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Kestrel of the Meoquanee Tribe

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Name: Kestrel (Kehs-trull)
Name Origin: A kestrel is a small falcon that can survive in many different biomes from scorching deserts to alpine mountains, noted for their black-spotted wings and black slash marks on their face.
Birth Origins: Born into the Meoquanee Tribe of Equestria's Macintosh Hills, Kestrel left home a teenager to become a traveling ornitholigist and see the wide array of Equestria's bird life.
Special Talent(s): Kestrel excels in all things bird-related. He's quick to recognize several species and is able to imitate an impressive library of a bird calls. He's also been in the field long enough to know a detailed amount of the bird's biology and is able to medically treat them from natural resources he's collected on his travels.
Weakness(es): Other animals. If the animal isn't a bird, Kestrel can only really grasp at straws. He's met many-a-creature during his travels and his foalhood, but he's never had the way with them that he has with the winged ones. Not even close, in fact.
Hobbies: Birdwatching (of course), travel & camping, non-competitive sports
Pets: While he doesn't exactly own her, Kestrel has a loyal friend in a wild osprey he's named Aiyana. He met her as a sick fledgling early on in his travels and nursed her back to health over the span of several weeks. Though he's gotten used to living and traveling on his own, Aiyana is never too far away when Kestrel might need help…or just companionship.
Fluttershy: Kestrel first meets her when she's having particular trouble with one of her injured, winged patients. Neither he or Fluttershy are exactly social butterflies, but the gentleness and ease the two share while caring for the little bird leaves an impression - brief encounter aside. After this time, Fluttershy realizes she didn't feel quite as scared around him as she usually does around strangers. Kestrel, who's really not a romantic by any means, realizes that as many lovely mares he's seen in his travels, this one in particular seemed different. Beautiful eyes, long mane, yes. But in his eyes, her gentle soul for everything around her makes her more beautiful than any he can fathom. Of course, they don't process all of this for quite some time, and it's a while yet before they cross paths again...


I'm actually working on a contest entry with this guy, which you'll see soon enough. ;) But it was time for him to get a redraw in a more show-style fashion. I dare say I'm getting better at this style. XD
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Awesome story, awesome name, awesome design
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Thanks!! :D

Finally a comment on this one. XD I appreciate it!!
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