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The War Stallion - Rainbow Powered Kestrel

By FaithFirefly
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CHEESE AND CRACKERS, THIS ONE TOOK ALL MONTH!! XD So last month a contest started over at My-Little-OC-Pony to take one of your OCs and give him/her the Rainbow Power makeover. The idea I had for Kestrel was just too awesome to not do and I really wanted to try and make a picture unlike any I had previously done on Deviantart. I actually learned multiple new Photoshop techniques doing this that I'd never or barely touched. Proper shading, highlights, making the hair a bit less flat with gradients, etc.

And I knew from the get-go that I could do a lot with the "Native Equestrian" background, so I figured that if Kestrel ever did get to a super-state, he'd have to be ready for a fight. Did some research on Native American face paint and the colors and what they represented. Have to say that I'm pretty proud of him!! :D

See Kestrel's original form here -

The background is a merge between the Cloudy Sky vector by GoblinEngineer and the Twilight Zone vector by Tollaner with some color adjustments.
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I just got a chance to see this one for myself, and whoa, he really looks majestic in this one~ owo He has this native themed appearance, and looks like the guardian of the wild, things like that~ =3 Really beautiful work there too~ I like the way you used the kind of colors for his color scheme when he is in that mode ^u^
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I just love this! 
I saw his char. On your other deviantation
and his backstory, name, everything is awesome!! 
Love the native theme and feel to him too! It's very original :)
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WHOA a comment on this deviation! XD Thanks!! His character has actually been tweaked a bit since I made this. As I mentioned to a friend, "It's shaping out to be kinda Tarzan/George of the Jungle-esque. Kestrel's awesome at birds and all that, but that topic is the only way he's ever really had contact with other ponies. So the only English he knows is very basic terms and the terminology of his work. And beyond that, he doesn't know what to say or do. XD When it doesn't concern his work, THAT'S when his bad people skills come through. So Fluttershy has to be his teacher of sorts."

I'm hoping it'll round him out into a more complex character since he was turning out to be a little too "generally nice". :shrug: We'll see if that works. XD Thanks again for the feedback!
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*replies weeks later*
I think fluttershy would/will be a wonderful teacher! 
Does he have any pet birds? of like a companion more than a pet?
Youre welcome :D
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Yep, he does! :D I hope you don't mind me copy/pasting again here. :lol:

"While he doesn't exactly own her, Kestrel has a loyal friend in a wild osprey he's named Aiyana. He met her as a sick fledgling early on in his travels and nursed her back to health over the span of several weeks. Though he's gotten used to living and traveling on his own, Aiyana is never too far away when Kestrel might need help…or just companionship."
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Their relationship sounds so sweet :D
And i makes sense that Aiyana is more of a companion than
a pet since Kestrel would understand and view birds with 
their true intelligence :D
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