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-NGR Update: I'm scrapping the Bulk-Flutter-Gilda plot, and I'm putting Galah into a separate AU as a Gildashy child. The plot seemed a bit too....convenient? Too coincidental? And I love FlutterBulk too much to let it go. But, I am wanting to enact a plot that in the end, makes me feel better about things. I'm going to have Rainbow Dash and Gilda get together.
Soarin to RD was much like Caramel to AJ (sorry Pikokko) for me. Someone to put them with because I couldn't think of anyone else. But, I'm not scrapping Lightning Bolt.
Basically I'm going to have it where Rainbow had a one-night stand with Soarin. The details of why, as well as the details for Rainbow and Gilda getting together will come in time.
I feel this is better because:
1. Rainbow will be with someone that I truly ship her with.
2. There will be a hippogryph baby.
3. Gilda will actually be a part of her baby's life.
4. The whole "Half sibling relations" will still happen between Lightning and this baby.
5. There will be no coincidences to make the plot work, it'll just work. 
I apologize again, I know this is getting tiresome uxu; 
But I want my NG to be like how I want it to be while it's still in it's baby phase (no established characters/stories/ships/etc).
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Wait does this mean lightnings sister was originally his half sister when she was with soarin? Is that why she was so red looking? Or did I read too much into your half sibling statement haha
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oh no no, they were full siblings back when Soarin was in the picture! XD
i just took the white from him, and then gave her the warm colors from her mom's mane and her mom's eyes.

now, Evening Glow is no longer canon, and he now has a half-sister (whom he considers a full sister) who's a hippogryph
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I've been doing the same thing with mine. >w< It's definitely better to get everything figured out in the early phases than later on down the road~

I can't wait to see what yours turns out to be. ^w^
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thanks so much~!
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What about lightnings little sister? :o will she be a hippo Griff now? Or?
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mm-hm! she will be a hippogryph
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Ah, I see :D I can't wait
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Can't wait to aee the new babies. :3
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I think their good ideas, definitely make your next generation more unique!!
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