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Fakemon Begginers Cup: Contest!

   by ~Ajonesxd, 2 hours, 17s ago
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Welcome Fakemon Artist to the first ever Beginners Cup; you will be given the opportunity to show off your talent and Fakemon to a viewing audience in DeviantArt and Fakemon world. This contest was started to inspire young artist who enjoy drawing Fakemon and Pokemon like, and given the opportunity to show case there ideas and talent. Our goal is to bring out the best in everyone Artist and Fans like!  

Fakemon you can Enter:
- You can use any kind of Fakemon, as long it your own design!!

1. Person can enter only one Fakemon per person!
2. The entry must be something new and original, nothing that has already been done! (e.g. Animals, Appliance, folklore, Plants, Monster, etc) and be creative!
- Please try to be as creative as possible in your fakemon, and make sure show little or any similarity to others fakemon or pokemon already existed.

3. You can make 2nd, 3rd, or Branch evolutionary stages for you Fakemon with secondary typing and whether stands up to it or not.
- Only Fakemon are allowed in the competition.
- No pre evolution of Pokemon.
- No evolution of Pokemon.  
- No Fusion Pokemon.

Example for Branch Evolution:
(Water Stone) Poilwrath
(King Rock) Poiltoad.

4. Give a description of your Fakemon.
- Type  
- Pokedex info
- Speices
- Gender or Genderless
- Evolution Stage, if you have one or not!

5. If you are doing Alter Forms please have the original form and Alter form together own the same page.
Shiyman (Land Forme and Sky Forme)
Castform (Sunny, Rainy, Snowy, and Orginial Forme)

6. It must be appealing and colorful.

7. No in mature contents!!!

You will be Judge own the following:
• Creativity and Uniqueness
• Following the Rules
• Visible effort
• Sticks to theme
• Accurate of the fakemon

Judging will be done by me. I will probably ask a few other friends to help out, as well as any deviant who would like to help me, PLEASE NOTE ME.

How to Enter:
Simply comment below, putting your name and the link to the entry. Easy as that.

Begins: April 29, 2013 End: May 13, 2013
- All late entries will not be accepted!

1st Place: Hand made Pokedex design by me, 4 gym badges, Fakemon Beginners Cup Trophies Certificates and Full body, full color image of fully transformed entry with background drawn by me.
2nd Place: 2 Gym badges, Hand made Lullaby Ribbon design by me, and Full body, full color image of fully transformed entry w/o background drawn by me.
3rd Place: 1 Gym badge, Hand made Pokeball design by me, and Full body, line art image of fully transformed of entry w/o background drawn by me.

*Everyone who enter contest will be given a llama badge for participating in the competition.

You do not have to be a club or member to enter, so tell your friends.
This is my first time hosting a contest, please do your best to following the rules and I will do my best to stay organized as possible. I will also try to answer or clear up any questions you may have in a timely manner.
I welcome any additional prizes or entrants as well as point if you would be would like to donate prizes or points to the winners of the competition or to show support participants, PLEASE NOTE ME.

Pokémon has had the habit of ocassionally showing silhouettes of some new Pokémon instead of revealing them right away. It is understandable that some Fakemon artists would pick up on this and do so too.

But the big difference is that while people actually care about official new Pokémon, nobody really cares enough about new Fakémons.

Especially if you:
1) Are not an already popular artist and
2) Your Fakemon will not be featured in a fangame
nobody will care about your silhouettes.

And if you still want to do them, please don't submit them to any groups. If anyone actually cares, it will be one of your watchers.
:iconmonimals: <- group

"Revealing a new Monimal once our group has reached 110 members (or watchers, but I encourage joining)!"

Let's go! Revealing a new Monimal once...... our group has reached 110 members (or watchers, but I encourage joining)! That's one member for every Monimal! Can we do it? :la: (If the goal is reached, a new one will be set!)
Join our group now for different kinds of cool conests and to get all reveals straight into your messages center!
For example, in one upcoming contest you can win the chance to write a message that one non-player-character says in the actual game! Isn't that cool? :squee:
Also, favourite this journal to spread the word!
★ What is Monimals? ★
MONIMALS is an upcoming creature taming game for iOS with 110 unique Monimals to discover!
:bulletred: The game spots a huge overworld and a full-fledged storyline as you have never experienced it before!
:bulletred: Monimals will be released in 2013 on the iPhone, iPad and possibly iPod Touch.
A list of all revealed Monimals:

Here are some WIP screenshots from the game:
Monimals FAQ and Game InformationWhat is Monimals?
Monimals development began in Feb of this year using the Cocos2d Framework.
We have been working on it almost non stop since we began. We have also experimented with many different styles, prototypes and ideas. What you see in Monimals today is finally the idea that stuck. But at one point you could have been playing a card game instead.
The idea for Monimals began as a prototype for a small scale RPG type game I was working on. In the prototype the player would have a certain amount of 'life points' which they would use up by completing actions on the map (such as moving, fighting, questing). One area where this prototype was lacking was in the battle scenes, I wanted to make battles more interactive, it was also kind of boring playing the same character over and over again, with the same moves. This is where the battle system started evolving into the Monimals you see today.
The development then kind of snowballed from there. The changes made to the

From the group:

★ What is Monimals? ★

MONIMALS is an upcoming creature taming game for iOS with 110 unique Monimals to discover!

:bulletred: The game spots a huge overworld and a full-fledged storyline as you have never experienced it before!
:bulletred: Monimals will be released in 2013 on the iPhone, iPad and possibly iPod Touch.

A list of all revealed Monimals:
List of Monimals (Updated 11-26-2012) by zephleit
WIP screenshot from the game:
Monimals Battle Screen 5 by robsanimate
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a note to any fakemon maker:
a friend of mine has made some fakemon, and would like it if they could be made better.
so this would involve make move sets, proper names and pictures
so far he has made 3 fakemon, and I've made an un-evolved version
this would be perfect for someone who wants to make fakemon but doesn't have any ideas for any fakemon

please let me know if you are interested
Leumascar Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hello i am the founder of :iconfakemon-masters:
As an affiliate of this group i would like to ask you if you could advertise out very large project, The Universal Fakedex, to your fellow members and staff.
We at #Fakemon-Masters are working on a huge Dex that many deviants will incorporate their Fakemon into.
These contests will allow anyone to participate and judge (providing that you ask 1st, however this rounds judging spots are full).
I hope this group and its members enter our Universal Dex contests!
Thank you!.....................................-Leumascar
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