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Wisteria Tanjiro || Demon Slayer Fanart

Yooo so, I meant to draw this for Tanjiro’s bday on the 14th BUT i was caught up with other things. So oops, sorry Tanjiro. 💀 I wanted to draw a soft Tanjiro so I drew him entering the wisteria forest at the base of Fujikasane Mountain before Final Selection began. Anyways, since I'm still a learning digital art, I always found it intimidating to draw backgrounds, because usually i don’t know how to, so I don't end up drawing them 💀 BUT using the original anime screenshot as a reference, I challenged myself to draw the background AND also play around with the lighting. I wanted it to feel magical and wistful. I also made use of the “Gaussian Blur”. 🤩 I’M SO PROUD OF MYSELF. 😭😭 It’s so pretty! (but pardon my wisteria flower drawing skills lol 🤣). Also, tell me that blue and purple blend so well together. 💜🌸


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Tanjiro Kamado (c) Demon Slayer/Kimetsu no Yaiba franchise, Koyoharu Gotouge
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This pretty much seems like a very well done and improved redraw of a previous artwork of this character.

The highlights on the cheeks, the shine of the rim lighting, the clothing folds of the jacket, and the jacket design are all very much improved form the last artwork you did of this character in this same pose. Even the hair looks more detailed and realistic.

This is a very impressive artwork!