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Ask Teen Quarrel!

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Quarrel, the adopted apprentice/son of Discord and now prince of Equestria, has been through a myriad of circumstances to wind up at this point of his rags-to-riches story and has grown into quite the practiced...yet devious...royal trickster. He's ready to take on your questions about pretty much anything - family, magic, life in the Canterlot Castle, maybe even girls....... Just be careful with what you ask. Teen hormones and chaotic instinct are not a good mix.

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Okay, so I probably will not be able to draw and answer questions as often as I'd like. But I wanted to do something like this to try it out. It would be good for me to get more practice drawing Quarrel and frankly, I want to expand on his character more as a teenager. So ask away!

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Hey Quarrel, what's it like having Princess Celestia as a mom?
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So Is this a Tumblr ask, or we ask right here?
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Ah Quarrel, you maybe a Prince, but you have a ways to go yet.

What is your attitude towards all the other members of the royal family? I hear that the Princess of Frienship also has a sort of, leader-in-training disciple; Spike.

(Oh my gosh Faith, that line xD He thinks pretty highly of himself now doesn't he? I like his custom armor piece)