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Molly Jump Illustration by FakeKraid Molly Jump Illustration :iconfakekraid:FakeKraid 3 0 Molly Run Loop by FakeKraid Molly Run Loop :iconfakekraid:FakeKraid 3 2
Winter 2011-2012 Haiku set
Red-gold beams -
The spring towers
Reliving ancient hopes
Winter snow below
Winter snow above -
Branches buried
The lonely road
Breaking  through
Trees and birdsong
Rushes living
Rushes dead -
Croaks and croaks
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Clinical Depression.
Major Depression.
Recurrent Depressive Disorder.
Unipolar Disorder.
It has a lot of names, probably because nobody really understands it.  I have it.  I have it bad.
What is it?
Well, it's a theory, really.  Or, several competing, sometimes conflicting theories.  There's the monoamine hypothesis, the biopsychosocial hypothesis, the evolutionary hypothesis, and so on.  I can't tell you which, if any of them, is right.  Probably none of them, considering how little we know about the brain (not much) and its relation to thought (nothing whatsoever).  Also, I don't care which, if any of them, is right, because to me depression is not a theory, it's life.  My life, whatever that means.
I can't tell you what my depression is to a doctor or a scientist.  But I can tell you what it is to me.  That part is simple.  But first, let me tell you what it isn't. 
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Not a Tile Roof by FakeKraid Not a Tile Roof :iconfakekraid:FakeKraid 1 7
Mature content
A Response to Mr. Sloan :iconfakekraid:FakeKraid 3 4
Sprite Request
Hi!  Fake Kraid here, seeking one or more talented sprite artists for an ambitious project!  I am working on a freeware 2D RPG using the Game Maker 8 engine, together with a couple of concept artists and possibly some composers, if I can ever get in contact with them.  *throttles all musicians for being so flaky*
Ahem.  In any case, I would like to discuss the project with anyone who is willing to help.  I am not looking necessarily for a professional-level artist, since I cannot afford to pay you, but I want someone with enough skill to do work that will enhance the game, not detract from it.  I am willing to work with more than one spriter if necessary, so don't worry about being overloaded.
The RPG will be styled, if I can manage it, after the late SNES era games of that type, such as Final Fantasy V and VI, Dragon Quest VI, and Lufia II. Perhaps, to a lesser extent, Chrono Trigger as well, though the combat system is not t
:iconfakekraid:FakeKraid 1 14
Mature content
A Humble Suggestion :iconfakekraid:FakeKraid 2 5
The Happening Address
When men first gathered around the fire to sing and tell stories, there were no audiences.  Between those who spoke and those who listened there was no clear division.  Nothing has changed.
The man who sets brush to canvas or finger to string is no more a creator than he who watches or listens, and by his mind informs what the other forms.  Without that activity there would be no art, just as surely as if there were no music or paint, or words.
We gather tonight to remember this unity between creation and interpretation, to remember that 'appreciation' means adding something, to remember that there are no performance artists, because we all perform and all performance is art.
We gather tonight to create, because that is what we are and who we are and what we do, not artists but men.  We write our stories into the stars and we scribble our names in the dust, and so we know ourselves.
Let the creation begin.
:iconfakekraid:FakeKraid 2 8
Lost in Thought by FakeKraid Lost in Thought :iconfakekraid:FakeKraid 1 2
I put together a puzzle last week; it had two-thousand pieces and eleven.  The finished surface showed the most wondrous picture.
But, there was a piece left over.  It didn't fit anywhere, and the picture was complete.
So, I threw it away and never thought of it again.
:iconfakekraid:FakeKraid 2 18
Mature content
Eaglitaria - A Black Farce :iconfakekraid:FakeKraid 7 16
New ID by FakeKraid New ID :iconfakekraid:FakeKraid 1 22
Mature content
Take Back America :iconfakekraid:FakeKraid 3 40
Mature content
A Totally Lurid Sex Scene :iconfakekraid:FakeKraid 12 43
Azaria, Chapter 4
Book 1 – Law
Chapter 4
     It was shortly before morning when Jimmy returned from his outing.  Locke was normally asleep at that hour, as well as much of the daylight, unless an operation took longer than planned, and he awakened to the sound of the door to the tenement opening.  Unconsciously his hand went to the dagger he kept on his bedside table, and he rolled out of bed silently, moving quickly beside his door.  He was in the act of peeking into the hall when Jimmy's voice sounded from downstairs.
     "Sorry, Locke!  'Twice burnt, once shy!'"  The two recognized each others' voices, of course, but to guard against ambush they arranged a password every week – there were skilled mimics to be found in Azaria.  The pair had worked out several choice escape routes in the three years they had spent there, as well as many hiding places for themselves or anything else
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Todd Parker
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
Everything is different; everything is the same. Those who know me know me; those who do not are just as informed.
I am needy and attention-seeking and I want you all to validate my existence.

Do it by visiting my new blogblog and saying something.

It's here.  Get on it.  Chop chop.  *claps hands*

That is all.


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