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Big Brother Go BOOP!

By FaithFirefly
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Another little sneak peek from my big comic project. If you can't tell by now, Big Mac is the star. :D :iconeeyesplz:

Applebloom & Big Mac (c) fyre-flye
Art (c) me
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Taken me darn near forever to comment on this! This was made back when we had a drought of Big Mac and AB interaction, but after a certain Season 5 episode, I'm sure that scratched an itch for a lot of people ;) Regardless this is still a sweet picture and I love how Mac's eyes are focusing on her hoof touching his nose, makes him a little cross-eyed <3

I hope this comic project is just on a back burner?
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HOORAY, I've missed hearing from you!!! :lol: *HUGS* How ya doing?

At the moment, yeah. XD;; I may have bit off more than I could chew but it's not over yet! Lately, of course, I've been pretty focused on Animaniacs stuff anyway.
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I'm doing okay, a few things have happened this year that aren't all good. Namely my maternal Grandmother/last grandparent dying.

Oh boy, I've noticed that for sure. I didn't grow up watching it, but I caught episodes of it now and then; wasn't my cup o' tea as a kid. I'm sure as an adult I'd love it a lot more and I see it's on Netflix now.
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Oh wow... I'm so sorry, hon. *hugs you* I know that's tough. I definitely missed you!

IT IS. ^^ I haven't stopped watching it since! It's definitely one of those shows I think is more enjoyable watching as an adult, since then you're really able to appreciate how smart it is with the songs, the characters, the writing, etc.
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I appreciate it <3 She was the Grandparent I saw the most, talked with the most and definitely shared the most character traits with; we're both pretty shy.

I'll have to give it a look sometime. I do remember loving, "good idea, bad idea". My favorite being, "Good idea. Throwing a penny in a well to make a wish. Bad idea. Throwing your cousin Penny in the well to make a wish" xD
Hey you gained a watcher for this
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Sweeeet. :D Thank you!!
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Make that two. :) So adorable.
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aww,that is really cute my buddy.
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^_^:hug:aww,your very welcome,
how are you,have a great day my buddy:hug:^_^
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