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Bruthal, Arson Fakemon



Bruthal (Brute/Brutal + Neanderthal)
Type: :iconicetypeplz::iconfiretypeplz:
Species: Arson
Ability: Ice Body, Flash Fire, Permafrost (HA)
HP 102
Att 120
Def 86
SpA 50
SpD 72
Spe 65
BST 495

Revive from Palm Fossil --> Frostorch --> At level 40 --> Bruthal

Dex entry:
It has a thin layer of ice over its body which, even close to its flaming club, never melts. It's able to change its body temperature to adapt to the environment.

Based on cavemen and the discovery of fire . Hope you like it!

*Permafrost: The Pokemon is more resistant to moves effective against the Ice type. 
(Damage from Fire, Rock, Fighting and Steel type moves is reduced by 1/2*)
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What is this beautiful monstrosity. I love it's typing and it's idea. Solid design in the end, mad props.