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Junjie: Sly As A Fox

As painful as they guy was to color, he was a blast to draw. :lol: And how handy that the markings on his face should mimic the classic elliptical guidelines of drawing character heads.

So you've heard me talk about this guy already in my journal, but I'm going to say more. :lol: He's just a really fun addition to the KFP World, and I've come to love him. He has a doggone amazing design, and he seems strongly based on the fox character Dreamworks cut out of Kung Fu Panda 2 for slight resemblance to Shifu.

I do have to give the show credit that Junjie doesn't ramble on about how Shifu did him wrong and how much he loooooathes him. In fact, you never hear him say he hates Shifu (not to mention the tapestry, the topiary, the statue, the teapot...), it's Shifu himself to decides to briefly taunt him with the fact that Oogway didn't choose him to lead the Jade Palace. But it becomes clear pretty early on that Junjie has an agenda against the old red panda - in the middle of apparently some very formal sparring, he breaks the rhythm by dealing Shifu a hard kick to the chest (lower-right pic). Why? 'Cause he jolly well FELT like it. :unimpressed: But the great thing is that Shifu retorts with his own smooth, er...violence.

Shifu: It's all right, I was just a little slow. *TACKLE*

And then he flips the fox punk in a wrist hold......LIKE A BOSS. :D

So yeah, Junjie's left more of an impression for me more than any of LOA's villains thus far. One, he's another little guy for Shifu to brawl with, I don't know why that adds points. :lol: Two, he's a trickster - he plays with his victim's mind and emotions, something I haven't really seen much of in other villains of the show. It would've been interesting in "Ghost of Oogway" if he had used his deceitful act to confront Shifu directly and really strike a blow to his emotions, maybe by confirming Shifu's fear that he wasn't everything he could've been for his master. :o And three, a cuddly, old good guy needs a cuddly, old rival. :lol: With ears to rival his own.

I have a feeling Junjie will show up again in "Father Crime" for whatever ultimatum reasons. :D I hope so.

Old paper brushes: (c) ~melodyofrain
Junjie & Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness (c) Dreamworks & Nickelodeon
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This is really great work.

Jade-Encrusted-Bugs's avatar
Love the poses and expressions here very in-character of Junjie! He's one of my favorite violans on the show, really. You did an overall great job on these.
turles17's avatar
genial imagen me gusta tanto la serie con as pelis la rivalidad de shifu con Junjie es bastante interesante
Cathy-Art's avatar
Junjie is one of my favourite kfp characters
MikiEwans's avatar
Junjie is one of my favourite KFP characters (even though I dislike the TV series) ;3; You draw him so nicely! I like your style <3
FaithFirefly's avatar
Thanks! :aww: To me, Legends of Awesomeness is seriously hit and miss. ^^; One episode will actually be pretty well done, and the next will be horrid. :lol: But I've been relatively impressed by the episodes with Junjie in it, especially Ghost of Oogway. Kung Fu Daycare was pretty funny - I'm not a Tigress fan, but her fail as a babysitter in that episode was a good laugh. XD
DC-Fat-Gorillas's avatar
Awww, like I said, Junjie is so cute for being an antagonist.
FaithFirefly's avatar
That he is. :giggle: Shifu needs a fuzzy rival.
DC-Fat-Gorillas's avatar
Yeah, he is.
You know? If Shifu were on a fighting game, one of his palettes should be Junjie's color scheme.
FaithFirefly's avatar
Well, on the multiplayer mode of the film game, he does get different colored outfits based on the player. :lol:
DC-Fat-Gorillas's avatar
So, it's posible to make him look like Junjie?
FaithFirefly's avatar
Well, he has a blue outfit. :lol: But that's it.
DC-Fat-Gorillas's avatar
How about the fur color?
FaithFirefly's avatar
Still the same. :lol:
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wolfwrathVSmeta's avatar
geez!your awesome at drawing these characters! hmmm this is weird but who cares? i gotta admit both Shifu and Junjie are kinda cute, but i'm not sure who i like better? hmmmm x just stands thinking x Yea i really got no clue who i like better hahaha!
FaithFirefly's avatar
:lol: I still love Shifu the most. :D Junjie's cool, but Shifu's been around a bit longer and he has a deeper story behind him. :aww:
wolfwrathVSmeta's avatar
hmmm....... that's true. but i still love both Red Fox's and Red Pandas? hmmm lol if you tell Junjie i'm sry but i guess i gotta go with Shifu also. :D
Blaziken54's avatar
i just saw that episode today on tv, and yeah, who'd have expected him to be evil? and who'd have expected such a strange evil laugh to come from him...?
FaithFirefly's avatar
XD I know, right? He had like....a dork laugh. :lol:
Blaziken54's avatar
well, now as i look back there were a couple of hints that he hates shifu, eh, but who'd notice the first time they watched?
hah, dork laugh... though not entirely sure what a dork laugh sounds like..
FaithFirefly's avatar
Well, he clearly hates Shifu with everything he does in Sight For Sore Eyes. XD I was commenting that he never overtly says "I hate Shifu!"

He kinda sounds like he's hiccuping and coughing. :laughing: That makes it a dork laugh.
Blaziken54's avatar
i know he does, it's just.. i dunno, at first, you're not really paying attention to little details like that. cause we're all like.. what happened, why's po not in the furious five anymore? but yeah of course it's really obvious once he's evil.
oh yeah, i noticed that too.. i see XD
MKfan's avatar
I find it funny that Junjie being a fox (dog/canine) aa a master has leopard students (cat/feline).

I just got that.
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