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Mega Persian

Mega Persian (Mega evolves from Persian when exposed to the Persianite)
Ability: Pure Power
Hp 65
Att 70 > 100 (+30)
Def 60 > 80 (+20)
SpA 65 > 75 (+10)
SpD 65 > 95 (+30)
Spe 115 > 125 (+10)
BST 440 > 540

I added the white fur because it's based on a persian cat and I gave it the ability Pure Power because it sounds more royal and classy than Huge Power. Stats wise this pokemon outclasses Mega Medicham with its higher speed and a bit higher defenses, but the normal type compensates for that raw sweeping power.
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Eu criei um mega persian (meu primeiro pokemon criado) será que você poderia ver se ficou bom? 
TrishaLoveMouse's avatar
I think its great, I luv the design. Something that outclasses Mega Kangaskhan. In singles it would probably become uber though.
IDAN487's avatar
this should be real!!!!
Ask-Redfoot's avatar
Is it just me, or did its ability use to be Fur Coat?
FakeMakeT's avatar
Nope always has been Pure Power ^^ Or was that a joke because it's like it's shaved in some places? xD
Ask-Redfoot's avatar
Maybe I was just dumb, because I could've sworn it use to be Fur Coat xD
FakeMakeT's avatar
Maybe you're thinking of my Mega Flareon? ;)
ZeroMasaru's avatar
Is this even real life? This is amazing. Not to offend any meowth fans, but I always liked Persian better. Happy Charizard  But nothing is gonna beat my VERY, VERY first favorite, Charizard.
FakeMakeT's avatar
Thanks! Charizard is awesome ^^
EmilyDoesStuff's avatar
For Some Reason When I look At This, It Reminds Me Of Scar From The Lion King....................
FakeMakeT's avatar
Hehe well it looks pretty evil ^^
Ghostmetal10's avatar
Man I love you for this art, you are such a unique artist, keep makin those! ;)
FakeMakeT's avatar
Thank you very much!:)
Spigos's avatar
Wow, probably one of the best megas of this Pokemon so far! I love the fur <3
Spigos's avatar
You're welcome!
Freya-007's avatar
If only it were true...
LeonKatlovre's avatar
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