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Junjie's Weakness

BUBBLES!!!!! :la:

....Come on. It just had to be done. :lol: For those of you who are lost, let me fill you in. Junjie's English voice is provided by Stephen Root, who's done a few other voiceover roles. One of which is the absolute nutcase of Bubbles, one of the inhabitants of the dentist fish tank in Finding Nemo. You know, the yellow fish who obsessed over all things concerning bubbles. :lol: And seeing as how Mr. Root had to put on a more dignified, almost British air for the voice of Junjie, this was just fun to draw.

I also wanted to give Junjie a most animalistic moment, and I thought back on those video clips around YouTube and Animal Planet where you see foxes do those funny little faceplants while hunting mice. I can only imagine this moment will end in just that way. :lol: Maybe someday I'll make an animation of faceplanting Junjie. :giggle:

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Old paper brushes (c) :iconmelodyofrain:
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OMG LOL Laugh weird things laugh Happy Tails Emoticon 
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Junjie- Badass Adorable at its finest.
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Wow, I've just learnt something new! Thanks! :la:
Also, this is brilliant, Shifu's face is great! :D
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bubbles do da do biggo biggo biggo bogggo hdhgrfhdgfggf my bubbles! I can hear Bubbles yelling that.
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JUNJIE IS SOOOOO CUUUUTTEEEE! (Don't let he read this)
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Usaully i don't like junjie (i find him annoying) but this is just funny!
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Sorry! I couldn't resist! Awesome picture though.
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I read this in that lovable fish's voice.
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:D And he has to faceplant Shifu's face is so priceless now, and imagine what it would be like if he faceplanted and got water all over himself and him!
FaithFirefly's avatar
XD And then Po and the Five are like "What happened to the kitchen?? O_O"
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I love this photo! I love Junjie generally, and his voice is awesome! And cute too :) So you have to do a story for this! He's so adorable. And so is this picture!!! :D <3
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I might at least have to do a story through pictures of Shifu and Junjie's history. :D I imagine they were once friends if they trained and grew up at the palace together. :aww:
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Oh my Jhonen... That is PERFECT!
Can't you just see and hear that?! Shifu smirking in the background while Junjie faceplants into the sink...
...And everyone else just kind of stares... XD
FaithFirefly's avatar
I think Shifu's a bit startled. XD I don't think even he ever imagined this coming.
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Oh my God JUNJIEEE!! Get dem bubbles!!
Such a sweet drawing, I like it very much :3
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Thanks! :lol: Junjie is adorkable. XD
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I can't tell if Shifu's expression is showing that he previously knew Jun Jie's weakness and exposed it, or if he is completely surprised by his actions. :lol:

Either way, :rofl: It's adorable! If I ever do a story with Jun Jie in it, there will be bubbles! And he shall be distracted! Uh...with your permission of course. (Wouldn't be doing it for a while anyways. ^^;)

Legends of Awesomeness has it's ups and downs. Sometimes I love it...and sometimes (more often at the moment) I find it completely stupid. And just after watching Father's Crime, I wanted to go up to DreamWorks and whack them upside the head. They just contradicted themselves with Shifu's past there. (Can explain further, but I've been complaining to too many people already. ^^;)

...I'm going to get some bubbles now and distract Jun Jie with them all! :squee:
FaithFirefly's avatar
Well, to Dreamworks defense, I'm pretty sure they are entirely disconnected from LoA and most likely signed a contract giving Nick all creative rights to the show's writing. ^^; This isn't the first time they've disconnected the show's logic from the films' logic. Between the movies and the show, we have two different origin stories for the training hall. :dead: Among others. So if anything, slap Nickelodeon upside the head. :lol: You can tell the show is not a product of Dreamworks anymore.
Petalthorn's avatar
^^; Yeah, I learned that yesterday and was bonking my head on the wall for it. Still, why Dreamworks? Why leave it to someone else? I like it better when I know you're handling it!

But Nickelodeon should be careful, they have contradicting the story line SO many times.

I hope, in the movies, they go into Shifu's real past, and the show is just "what ifs" and isn't official in the KFP timeline of...officialness...

Truthfully, I like your back story for Shifu, much better than theirs. :hug:
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Shifu's face says,"What's wrong with you?!"
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