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Rainbow Radiance Dash Sr.

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Taking in a breath, Rarity let her magic pour into the conch shell’s opening while she gently recited a simple, pleasant sounding melody. After a few seconds of singing to it, the conch shell buzzed with vibration and she stopped. Holding it in her magic, Rarity gently pushed down on the colored prongs in a specific order; each tap uttering a half muted bleep from the inside of the shell. After ten taps and bleeps, she put it to her ear and hummed idly while the dialing tone buzzed into her ear. A buzz signalled a connection and Rarity cast a smile upon hearing a familiar voice on the other end.

“Yes hello your ladyship! Oh thank you, I do try to mind my manners- Oh this is Juliet Belle-.. Um, Rarity? You know, “Your little diamond student”?”

She was barely able to get that last title out before her eardrum nearly ruptured from hearing-


-come blasting out of the shell in a booming voice. The startled unicorn jumped a good meter in the air and had to juggle to keep hold of the shell. Awkwardly snickering, she swiped her mane out of her face and put the shell back up to, but now a few inches away from, her ear.

“Uh, yes yes yes! Lovely to hear from you again teacher!... The occasion? Well I figured you’d be near Ponyville after Rainbow told me she mailed you an invitation to her show and I was needing to take a brief reprieve from designing her flight team’s uniforms for the spectacle. You know me, worrywort; so I wanted these done and fitted soon as possible but I need to head over to the capital on Element Bearer business. Since I learned everything from you, I wanted to know if you’d mind jogging over to the boutique until we’re all back from Canterlot to give it your two bits? I hate to ask work from you but-”


The chipper tone yelled through the shell before there was a knocking on Rarity’s front door. The tone on the shell clicked off and hummed idly for a few seconds before turning off entirely. Rarity stood still, glancing back and forth between the door and then the shell a few times.

-She’s here already?... Huh, so that’s where Rainbow got her speed from.-

Rarity put the shellcaster back up in its case and trotted over to the doorway. After a quick peek into the eyehole, the white unicorn flashed a relieved smile and pulled the door open. To call the earth pony mare on the other side of the door “Fashionably decked out” would be a gross understatement. The enormous sun hat, bejeweled red glasses identical to the pair of sewing spectacles Rarity got as a hoof-me-down, and glimmering, iridescent gemstones studding her saddlebags in the manner of her namesake shown well in even the cloudy sky. The mare herself was shorter than average, having a cyan-turquoise body coat with a unique pink-magenta-green-orange striped mane and tail that hung down with a curl at the ends. She was the mentor to one Element of Harmony’s seamstry and mother to another, Rainbow “Radiance” Dash Senior.

And she was throwing her hooves in the air while squealing before putting said hooves around Rarity in a bear hug.

Story created by tarbano
Rainbow 'Radiance' Dash Sr. is owned by Hasbro
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I'm starting to like yours and Tarbs version of Dash's mother more than the canon.
battlecruiser006's avatar
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I'm aware of that but she's a lot of fun to read that I like her as Dash's mom more than the canon one.
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She looks fabulous!
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Radiance dash: Bitch, please~...  I am the persona of 'Fabulous'~...
I loved her when I didn't know hw she looked... AND NOW I CAN'T GET ENOUGH OF HER!!!

pinkiepie20's avatar
I think this will be my headcanon now lol she looks adorable I love it.
So, Rarity's first name is actually, Juliet?
Faith-Wolff's avatar
for this story, yes
Okay then... do the others know about this? Or did she change her name to Rarity?
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in the Bridge universe, Rarity is a nickname/stagename given to her by her mentor, Radiance
So they know that 'Rarity' isn't her real name?
I always thought it was "Rarity Carousel" or something - going off the fact the Carousel Boutique doesn't actually look anything like a carousel....

(... yes I know it was planned to but that discrepancy gave me a loophole) XD
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For some reason, the picture makes me laugh XD
... Was that a reference to the Incredibles?
artistsrj's avatar
Love the name! 
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She's quite the looker! :D
templar127's avatar
The hat! The scarf! The poise! Its simply :iconfabulousplz:
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Bitch, I'm fabulous~
templar127's avatar
Hehe! I like dat bitch slap fight she had with Lightning Dust! XD
DragonBlitz85's avatar
By the way, was she really going to say it?!
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