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Dogified Cars - The Wait Is Over

By FaithFirefly
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Flo: And there it is. Three healthy and beautiful babies thanks to one hard-working mama and one dedicated daddy.

Sally: Thank you
so much for everything, Flo.

Flo: Alright everyone, one or two at a time but stay
behind the threshold to look. And keep voices low.

Luigi: Oh,
quanto prezioso, McQueens, congratulations…!

Fillmore: Yeah, man… New life is a gift.

Lizzie: Little darlings… Oh, I wish Stanley was here to see this.

Lightning: Heh… Thanks, guys… Sh-Sheriff, you crying…?

Sheriff: *sniff* Hush up, boy.

Sally: Yeah….. Patches totally cried when he first saw them too.

Lightning: No, I-I didn--I--mmph…..

Sally: *giggles and nuzzles against his neck* It's okay….. It was sweet.

Ramone: So which is which…?

Lightning: Two boys and one girl.

Sally: The brown one on the right is the eldest… *she pauses to herd said puppy back with his siblings with a  smile* He's a mover, as you can see. And then the ginger one in the middle is the girl…

Mater: Dadgum Lightnin', she looks just like you!

Sally: *smirks at Lightning* She's almost as loud as him too.

Mater: Same eyes too?

Lightning: *smiles* Won't know for another couple of weeks, buddy.

Sally: And then the little yellow one is the youngest… He seems to be the quiet one. And the hungry one.

Cosí carino…

Sarge: You two should be very proud.

Mater: *tilts his head at a closer look at the parents; Sally's head is already resting back against the pillow* …….And tired!

Lightning: Ehh…'s been a long night.

Flo: Yeah…it's high time for
all the babies to get their rest, big and small. Let's leave them be. *ushers everyone back, goes to close the garage doors* If you two need anything, I'm right next door.

Lightning: You've been a
lifesaver, Flo.

Flo: They're my godkids, aren't they?

*She smiles and closes the door. Lightning lays down next to Sally so she can subconsciously rest her head next to his, giving a fond little lick to her forehead beforehand. He's so proud of her…*


Some slight design modifications might be done later down the line and their names will be revealed soon, but.....TA-DA!! GOBERIAN PUPPIES!! pink heart {big} pink heart {big} pink heart {big} 
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AWWW They are so cute! 
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AWWWWWW OMG THEY ARE SO ADORABLE!!!!!!cute cute Deadpool - Cute Omg so cute GIF Gravity Falls - Cute! Soooo Cute..Onion Heart Love 
I don't know why but the little girl.... I see a name like Star or Stella because of the star on her forehead