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Today, Keiichi was about to do two things that no one his age would find normal, or even funny to try. His father had dropped him off at school earlier than usual. The school always opened at least half an hour earlier than the actual start of class, mostly for early birds such as him. But today, he had a mission to fulfill.

Keiichi had to sneak up into the girls’ bathroom without being noticed; which admittedly wasn't very hard, since the school was pretty much abandoned at this hour save for some clerks and janitors. He proceeded towards his target, as doubts started spreading in his head. There were no cleaning carts around, so that was a good sign.

Making sure to avoid making noise, Keiichi walked into the girls’ bathroom. He then got into one of the showers and proceeded to unscrew the showerhead’s "mouth" with the tools he received from his father. He then took out his pencil case, and from it pulled out a mysterious pill. He carefully placed it on the back of the shower head and quickly put everything back in its place, as if nothing had happened... a "perfect" crime, he thought.

He could not contain his excitement to see the results. On the one hand, he felt a bit bad, since something could go wrong. But on the other hand, he was about to burst from the anticipation. As Keiichi got out of the bathroom, he remembered the discussion he had with his father the previous day.

"Keiichi...please take a seat." – Spoke his father coldly, as he remained sitting in his office, behind his imposing wide chairman's desk. His elbows even seemed nailed to it, forming a perfect equilateral triangle, his fingers perfectly aligned with his forehead. His glasses shone with an intimidating white light, reflecting the sunlight coming through the window. If Keiichi didn't know how nice his father was out of the office, he would have already crapped his pants. But instead, he just sat down obediently.

"You see, Keiichi..."- the chairman continued-" As you may know, there’s a lot of competition in the Japanese merchandise business nowadays...Crafting exquisite figurines or perfect cosplay suits just isn’t enough anymore...because then, you will surely have a lot of rivals around the globe. My company needs to innovate, create something that would push us forward in this industry."

"And what would that be?" Keiichi asked.

"Let's just say it is...a metabolic pill." - The father relaxed his tone - "However, the pill is still in the development stage and is currently undergoing human testing. And although it's been successfully tested on adults... " -

Loudly snapping his fingers, a bodyguard soon came in with a small briefcase and brought it over to Keiichi. It was only a bit larger than a wallet, and the bodyguard then proceeded to open it. A cold, white vapor came out of it, like something that had been kept at very low temperatures. Inside, there were six pills, each one of different color and shape.

"...the target audience includes people around your age as well"- He continued - "And so I thought your high school would be the perfect place to test the pills and report their effects."

"Effects?" – Keiichi responded, his disbelief displayed all over his face.

"Oh, do not worry... As I said before, the tests are already at a very advanced stage at this point. The worst that could happen, if the pills were to be incompatible, is that the affected will...most likely need to go to the bathroom more frequently for a couple of days."

"And what would I get in return?" - Keiichi asked, daring to bargain with his father. But then a rogue grin was drawn in his father's face…

"Keiichi... As we have argued sometimes before as a family, you are quite... observant "– Keiichi blushed as his father continued- “and I can assure you that the successful effects of the pills will prove worthwhile and interesting enough for you to watch... and then report them back to me."

"Oh...oh..right...I will report" – Keiichi started babbling as his mind started bouncing between real life and his "observant" imagination. The father couldn't help but chuckle as he resumed his speech once more.

"Alright son... Given that you should do this testing without anybody noticing, you should proceed like this..."

"Keiichi!" – a familiar, cheerful voice snapped him out of his machinations - "How unusual to find you over here this early!"

It was his longtime friend, Vicky, your average sporty 15-year-old girl. Her short, straight, brown hair had shoulder length sideburns as a reminder of her femininity on her otherwise tomboyish looks. Her confident and reliable amber eyes could make anyone feel relieved by just looking at them. Her body, although a bit short in height, was well developed for a 15 year old girl, showing a fit, curvy figure, but nothing spectacular. Her B-cup breasts showed their perkiness against the simple, blue T-shirt she was wearing, and her black sport shorts only went down to her knees.

She's always been nice to Keiichi. She was one of the few people in his middle school who didn't despise his Japanese heritage. His sexual instincts would vanish completely when he was with her. She felt almost like a sister to him. Although she liked to wear tomboyish clothes when exercising, her casual clothes were a bit more feminine. She wanted to be a strong woman, but one that preserves her usual feminine charm.

“Yeah... My father had an early meeting today so... Here I am, dropped off earlier than usual." – He responded, making his best effort to sound natural.

"I would really like to chat for a bit, but I have to get a quick shower before my PE class..." A shiver went through Keiichi's spine as Vicky spoke those particular words... but he quickly calmed down, figuring she may not enter the exact same shower stall where he placed the pill.

"... I always relax and perform much better during the physical tests right after a nice warm shower. So, see you in the cafeteria during the break time~" – She then waved at Keiichi and said goodbye as she rushed back towards bathroom. Keiichi stayed there... praying with all his might that nothing bad would happen to her.

Meanwhile, Vicky entered the bathroom, and unfortunately, entered the shower stall that had the pill installed. She quickly undressed and turned the water on, closing her eyes as she calmly cleansed her body and soul...If she hadn’t been so absorbed in her shower, she would have realized that the water droplets were gradually changing colors. The contents of the pill washed over her entire body before the water turned transparent once again.

For a couple of minutes, nothing happened...until her hair suddenly started tingling and slowly began to grow. Her shoulder length sideburns grew out like plant roots, reaching all the way to the top of her breasts, which tickled and made her giggle a bit. Her hands, washing the shampoo over, were becoming slender and growing, brushing through her lengthening hair, already reaching beyond her shoulders.

It was true that she had already started feeling strange sensations, but she was so overcome by them, along with the relaxing, warm shower that she just enjoyed them instead of questioning the source.

Her body grew up a few inches... But as it did, the whole body became fitter and curvier; her legs gained mass, as if they were filling up with the water. Her hips widened bit by bit, and her ass inflated at the same rate, caressed by the violet strands of her now-incredibly long hair. Her back arched softly with a quick movement, which made the girl moan and raise her head, letting the water pour directly into it.

The changes started accelerating, increasing the pleasure of the transformation. Her waist suddenly narrowed, making her feel both sides with her now more polished nails. Her fingers traveled a bit more towards the center, as her abs hardened up under her touch, becoming the toned figure she always wished for. Her breathing increased its pace, which made her bouncing breasts begin to inflate further with each quick, pleasant breath. She could already feel their increasing weight.

“-W-what's me...?! - She mumbled without stopping the steady rhythm of her breathing. She wanted them to keep growing...but with each word, her voice started to sound lower and sexier... the result of both her chords and neck elongating.

“-My voice...what the... mmmmhhhh!” – A final, sultry moan escaped her pouting lips as her face and hair went through their final changes. Her now-completely violet hair acquired a paler tone, while her face became more angular and mature. She opened her alluring blue eyes and rushed to the mirror to see what had happened.

She examined her new body in shock, but deep inside, she really liked what she had become; it was the strong and feminine body she had always wished for. She quickly tried to put her clothes on, but they were so small and tight on her now...they made her look like some sort of prostitute.

"KEIICHI!” - She firmly yelled, trying not to be subdued by fear – “Come in here, please, I need your help!”

Keiichi quickly entered the bathroom and saw Vicky, astonished by her new radiant form. Both of them blushed, and Keiichi quickly turned his head away as Vicky tried covering her breasts by crossing her arms and crouching.

"Keiichi.... what should I do about this? Do you know any rude boy from your class who would lend me his jacket or something?" - She asked.

-"No...not really... But I can ask some teacher to lend you their jacket. I’ll tell them some thugs left you wet or something like that... I don't know, but I’ll think of something."- He answered, so fast and nervous that she could barely understand.

-"O-OK, whatever...but please hurry up. PE class is about to start!" – answered Vicky.

-"That's it! PE!"- He triumphantly yelled - "OK, you wait here. I will come back in a sec! Hide in a stall or something, and don't let anyone see you."

"You don't say!"- was her answer, as Keiichi rushed to the gym.

"Thank you Keiichi, I would have never thought of using the PE teacher's tracksuit. He's very tall and muscular indeed..." - greeted Vicky with a smile, now wearing a less revealing outfit. She still had her tighter clothes on underneath, just in case, but the tracksuit really helped her from being embarrassed.

"I need to hurry. I hope the teacher believes it's actually me"- She smiled before leaving.

Keiichi was left there, alone with his thoughts. He had a lot to process in his mind after what he had witnessed. He spent the whole morning thinking about it. About how she resembled an anime character… but he couldn't really figure out which one it was. Though, that was kind of a stupid idea anyways, so he left it out of his head.

When school ended later that day, he received a small audio message from Vicky, but, first, he had things to discuss with his father.

"Welcome home Keiichi!"- Greeted by his mum, the student kissed her cheek before asking – "Where is daddy, mum?"

"He's in the living room, resting from work"

"Ok, I'll join him then. Thanks mum." - Her mum then went back to cooking. The two of them would be hungry and exhausted by now, especially since it was Monday. Keiichi sat next to his dad on the sofa, as they watched the news. Keiichi began talking -

"Dad...what was that pill supposed to do?"

The father looked around to see if there was someone close by who could listen to them. Since the coast was clear, he finally revealed his intentions, with a much more relaxed and friendly tone than the one he used back at his office earlier.

"As I told you, it's a metabolic pill. Imagine you want to "cosplay" as one of your favorite characters, but you are too short, or too childish or too something to cosplay like them without looking like a total dork. Of course, the pill, as I suppose you've seen, doesn't change your clothes.” - The father scratched his chin as he doubted.

“Well, one of the pills kinda does... Anyways, they only modify your physique, and that includes body, voice, and hair. But only for six hours; after that, the physical changes slowly start wearing off, as a counter measure in case you are surrounded or something." – The occasional chairman jokingly hit his son with his elbow as he continued- " So in case your do-gooder soul I am so proud of is worried about our first test subject, don't worry... She would probably be back to normal by now."

"Thank goodness...” – Keiichi sighed in relief as he remembered Vicky.

“By the way, which character did she transform into?” – asked the father. Keiichi sounded like his usual, cheerful self now.

“She was really hot! That pale, violet hair was really enchanting to say the least... She seemed kinda familiar, though...”

"Oh! That must’ve been Maya Natsume, from Tenjo Tenge! Lucky you! Remember when you and Vicky spent the every afternoon watching the series together? She really liked the fact a little girl like Maya could become a strong and sexy woman in an instant." – His father answered, enthusiastically – " I told you: you would definitely want to see its results."

"Yeah, heheh,"- Keiichi blushed thinking about what Vicky would have thought of her drastic transformation. " So you said there was one cosplay pill that changes clothes too, right? "

"Of course! But they are not technically clothes. It's the witch from that recent videogame, Bayonetta! Theoretically, her hair is her outfit, so this pill would basically overwrite your previous outfit with hers instead, and the physical changes are of course a given. It's the black pill that does it."

"Sounds cool!"- The student responded, already thinking about suitable subjects for it. - “And what do the other pills-?” Although he would have liked to continue talking, her mother called them; dinner was ready. It seemed their chat would have to be continued some other time.

UPDATE: :iconyukiko-sakurey: 's designs on the characters, for those who want a more reliable mental image of them 

Well, my first story... Here we go. 

The story is about a marvelous pill with...interesting effects. I bet cosplaying would be a ton easier with it XD 
In this first chapter the chosen one is, as you can see, maya natsume from Tenjo Tenge. My english is horrible, so I asked for a little help to my fellow :iconchriskim8365: . It's very nice of him to spend that much of time helping me XD 
Then came :iconkaiza-tg: and made it even better. 

Storywise, the story is just fetish yeah..quality narrative right there. Anyways, "enjoy it"? 

Comment your honest opinions of the story, even the "its bullshit you deserve to be buried with shit" ones XD 
I have a second chapter coming soon depending on the feedback XD 
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Kirin790 Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2016
Interesting story> How about using a character from Ikki Tousen as a candidate?
Faky3ah Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2016
I'll have to think about it...if you come up with a seductive character from that series the chances will rise XD 
Kirin790 Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2016
I think Ryofu Housen would be a good choice.
YuKiKo-Sakurey Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2016   Traditional Artist
Venga que la gente quiere ya su segundo capitulo ¬v¬
XDDDD dales lo que quiereeen... hehehehe Free Undertale Sans Headbob Icon 2 
Faky3ah Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2016
Papyrus Intensifies hypuisreal
TG-Vocals Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
I really like the concept of this. Will you be accepting requests?
Faky3ah Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2016
The story is pretty much settled, but I have a bit of trouble finding 2 transformation candidates (the "after" forms XD ) 
As long as they are a "female to female" transformation (no TG) I'm fine with request...although I cannot guarantee they will make it to the story 
TG-Vocals Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
How about purple heart from hyperdimension neptunia
Faky3ah Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2016
Love that would be very good idea....despite the clothing not changing it could fit the story very well...
Thanks for the recommendation ^^...I'll see how it goes 
TG-Vocals Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
Yay! Hyperdimension Neptunia Purple Heart 
blackdragon65 Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2015
I dig the concept, and look forward to your future chapters! Keep practicing with your english and it will get better, and you are already on the right track by getting a proof-reader (which is much more than many others do, so thanks!)

Thumbs Up 
Faky3ah Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2015
Thank you very much :D 
Your constructive critique is welcome ^^ I already have the 2nd chapter ready to go, but I want to accumulate a decent feedback before posting it XD 
That, and for gaining some time because I dont think the 3rd chapter will be up in a loooong time XD 
LuisJM Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2015
Sorry if I hadn't contacted you, but I was busy with the Christmas week.  As for the story you did, that's a really nice intro.  Can't wait to see what other plans you have.  I do have some ideas on characters to change into.

1. Samus Aran
2. Bayonetta
3. Orihime (Bleach)
4. Homura (Madoka Magica)
5. Mikasa (Attack on Titan)
6. Ruby and Yang (RWBY)

Don't know if you can do those little requests or how many chapters, but I hope they would be possible.  Let me know what you think.
Dracoknight545 Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
Interesting Start
Faky3ah Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2015
Thank you very much :D 
Dracoknight545 Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
You're Welcome
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