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Well, I told him I'd post it on here a few weeks ago and now I'm doing it. XD

For those out of the loop, Atticus Omundson is a blind commentator on Youtube who's been doing his thing for a bit over a year now. I first found him by his blind commentaries on MLP:FiM, and then during the off-season, he started doing blind comms on Kim Possible, Invader Zim, and even The Lion King (I have this guy to blame for getting me back into drawing Invader Zim, actually XD), all of which are among my favorites. I asked if he had an official ponysona yet and jumped at the chance to create one for him.

His cutie mark is a pair of headphones, obv for his commentaries, and a blue lightning bolt because he seems to like weather phenomena. He even specified his fave color was electric blue, like the outline of a lightning bolt. :lol:

He actually was a HUGE help with my first big blind commentary of Rainbow Rocks. Check him out here!…

(And check out my comms here.… :D Hope you don't mind me shamelessly plugging my channel here, Atti.)
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