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Frozen/Animaniacs AU - The Imprisoned King

By FaithFirefly
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SO…thanks to the gorgeous Frozen fan art by Berelince - especially her piece "Elsa Evolution" ( - I decided to basically do the same thing for not only Yakko, but Wakko and Dot as they all appear in this AU. They all go through some changes throughout the story, but none QUITE so drastic as the eldest Warner and snow king himself.


"Watch this, sibs!"
If you know Yakko at all, you can probably imagine the type of child he was before things spiraled downwards. Snarky, silly, confident, and the best big brother Wakko and Dot could ask for. As he is the next in line to Acmendelle's throne, he's been brought up in the ways of a prince and does try to behave accordingly - but nothing in the world is better to him than when he gets to share the fruits of his powers with his little sibs. At this stage, he LOVES his ice powers. He doesn't really know why he has them, but he doesn't care. All he knows is that they're awesome and that they're completely under his control.

"Don't feel it. Don't let it show."
Or so he thought they were under his complete control. One day while playing with his siblings in the snow, a runaway burst of magic strikes Wakko in the head and knocks him out. It's the first time that Yakko's powers have been strong enough to harm, and it's then that Yakko realizes just how dangerous his powers really have the potential to be. Though Wakko's memory is wiped of all knowledge of his magic and Dot is too young to remember it at all, that horrific day that his little brother nearly died by his magic has forever engrained in little Yakko's mind. Terrified of accidentally hurting his siblings, he voluntarily isolates himself away despite his parents' concerns. He's given a special pair of gloves to hinder his powers as they grow stronger, and King William and Queen Angelina assume it'll only be a matter of time before he learns to gain control of his abilities again. Until then, little Wakko keeps trying to coax his brother out to play.

"NO!! Don't touch me…!!"
But as time passes, things only grow worse. Besides the king and queen, the only other people in the kingdom that know about Yakko's powers are the trusted advisors, particularly Prime Minister Helena and Headmaster Otto (:wink:). They attempt to help Yakko along in learning how to control his powers, especially upon figuring out that their sporadic nature is linked to his emotions. By now, however, it's become a vicious cycle. The stronger his powers get, the more scared he gets. The more scared he gets, the stronger his powers become. Because of it, Yakko decides once and for all that he cannot touch or be touched by ANYONE - even his parents. William and Angelina realize very quickly that they have made a terrible mistake in letting their son shut himself away for all these years, yet are clueless as to what to do to help him...

"P-Please don't go…"
To anyone who ever happened to catch just a glimpse of young Yakko and was unaware of his struggle, he was the ideal young prince. Well-behaved, quiet, formal, and thoughtful. And while he does play the part, those who know him can't really remember the last time he smiled. Since his brother was struck - and especially since denying himself of any physical contact - Yakko has barely even seen his brother and sister for more than an occasional glance or a knock at the bedroom door. Though Wakko still holds hope that his brother might come out of his room someday, Dot can't remember a time that he ever did and has since given up trying to coax him. The day that everything changes, however, is when King William and Queen Angelina are called to stay at a neighboring kingdom for a week. Yakko is hesitant to part with them, but has no power over the decision and reluctantly watches them leave - wishing that he could let go of his fear just long enough to hug them goodbye. He grows nervous when weeks pass with no news of their return…until the news falls upon the palace that the king and queen's ship has sunken at sea with no trace of survivors. Yakko's devastation from the news causes a power spike so great, it nearly destroys his bedroom door. And even though it means missing his parents funeral and shutting his siblings out when they need him most, he chooses now more than ever that he has to be alone.

"Be the good boy you always have to be."

Now that he has come of age, the day has finally come for Yakko to take his father's place as king of Acmendelle. And though he's lived most of his life behind his bedroom door, the king-to-be is willing to uphold his birthright and hopes that he can do so while continuing to keep his cursed powers a secret. As the day progresses - and Yakko even manages to complete the coronation rite gloveless - he begins to finally open up little by little. It's the first time in ages that he's been in the same room with Wakko and Dot - an experience that elicits a different response from all three. The young king realizes just how much he missed his sibs, but a sudden turn of events that night causes an argument between him and Dot. And ultimately, after years and years of holding it back, one misstep causes Yakko's powers to be revealed to everyone in the worse way possible. In a brief moment of anger, a shield of ice spikes nearly harms several people - including Wakko and Dot. Seeing the outbreak of fear towards him from his subjects and a dignitary's accusing bark of "MONSTER!!" ringing in his head, Yakko uses his powers to escape across the sea despite his little brother's pleas… Unaware that as he did, he unleashed a merciless winter across the entire kingdom.

"Your perfect boy is gone!"
Having escaped high up into the mountains, Yakko convinces himself that he cannot return to his kingdom. While he misses his brother and sister and realizes this still means he'll be alone…it also means that he no longer has to hold back. Literally tossing his restraints to the wind, he is finally free to be himself again and let his powers go to whatever their limits might be. With newfound sass and confidence, Yakko needs naught but an orchestrated move of the hands to build himself a glorious ice castle on the side of the mountain. Finally able to embrace the powers he so often called a curse, the runaway monarch has now become the king of ice and snow. He has no idea that his homeland is suffering in eternal winter, or that his brother and sister are already on their way to find him and…with hope…mend their broken bond.


Others in this set:

The Imprisoned King (Yakko) - You're there, silly.
The Optimistic Prince (Wakko) -
The Embittered Princess (Dot) -


Frozen/Animaniacs AU Synopsis:

In the fjord-bound kingdom of Acmendelle, a thriving community lives under the rule of Sir William, Queen Angelina, and their children - princes Yakko, Wakko, and little Princess Dot. It's discovered from very early-on that Yakko - the eldest and next in line to the throne - was born with the wondrous powers to create and control ice and snow. The three siblings are as inseparable as can be…until one day, Yakko's powers slip beyond his control and injure his little brother, Wakko.

Confused and determined to not let it happen again, Yakko resolves to keep his powers hidden from not only his siblings - but the entire kingdom. Even as the years pass and the three grow…and grow apart…Wakko and Dot live unaware of their brother's abilities as Yakko prepares to ascend the throne. From the outside, he appears stern and observant - nothing like how his siblings, or at least Wakko, remember him to be. But in reality, Acmendelle's new king constantly struggles with the ice powers that have grown beyond his control - as well as the consistent fear in his heart that makes them literally spike.

He can only keep such a powerful force hidden for so long. And when it comes out in the form of an eternal winter, things will literally snowball into a battle over the kingdom that puts the siblings' relationship to the ultimate test.


Frozen/Animaniacs AU originally conceived by :iconsonicandshadowfan15:
Paint Splatter brushes by :iconmiss-deviante:
Special thanks to :iconconceptions: for the "Magic Blast" tutorial

Art © FaithFirefly
Animaniacs © Warner Brothers Animation and Tom Ruegger
Frozen © Disney
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It's painful to see Yakko like that; especially because my eyes are bleeding don't worry if that happens to you you won't get used to it. Now if you excuse me I'm gonna look at the sun. Aw yeah thats good that sun is better to my eyes better then this entire drawing.

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It's painful to see Yakko like that; especially since he's more chatty of his siblings and like all 3 are happy go lucky and sassy; yet in his final outfit he actually is himself;

I take it in the 2nd movie of the au Yakko's gonna be the 5th spirit too, while Wakko rules, and Dot's the one that keeps the two in balance as they are the bridge between magic and the world.

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Good night everybody
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OMG!!!! I love it, it's so cute and i wish i can do that drawing with OC but since i don't want to get in trouble with u, I'll just admire King Yakko.
*takes long, loud breath in through nose*
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I just discovered this AU and I love it utterly.
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I need to know...who's heart does he freeze? Dots...or Wakko's....? Who ends up becoming a frozen statue?!
FaithFirefly's avatar
Depends on who has the hair streak, remember? :D
skydow16's avatar
I wasn't sure cause Dot was there and I didn't know how she was going to mix in with the story, she is the one who ends up falling for the bad guy...right?
FaithFirefly's avatar
All I can say is read through the descriptions on each of these growth charts. :D You'll find answers. We've planned this out quite thoroughly- each character has his or her importance to the story.
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I feel like that Disney will someday
owns warner Brothers soon.
skydow16's avatar
Will do. And thank you for explaining!
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This is perfect balance of comedy and care. You paid homage to both brilliantly. ;3
FerryQueen's avatar
Congratulations! You are on my watcher's list! You've done such a FANTASTIC job on the Warner siblings as the characters from Frozen! YOU ROCK!!!
FaithFirefly's avatar
EEEEE, thank you so much!! :squee-love: - PLZ So awesome to get a watch from my favorite Animaniacs artist!! (And I thought I was already following you. D8 FIXING THAT.)

And thanks so much for the comment!! Though Manda really does get credit for most of the designs and such. ^^
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It's so strange and at the same time horribly sad to imagine Yakko being so scared and withdrawn. It's just the complete opposite of the one we know. But when I think about it, such a traumatic experience would certainly get to even him... especially when it involves the siblings he loves so much. Out of curiosity, what are their age ranges in this story? 
FaithFirefly's avatar
YES, that's actually a big part of what drew me to this whole crossover. :heart: I'm usually not for stuff when the characters are completely out of character, but in this case - yeah, it's like you said. It would be weird to see Yakko so withdrawn and scared and insistent to keep away from his sibs - but if he was doing all that FOR his sibs' safety, I don't think it'd be that far-fetched to imagine he'd do just about anything. The boy adores them and he's always looked out for them. :heart: It really does challenge his character. And we've still tried to keep elements of his character around - like in the coronation party sketches, he's internally screaming when he tells the duke he doesn't dance. XD

Their ages are pretty ambiguous through the story. ;) Interpret it as you wish.
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I love that little detail, and yes, it's definitely him! "ARRGGH!!! I WANNA POUND THIS GUY BUT I CAN'T!"  

Now I'm antsy to see more... hope we will in the near future!
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Not even that he wants to pound him. XD But the Yakko we know would TOTALLY BE OUT THERE dancing. And he's just convinced himself it's too much of a risk. D:
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Oh, right. Duh for me! :P
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I can't wait to see Dot and Wakko! I imagine they'll be so cute!
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