormous breasts with both arms.

Keiichi couldn't help but laugh at his former tormentor’s shame. But a quick slap to the back of his neck interrupted his celebration.

“Keiichi!” It was Gina, as always. – “You shouldn't laugh at a woman's misfortunes! Who knows what could have happened to her to end up like that, you insensitive monster! She could’ve been abused by someone or even...” However, her monologue was quickly interrupted by Keiichi.

"Yeah, right. As if something like that could happen in a crowded high school...Seems legit to me.” Another neck-slap soon followed the daring answer.

"It doesn't matter Keiichi. Don't laugh at that poor woman!” She continued, as she took on a more motherly tone.

Keiichi sighed and rubbed the back of his neck. He knew the pills would only last for approximately six hours. School would be over in two hours...he quickly did his math and sent Janice a text message while no one was looking. "Come to the alley near the high school entrance, at 18:40. I will give you back what you lost."

Once school was over, Keiichi made his way to the appointed place at the appointed hour. A few minutes later, just as planned, Janice arrived. As she entered the dark corner, she saw Keiichi, leaning against the wall.

"I was waiting for you..." - He said. Once Janice realized it was him, her face turned to anger. She started walking towards him, arms raised as if preparing to strangle him.

" women-degrading pig. Give me back my body, or else-.”

“Or else what? Hurting me won’t help you get your body back! ‘Is that clear?’" Keiichi interrupted, trying his best impersonation of the PE teacher. Janice hesitated for a moment, but eventually took a deep breath and relaxed.

“What do you want from me?” she said, crossing her arms as she waited for his proposal.

"You will have to promise you won't bully any more freshmen, like you did with me and that poor girl. You are getting out of control, Janice,” he said, trying to sound as comforting as possible. ”YOU have to stop this, or else your body will!"

Janice’s expression turned to one of horror, unable to comprehend his words. She was clearly afraid; she wanted out of this nightmare. But...

"But why, Keiichi? Why me?! I only wanted to help...only wanted to get rid of the sexist ideas taught to those guys...They have to realize the damage they do and..."

"That’s not true, Janice! That's what I should tell you! With your actions, you’re not helping! You’re hurting!” shouted Keiichi, causing Janice to shrink back in surprise. “You know what you’re doing? You’re stooping down to the same level as the people feminists are struggling against. You’ve become nothing more than a bully, and a jerk!”

As his words processed in her mind, Janice simply couldn't take it anymore. Her eyes began tearing up, right before she started crying her heart out. Keiichi felt bad for the girl, but it had to be said. Still, he wasn’t heartless. So he walked over to the crying woman and tried to comfort her as she cried.

"You are right...I-I my first year, those fucking thugs bullied me... they called me flat, ugly...and...and..." Keiichi was surprised. This was the first time he had seen Janice become so emotional. He was simply speechless.

“I thought they...they hated me because of the...stereotype society had taught them, that women only matter for their appearance…” said Janice, wiping her teary eyes. “I didn't even hate anime before. I would watch it sometimes. But after what happened, I couldn’t see those shows the same way...All I could see was the female characters objectified for fanservice. It was everywhere...and I started to see them as the root of the problem.”

She then raised her crying face towards Keiichi. “I don't know anymore, Keiichi...My mind is just a blur of hatred towards myself... I wanted to be attractive... but I thought I could never compete, that I could never reach society’s cruel standards...”

Her gaze soon drooped back down, as the girl let out a sigh. “And look at me now. How can I call myself a feminist? I'm just a bully...and a big-breasted bimbo now…”

“Look, it’s alright,” said Keiichi, patting the girl in the back. “You can still be a feminist, but you have to learn to do it right. Try to teach others, not force it into them. If you talk and discuss, people might be more willing to listen. And just because something is problematic, doesn’t mean people can’t enjoy it. Isn’t that what feminists say?”

Janice looked at Keiichi. Her expression was a mixture of sadness and realization, before she nodded and wiped her tears.

“Keiichi... forgive me. Forgive me for everything I've done to you... I won't do it anymore... I swear...I’ll try to become a better person. Someone who can actually spread the feminist word.” The boy smiled, beginning to sympathize with her, before quickly taking a look at his wristwatch. It was almost time.

“Janice...I didn't know you went through something like that. But don't worry. I think you’ve always been beautiful in your own way." he said, before offering his hand to her. “I forgive you. So, why don’t we try starting over? What do you say?”

The girl looked at his hand for a moment, before smiling and accepting it, shaking hands with him.

“Thank you Keiichi,” she said, probably the happiest he had seen her since...ever. However, her expression soon changed to worry. “ what am I gonna do about my body? I mean...I can’t...”

“Don’t worry, just give it a minute,” interrupted Keiichi.

As if on cue, Janice felt a familiar sensation run over her body. She walked back gently from Keiichi a little bit, as she saw all her feminine assets slowly shrink away. Her hips, her breasts, her butt…all of them reduced to almost nothingness as she examined her body, with joy plastered all over her face.

She was getting smaller, back to her original size. Her body lost muscle and went back to its original thin physique, while her golden hair started falling apart and darkening until it returned to its normal shoulder length. And finally, the lovely features of her face came back one by one.

"I’m back...I’m me again!” Janice shouted in joy, hugging herself tightly. Afterwards, she turned to face the boy again. “Keiichi, I won't forget what you've said to me...I will change. I can promise that," she said, just as her voice went back to normal and her eyes regained that attractive glare.

“It’s fine, I guess this is for the be-” Before Keiichi could finish that thought, Janice walked over and hugged him tightly. He blushed, as he felt the last bits of breast and muscle vanish right between them.

"Thank you for talking with me. I really needed someone who could listen to me. I swear, this conversation won't be in vain, Keiichi. I’ll personally apologize to Rachel tomorrow.” Janice then broke the hug. ”I have to go now. Once again...thanks Keiichi." And with that, the girl started walking away.

Hearing her words, Keiichi couldn’t help but think about how mature Janice sounded right now, something he never expected. He also felt somewhat good inside. He guessed that was how a superhero would feel after saving the day.

"Oh, and one more thing Keiichi,“ said Janice, turning back one last time. ”Don't let me become a bully again. Promise me!" Keiichi simply chuckled and nodded as she walked away. The deed was done, and he should probably take his leave as well.

Update: :iconyukiko-sakurey: 's designs on the characters, for those who want a more reliable mental image of them 
The second chapter of this story has been finally written!! (actually no, it was written months before my writing-block...) 
Hope you like it ^^ 
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