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Dogified Cars - Waiting and Waiting...

By FaithFirefly
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C: Uhhh……there there, Mr. McQueen.

M: Gee, you okay, buddy?

L: FineMaterI’mFINEI'mfine….

C: Wait….I thought you were in there with her? What happened?

L: Flo kicked me out ‘cause she thought I was freaking out too much!

C: ….Aaaand….were you?

L: ………Maybe…..

M: Aw, it’ll work out, buddy. Miss–I mean….Mrs. Sally’s in good paws in there. And folks have healthy pups all the time! Shoot, I’m meetin’ new cousins all the time each family reunion!

C: Yeah! Mi abuela had twelve puppies! She called her daily routine the pasa doce. *snerk*


C: OH–nonononono! I-I didn’t mean–!

L: How can I be a dad?? What if they don’t like me?? How’m I gonna balance work and home?? I’ve had two months to prepare and I think I’m even more nervous than I was before!!

C: Well, to answer in that order….. Bad jokes and bad dancing, that’s kinda a weird question, and the way you always have. Come on…..who’s a fluffy cloud?

L: ……..I am…….

M: I mean….bein’ a dad’s gotta be kinda like being a crew chief, right? Just to littler racers?

C: Ehhh…..*shrug* Maybe? But….just try to relax, okay, Mr. McQueen…? Flo promised she’d tell us right away if she nee–

F: *calls out* Lightnin’, you better get your tail on in here! Second one’s comin’ and Sal’s asking for ya!

L: *BOLTS upright* Coming, Flo!!

F: Hold up, hold up. *eyes narrow* You gonna keep your head so ya don’t worry her and the little ones?

L: Yes ma'am…


Guess who's having puppers??? :lovesquee:

I'm in the process of designing SalQueen kids....including a redesign of my old fanchild, Star! :heart: So be looking out for that soon..... Also a slight design change for Mater. Trying to make him look a little more like a bloodhound.

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Good luck with the kids XD
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Congratulations lightning, you're a dad! 😁
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Yes!!! :squee: He'll adjust in no time. XD
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Hey, I just thought of a name for one of the boy pups, how about thunder? Sound good?
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Hmmm, it's a thought, but that name is very closely linked to Chick in-universe. XD BUT, you made me think of something similar with that! So thank you!
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Yay for the parents!!! :dance:
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HAHA!! Aww, I love this. Who's a fluffy cloud? XD
Hey girl!! I hope you've been doing alright! I miss you! X3
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Thanks! 😄 And HI DEAR!! ❤️❤️ I've missed you too!! Been doing okay, just uber busy with life.
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Same. My new(ish) job has kept me VERY busy.
So what all have you been up to?
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Welllll, since this message my seasonal job ran out and I've been fighting for a more solid one and there have been a lot of changes and goodbyes around here lately. ^^; Sorry for the delay.
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I like the touch of Mater having a piece of rope rather than a real collar.
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Thanks! :lol: I've seen that been used before and it seems like a very suitable thing for Mater.
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It definitely does suit him.
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