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This is a group/community for the sake of celebrating our love for the Fakir/Ahiru pairing from Princess Tutu. Once a year (at least to start), there will be a collection of 7 prompts given, one for each day of the "Fakiru Week", and artists and writers alike use those prompts to create something that focuses on the pairing.
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Blurred Memory by cellophane-rose
AF- Forever young by Dracophile
Pas De Deux by theunknown1
We aren't all magical girls by cellophane-rose
AF- You started it by Dracophile
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Fakiru Week: Feather by Marchie-Monrey
PT: Inspirations by bluegirl4
Fakiru Week: Inspiration by Marchie-Monrey
Fakiru Week: Reasons by Yuufee
Fakiru Week- Love by Kiyomi-chan16
I miss you most of all when the leaves fall by Internal-Flame13
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Fakiru week- RED by Santopecado
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Fakiru Week [2014] - Green by amako-chan
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Fakiru Week 2014 - Day 7 Hands by snowcloud8
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No! Wait!! by ChibiJirachi
[Fakiru-week]Slow[Princess Tutu] by cckh
Festival by kyujitsuUO
[Fakiru-week]Future[Princess Tutu] by cckh
Support A: Working Together by ChibiJirachi
Spring by dreaminartist06
Fakiru Week 2016 - Day 2 Books (Alternate) by snowcloud8
Fakiru Week Day 3: Force by Diamond-Master
Fakiru Week 2016 - Day 4 Burning by snowcloud8
Fakiru Week 2016 - Day 5 Illusion by snowcloud8
Princess Tutu- Parody by RBKNinja
Fakiru Week 2016 - Day 7 Wedding by snowcloud8

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2016 Prompt List!

1. Spring | 24th Sept.
2. Books | 25th Sept.
3. Force | 26th Sept.
4. Burning | 27th Sept
5. Illusion | 28th Sept.
6. Parody | 29th Sept.
7. Wedding | 30th Sept.

Fakiru Week runs from September 24th to September 30th!

Reminder: All the above prompts can be interpreted in any way that you wish! Just please be sure to go over the rules here!
The final day of Fakiru Week is upon us!

And our final prompt is... Wedding! A celebratory theme to end the Fakiru Week 2016 festivities!

The Wedding folder is open now and the rest of the week's folders will remain open with it! Submit at your leisure!

It may be the final day, but let's enjoy this to our heart's content as we celebrate the wonderful pairing that is Fakir/Ahiru!

Although the shipping week is now coming to its close, a reminder that ALL of the week's folders for the prompts will stay open until next year's Fakiru Week begins! So you can submit your late entries any time from now until then!

Also, thanks to everyone who has been a part of this wonderful week! It's been a great time and we've been enjoying all the amazing submissions and the great creative things you guys have done. No doubt that you have all done this pairing proud!

Fakiru Week on tumblr -…
Fakiru Week on Blogspot -…
Fakiru Week on Pixiv -

Other contributions:

[CFS] Bless the Broken Road || Fakiru Week {day 7} Wedding [PT] from CourageousFateStudio
It's already the penultimate day of Fakiru Week 2016, and that's no joke. Parody is your prompt, today.

The Parody folder is open and ready for submissions, whenever you choose to send them in--as always, it and the other folders will remain open until next year.

Let's have fun as the week draws to a close!

Fakiru Week on tumblr
Fakiru Week on Blogspot
Fakiru Week on Pixiv

Other contributions:

[CFS] You Make Me Smile || Fakiru Week {day 6} Parody [PT] from CourageousFateStudio
Yes, it's true--the fifth day of Fakiru Week has arrived! The prompt for today is Illusion.

I'm sure most of you know the drill by now, but I'll say it again: feel free to submit things late, just make sure you submit them to the correct folders. I'm looking forward to all your amazing work!

Fakiru Week on tumblr
Fakiru Week on Blogspot
Fakiru Week on Pixiv

Other contributions:

[CFS] The Fairytale Is Over || Fakiru Week {day 5} Illusion [PT] from CourageousFateStudio
It’s the fourth day of Fakiru Week! Today’s prompt is Burning, and I’m just burning with anticipation for what today will bring.

As usual, the folder for today’s prompt is now open. Feel free to submit late entries, just make sure you’re submitting to the right folder.

Have fun!

Fakiru Week on tumblr
Fakiru Week on Blogspot
Fakiru Week on Pixiv

Other contributions:
[CFS] Fire to the Rain || Fakiru Week {day 4} Burning [PT] from CourageousFateStudio
Day 3 of Fakiru Week has officially begun!

Our prompt today is Force and the folder is open for your submissions! And any more submissions to the two previous prompts are more than welcome to be submitted, as well! Just make sure that they're in the right prompt folder!

It's been a great week so far and I'm sure that it's only going to get better! All of your submissions and works have been amazing, guys! I look forward to seeing today's prompts!

Fakiru Week on tumblr:…
Fakiru Week on Blogspot:…
Fakiru Week on Pixiv:

Thank you all and have a great day!

Other contributions:
[CFS] Stronger || Fakiru Week {day 3} Force [PT] from CourageousFateStudio
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mayuralover Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2020  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Official Fakiru week 2020 prompts are here!
Tumblr page
November 1 through 7, 2020

Sunday: Pumpkin
Monday: Leaves
Tuesday: Orange
Wednesday: Hunt
Thursday: Hot Drinks
Friday: Jackets
Saturday: Harvest
mayuralover Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2020  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
It seems like there may not be an official Fakiru Week this year, but I do plan on drawing and putting out some Fakiru drawings starting Monday, September 21st and hopefully running til Sunday the 27th (depending on what I can prepare within the next week)! They aren't based on any particular prompts, but I hope you guys will join me in celebrating this sweet ship!
mayuralover Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2020  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Eagerly awaiting when the Fakiru Week tumblr will announce this year's Fakiru Week prompts!
nyxnyx17 Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2019
Fakiru Week 2019 Prompts are announced! Let's Rock!

Day 1: Bright | September 24

Day 2: Personify | September 25

Day 3: Soft | September 26

Day 4: Guide | September 27

Day 5: Spin | September 28

Day 6: Dynamic | September 29

Day 7: Finale | September 30…
mayuralover Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
For those of you who may be wondering if Fakiru Week 2018 is going to is! Take a look at the prompts and Fakiru Week's new home on Tumblr:…

September 24-30
1. Pink
2. Retelling
3. Ballad
4. Royal 
5. Down
6. Bittersweet
7. Heart
snowcloud8 Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2017  Professional Traditional Artist
YO! DEVIANTART FAKIRU WEEK! When are you going to add this year's Fakiru Week prompts. I know what they are (thanks to tumblr) but it would be nice to have the correct folder to put them into.
cckh Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2017
9/24-9/30 1.Silver 2.Motif 3.Flight 4.Memory 5.Storm 6.Change 7.Story
mayuralover Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thanks so much for this! I don't have a tumblr, so I would have been really disappointed if I didn't get a chance to see the prompts for this year!
Kiyomi-chan16 Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2017   Traditional Artist
Puppy Eyes Begging Dara - Please So, are we having Fakiru Week this year? 
nyxnyx17 Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2017
The release of Princess Tutu BD has been announced!
Date: 08/30/2017

Let's celebrate it together! 
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