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The cutest tarsier ever. Saw him/her on a recent trip to Bohol. I also have a picture with the said tarsier, but I look too fugly. So the cutey gets a solo pic.
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May 21, 2006, 3:47:25 PM
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how cute is this O.O wow i would looove to see him in real >.<
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yeah, he's absolutely cute. and not more than 6 inches tall i think! ;D
interesting looking Tarsier.
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Yeah. Really cute animal, I think :D
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I love :love: tarsiers! I love how their eyeballs :eye: can't move but they can spin their head around almost 360 degrees like an owl! They are stinkin' awesome! :dance:
faith-hope-love's avatar
Hahahaha! And I even got to have one on my shoulder! They jump real swell too :D
slayerchick303's avatar
AWESOME! :aww: That is sooo cool! I wish there were more of them around you know, it is so sad that we've like killed them off with invading into where they live. Now they're endangered! :tears:
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Yes I know! Hopefully, they'll be more of them in the future. The people at the tarsier place said they were able to breed in captivity, from 2 to 18. Isn't that cool?!
slayerchick303's avatar
awesome possum! That is so great! Hopefully they'll be able to release them back into the wild so they'll be free, but not in danger of loosing their lives. :cries:
faith-hope-love's avatar
Yeah! I hope so too! They're so cute, it would be sad if they go extinct you know :D
slayerchick303's avatar
Yeah! SAVE THE TARSIERS! :shakefist: :giggle: Hehehe :hug:
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Tarsiers are the best thing in the multiverse!
faith-hope-love's avatar
Haha yes they are! super cute :D
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