So I just realized...

“C'mon guys, get this thing off me! Get her set up! Quickly!” Lightning clamped his jaws on the closest strap of his racing harness he could reach, fighting to loosen it. Though baffled, Guido and Luigi dashed to his aid. The aging husky braced his hind legs and wiggled his way back, allowing the harness to fall away in one piece like a shed reptile skin. “Ramone! Get her fitted!”

“Wait, what’s happen–?” Cruz felt her yellow work jacket and ID collar all drop to the ground, and a bright red harness - the bright red harness, with the wear of tried and true patches and a lucky lightning bolt - being slipped over her head before she even knew it. “Guys, what are you doing?!” He eyes darted about, weight shifting in a muddle between paws, glaringly aware of the straps pulling taut against her ginger and white fur. “Mr. McQueen…??”

“Today’s the day, Cruz.” He stepped forward, voice pulling her attention despite her growing panic, intense blue eyes locking with the frightened brown. He looked so…different without the distinct trace of bright red anywhere to be found. Cruz had never known him any other way, on or off the TV screen. Now that signature red hugged her frame, and the dog of her puphood aspirations stood stripped of his iconic livery before her. “You’re gettin’ your shot!”


This scene would have an extra oomph of feels in this verse with Lightning symbolically ridding himself of his racing identity to help Cruz. ; u ;

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By FaithFirefly
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Best. Thing. Ever.
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Cars 3 was already riding high with the feels!! XD
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Holy cow. Holy cow. (I need a minute.)

...dang, yet another deep plot enhancement that would only work in your doggified Cars universe. Thanks for sharing, I now need to recover from my brief feels trip. XD
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Same to you, dude. Your comments are always fantastic. XDD Thanks!!