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Congrats! You just fell for my FAKE MURO! ;P

To trick your friends or just any random person you wanna bug, type


and you get


This plz is brought to you by Bluefire5 and complete boredom:dummy:

If you find something wrong with it, feel free to note me there^^
Since everyone has been wanting me to fix the fakedamuro plz's because the real muro changed after I made them, I went a step further and made an easier to type set :) It's simply :iconmuro#plz: ~muro1plz (https://www.deviantart.com/muro1plz):iconmuro2plz::iconmuro3plz::iconmuro4plz::iconmuro5plz: you can still use the originals, they are both updated (even if the icon on the profile isn't as nice:() I had no idea these would get so popular when I made them and it makes me happy to see people using them around dA:happycry: So have at it! :dummy:
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This plz account has been brought to you by Bluefire5 (https://www.deviantart.com/bluefire5) and complete boredom:dummy: have fun fooling people for no reason! ~FakedAMuro1plz (https://www.deviantart.com/fakedamuro1plz):iconfakedamuro2plz::iconfakedamuro3plz::iconfakedamuro4plz::iconfakedamuro5plz: :iconfakedamuro1plz::iconfakedamuro2plz::iconfakedamuro3plz::iconfakedamuro4plz::iconfakedamuro5plz:
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Worst drawing ever. XD
WARNING: CARRY ON READING! Or you will die, even if you just read the warning! Once, there was a girl named Katherine and she had a depressing life. She was sent to the orphanage because her mom and dad was killed for being shot. One day, she broke out of the orphanage and began to have a gun on her hand. And then, she began shooting people in her neighborhood. Just then, the police arrived, and shot her. The blood streamed down the road. She was dead. Now, follow the instructions or face the consequences. Send this to nobody, and you will die. No questions asked. Send this to 1-5 people, and you would most likely get injured. Send this to 6-10 people, and you will get the biggest fright of your life. Now, this is the happiest part. Send this to 11-15 people, and you will get good luck. Here are some examples. EXAMPLE ONE: Clarissa didn't believe this story at all, so she just ignored it and went on to what she was doing. But then, one night, Katherine (the one who died) came to her room, and killed her with a knife silently, and she watched Clarissa die. Don't want to end up like Clarissa? EXAMPLE TWO: Drake read this story, but ended up sending it to five people. The next day, he ended up being in the hospital, wearing a coma. He was hurt all over. Now, you don't wanna be like Drake? EXAMPLE THREE: Marissa, who was Clarissa's twin sister, was sad that she died. So, she tried to help herself by sending this to ten people. It didn't help at all. The next day, when she got out of bed, she saw blood everywhere. Blood was Marissa's fright. She was scarred for life. Now here's the last example. EXAMPLE FOUR: Mark was a very gentle one. He had read this story, and sent it to fifteen people. And then, the next day, when Mark went outside to play with his dog, he found ten thousand dollars on his front porch. It was from Katherine. When she noticed he sent it to fifteen people, she decided to give him very, very good luck. So, she has sent the girl of Mark's dreams to his house, and guess what? She asked him to marry him! So he did, and they lived happily ever after. Now, if you want to end up like Mark, you must send this to 11-15 people, and you will be safe, and not only that, your dreams will come true! If you DON'T send this to 11-15 people, you will die, get injured, or get the biggest fright of your life. Now, go. Katherine is waiting for you...
we all die someday
I like how this doesn't work anymore xD
i just like making bubbles
deviantART muro drawing Comment Drawing
This is an awesome trick xD