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I Raise My Black Flag || #Lawan


Hello. An update from me. The pandemic has really raged on in my country, Malaysia. My country is falling apart right in front of my very eyes. I'm extremely heartbroken. You have no idea. But, I don't want to be negative, I'm not here to be negative. If you want to hear my thoughts, please continue reading. 


Wow. So I have so many thoughts going through my head throughout this week. It’s been disappointment after disappointment each day. Our numbers keep rising. Let’s be real. I won’t lie, this week has been a heartbreaking one, and I’m tired. Hearing about people struggling whether financially/physically or mentally because of this pandemic in this country, or hearing about our frontliners being exhausted, dying, hospitals running out of beds and ventilators…it all breaks my heart. Seeing my own country falling apart is…so sad. 🥺 

The amount of times I’ve cried. Look, I just love Malaysia. Like, a lot. I know a lot of Malaysians might find it hard to feel that. But it isn’t about our government. If we love Malaysia so much, then it’s our job to make sure we to help each other out, to fight together — to do our part. I don’t want to focus on the negative, even if what’s happening around us is the reality. I don’t want to see my country broken, even if it’s already crumbling right in front of our eyes. Yes, this week has been a heartbreaking one. It’s easy to get disappointed or react negatively, but our attitude towards the situation is going to determine how we will move forward from this, what we will do next.

I am a firm believer in hope. There is still hope. There’s always hope. I want to stay positive. If there is darkness, then let’s shine our light. The truth is, darkness only exists as long as there is no light. When light comes, shadows disappear. You know what? After every winter season, spring always comes right after. That’s a fact. So winter doesn't last forever. What matters most is not about how many times we fall, but how many times we get back up again.

If you are a Malaysian, if you can, please consider donating to certain donations/charities/funds. It will help our frontliners 
and hospitals a lot. If you are a Christian like me, let’s continue to uplift our country in God’s hands and pray. Now is the time more than ever to intercede for our nation and pray. If you are a Malaysian/living in Malaysia and is struggling and are in need of funds, please dm my church @/lifegensibkl on Instagram, they want to help you. Let’s help one another, okay?

Oh, and I drew this black flag, not because of #Lawan, not because of politics, not about being “woke” I have said, this isn't about the government (despite how shitty it is) . It’s about the tanah air (homeland) Malaysia and the rakyat (people). It’s about the future of Malaysia. It's about the frontliners who are working so tirelessly everyday and are dying. It's about those who have lost their lives due to COVID or because they had committed suicide. It's about the millions in the country who are left jobless. I am Malaysian and I have a voice. 
Let’s do our best and let's do our part. Stay safe, everyone! 

Love, Faith  


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Hey there! I'm fine now, don't worry! :D Thanks for asking. <3

Your welcome 🙏