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Welcome to Fairy Vials!

╭━━━━・゚: ✧・゚ F A I R Y V I A L S ・゚✧・゚━━━━╮

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Fairy vials are a closed species by Vipop, which means you may not create one without her explicit permission!

Aurami/Fairy Vial Winners!

Sat Aug 11, 2018, 7:57 PM
:iconauramicathedral: x :iconfairyvials:

Hi everyone! Thank you so much for your participation in our first collaboration event!  We will now announce the winners !! 




Aurami x Fairy Vial by goldenncat
Wing (right) by King-Lulu-Deer "I really like the fact they went the opposite of most people, and went for two darker characters. The coloring and lighting effects on Stella's dress/ribbon tails and the nebula inside the fv's tails is such a beautiful touch."
Wing (right) by King-Lulu-Deer I really love the BG it suits both the characters so well and the character details are amazing!( Stella is no easy to bab to draw also Pem's mermaid bab is also super detailed!)! The colouring details are amazing! 

*.+Aurami and Fairy Vial Contest Entry*.+ by Neko-Princess-Nyamii

Wing (right) by King-Lulu-Deer "For Neko's piece, the background and effects on the water are simply stunning and I would love to make this place a real part of Asteria (or Averia)"
Wing (right) by King-Lulu-Deer I adore this piece so much! The BG and sparkles are just wow! The colouring style is just stunning and I love the interaction between these two even if its subtle! The details in the BG is just stunning and it my fave part of this piece for sure! The water look good and the trees! I also really loved how she drew Vega's tail! T - T so pretty!
Wing (right) by King-Lulu-Deer Her piece paints a very beautiful scenery. She has good attention to details in the characters. The aesthetic is very fairy vial x aurami like.
Wing (right) by King-Lulu-Deer I love the moment these 2 are having in this piece! It's very intimate, and the background is very lovely

Contest Entry| Aurami x Fairy Vial by AtheraAsyra
Wing (right) by King-Lulu-Deer ""The coloring is on point and the lighting effects are beautiful!"
Wing (right) by King-Lulu-Deer I love this piece to bits!️ The personalities of our babs really shine, and I like the composition/poses quite a bit!

Contest entry by Cheriin
Wing (right) by King-Lulu-Deer Her piece highlights the very essence of fairy vials and auramis in terms of their traits. While the piece is more like a photoshoot rather than the fv and aurami interacting, it's still very cute and sweet and shows a love of love for both species.
Wing (right) by King-Lulu-Deer I love this piece so so so much. I really love the expressions and poses! So cute also the colouring is so soft and I just love the overall composition!





Please feel free to contact the prize donors and claim your prizes! 

[CONTEST] Crystal Cove by neyokko

Wing (right) by King-Lulu-Deer Her composition is strongest among the entries. The overall atmosphere is beautiful and calming to look at. Her antomy, colors, and subtle details also add to the piece.
Wing (right) by King-Lulu-Deer I like her use of bright coloring, it makes me feel like the scenery she chose would be something you can find in asteria or averia the crystals especially draw my attention to them because the coloring is so perfect! The expressions on the fv and aurami are both realistic expressions and look well placed to me
Wing (right) by King-Lulu-Deer I really love this piece! The colours are lovely and the BG really suits both worlds ! The little details in the BG are also so pretty and really brings everything together! The flowers hanging off the walls and the ripples in the water are just so well done! I love the colour choices and the crystals! So pretty! I really love this piece overall!
Wing (right) by King-Lulu-Deer The story behind this piece is so charming, and the execution of the piece along with the background is wonderful! The story was very sweet as well, and made me super happy to read

Thank you so much for joining us in this event ! X) We enjoyed looking through all the entries and seeing how each of you interpret our worlds! Thank you for your participation! Please feel free to DM us for any questions ! 

 :iconvipop: :iconfawnbun: :iconcharmseii: :iconbluesketchingwalrus: :iconlunarinfinity:

Coding by rollingpoly
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