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Tabs_INFO Rainmeter

Tabs_INFO Rainmeter

Wallpaper :[link]

Dla poprawnej pracy Foobara niezbędny jest foo_cad by poiru[link]

Obsługa prosta, intuicyjna.
Ustawienia - lewy, (niewidoczny) przycisk myszy na tab u góry.
Zmiana lewy - prawy, (niewidoczny) przycisk myszy na tab u dołu.
Otwieranie, zamykanie tabów - lewy przycisk myszy na tab - centralnie.
Czcionka - Avant Garde Book BT (w folderze Font), skopiuj do C:/Windows/Fonts.
Ustaw twój adres @Gmail (w folderze Misc/
Username=...(wstaw swoja nazwę)
Password=...(wstaw swoje hasło)
Multiplayer (panel mały i duży) dla: AIMP, Winamp, iTunes, MediaMonkey, Foobar, WMP.
Dodatkowa regulacja dźwięku (Win7AudioPlugin.dll, w folderze plugin) - uruchom nircmd.exe
skopiuj Win7AudioPlugin z "plugins\Win7AudioPlugin" i wklej do folderu C:\Program Files\Rainmeter\Plugins
Pogoda na cztery dni i noce plus dodatkowe informacje pod przyciskiem miejscowości.
itd, itp...
Dobrej zabawy... :)
For proper operation of Foobar is required to poiru foo_cad [link]

Supports simple and intuitive.
Settings - left, (invisible) button on the tab at the top.
Change in left - right, (invisible) button on the tab at the bottom.
Opening, closing tabs - left click on the tab - centrally.
Font - Avant Garde Book BT (in the Font folder), copy to C :/ Windows / Fonts.
Set your address @ Gmail (in the folder Misc /
Username = ... (insert your name)
Password = ... (Insert your password)
Multiplayer (panel small and large) for AIMP, Winamp, iTunes, MediaMonkey, Foobar, WMP.
Additional audio controls (Win7AudioPlugin.dll, the plugin folder) - run nircmd.exe
Win7AudioPlugin copy of "plugins \ Win7AudioPlugin" and paste to the C: \ Program Files \ Rainmeter \ Plugins
Weather for four days and nights, plus additional information under the button of the village.
Have fun ... :)
© 2012 - 2021 Fajnalaska
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Very nice design. Well thought out. Def a FAV!!!
johnniekim's avatar
It looks good.... Very nice.....
! awesome ! please upload your wallpaper
Ravenschild1111's avatar
awesome and fantastically done!
Solid-Azeus's avatar
The best Rainmeter Tabs on DA period! To convert to english just open the settings or and replace ":'" with blank. refresh. done!
Solid-Azeus's avatar
dont't forget to save before refresh :)
Sir, upload your wallpaper please :)
Fajnalaska's avatar
please wallpaper for Tabs_Info: Rainmeter:[link]
Thank you Fajnalaska :)
Can I have your old look, please
Fajnalaska's avatar
sorry I do not understand the questions, write more
sorry I'am Asian

I like your "Tabs_INFO Rainmeter" but You have another one "Tabs_INFO Rainmeter " different this

I like that more

Fajnalaska's avatar
My friend, this is the same skin.
Small changes introduced to improve the appearance.
Each file tabs and additional Case.png Set.png that change when you change the name.
Oh Thanks
I will try its
EyeStill's avatar
Is there any way to change this skin over to english?
Fajnalaska's avatar
fundamental changes in the folders available
Each skin has a hidden push-button quick access to

podstawowe zmiany dostępne w folderach
każdy skin ma ukryty przycisk szybkiego dostepu do
Fajnalaska's avatar
No, this is a complete skin
Hehe..that I'm aware of :)
But I was wondering if you could link the wallpaper :D
Looks awesome, gonna give it a try..I'll get back to ya!

Miłego weekendu :)
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