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When Spike finally finds his family, he's of course curious about the dragon village he was nearly born in. Willing as he is to be a "pony", he wants to see if dragons really are bad as they're said to be. After all, the group he's discovered to be his family had been kind to him before they even knew who he was (except for his dad, Tremor… He seems to have trust issues.) While baby dragons are allowed to play and be kids in the shelter of their family, they learn from Day 1 that tough scales are a must in their world. And Spike learns the hard way that being a kid in a dragon colony doesn't help his case…nor his siblings, Pearl and Smokey.

When he finds out about the food shortage plaguing the colony and the toll its taken on the health of some of his family, Spike sneaks off to try and find them more food. Within the perimeters of the village, he finds what is actually a considerably large stash of gems. And - without much of a thought - he quickly gathers as many as he can carry.

Yet before he can leave, he's caught red-clawed by the three leaders of the colony - known as The Elders. They frighteningly inform him that the stash is actually a community stash, that it is rationed evenly to each family in the village…and that theft from the stash is a serious crime punishable by "severe measures", sick family or not, child or not. They pursue Spike and seem perfectly intent on killing him, but Tremor and his family barrel in at just the right moment to save his son's scales. While Tremor fights off the Elders, Pearl and Smokey return the gems, and get their brother herded back into the open to the safety of their mother (Silica).

Worried for his safety, Silica later reiterates to Spike the hazards to a dragonling's life in such a brutal society - and especially the deep importance of him staying with his siblings in any situation. She explains to him that this is also how young dragons first learn about the value of the "herd dynamic". She explains that some day, many years down the line when Spike and his siblings are grown up, they will leave their birthplace as a bachelor herd to seek out mates and start a new village. In a society so vicious to their youth, a group's greatest strength is - as it has always been - in each other. Pearl already shows the traits of a born leader, sharp and protective and taking control of a situation. And though he's small, Smokey already shows the fire and fearlessness of a fighter and guardian. Spike isn't sure what his place in this infallible group will yet be…but his mother assures him that he does, indeed, have something to offer to his family's safety...


Cave Background by Proenix
Spike (c) Hasbro & Lauren Faust
Pearl, Smokey, Tremor, Silica (c) FaithFirefly 
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If only this episode was in the show. 
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omg there so cute 
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Seems like there could be potential for a dragon nation ... if you could get the smaller herds to work together.
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Well, as we've seen, they're not exactly the most giving and social of creatures and they probably don't have much incentive to trust each other. ^^; I imagine even the nicest ones can say they have reason to keep to their own family group, in case who they decide to trust takes advantage of them and hurts/steals from them. As you can see from the mini-story here, even those that live in the same colony don't trust each other. :(

But still, a dragon nation would be pretty epic. XD
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Interestingly enough, the latest episode (Lost Treasure of Griffonstone) gives us an example or two of how such a nation might work ... coincidence? (I only watched the episode today.)
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Actually, yeah. XD I've had that idea of the dragon community for a while, and it was cool to see that the griffon community was similar.

Though with the dragon village Spike's from, it's an issue of their conflict with ponies resulting in their territory getting next to no rain. Water is needed to form gems, so there's a food shortage and therefore more conflict in the village.
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What these dragons need, basically, is a contract theorist.
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If they'll even consider working with him, then sure! XD
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Well, if they accept his theories, they'll need a written constitution, and then a group of dragons to enforce it...
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Hey, Spike was raised in the gentleman's ways. XD He could learn how to do all that!
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Spike is the one scared, Pearl is the bravest Grinnocent and Smokey looks cute when he's hissing :XD: :squee: personal revamp 
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XD Thanks! Spike will get his nerves in time. :aww:
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