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Untitled by DraceologyLoverlol  
First fakemon on here, hope you like it!
Attention to all fakemon designer! I brought amessage: "Pokemon Legends Z has been announced on today's pokemon presents" featuring zygarde and the mega evlution. I brought a challenge for all fakemon designers: first you have to reply in your oppinnion which starters  are gonna be on Pokemon Legends Z, and then make a fakemons of their possible Final Evolution Kalosian regional forms.
HI! I'm NeonGengar as you can see, and I just got a digital art pad so I now can do Fakemon art! It's not to good so I was hoping I Could get better at it! My Region is the Ioura Region which is based off of Oregon and California so I hope you like it!
Slowbud by Inkapoo   Elvrye by Inkapoo   Flairfoal by Inkapoo    heres my starters there a bit derpy but they evolve into really cool mons  
I like making fakemon
I just got the password for 2 NSFW albums. Check out the description. Quality free stuff, enjoy! :happybounce: 

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2 Free NSFW Albums by tarabodej
regional Rhyhorn by PietroUniqo  This is my REGIONAL RHYHORN What do you think?