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By FaithSDK
A made up Maple Story pet that I made for fun wishing that they had it for the actual game, I USED to play until a virus got on my pc from an update.

It is a Chihuahua!

I love Chihuahuas!!! Well, the adorable ones not the weirdly "deformed" or nasty lil' evil ones, unless they act cute!
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heyiamsparks's avatar
i got a chihuahua irl XD and i love them to!! :3
kamillyanna's avatar
cute :) that looks like my friends chihuahua peachy :)
FaithSDK's avatar
thank you!!! i love chihuahuas... they are so cute!!! well the purebreds are.
kamillyanna's avatar
hehe ya... i like them too but my 3 favorite dogs are pomeranian's, corgi's and the curly kind (fluffy and curly ^-^) and the chihuahua is my 4th.