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Limit Break, FFXIV Fanfest Contest Entry
Hello all! So I'm pretty much convincing myself I'm back to drawing and this is one reason why. I really wanted to enter a piece in this year's Fanfest for FFXIV.  So I hauled myself back onto Painter and sketching and worked on this over a month!

This is a full party of players, who aren't doing so well. In this kind of situation, a healer can use a  "limit break" skill to fully revive and heal the dead and wounded.  And right now, that might be that moment. :D

This is a pretty good explanation of what went into this picture :D  

Anyways, I'm also sketching again too. WE'll see how it goes :D  
So the long and short of it is that there's been a long-term family issue over the past few years alongside other work problems.  I will say that some things are resolved but it will be a long time before I can honestly say things will be okay again. 

When one comes out of such a situation and after so many years, you find you're not in the same place you were before as a creative type.

I'm making a concerted effort to draw again -- but this is all for myself. No more deadlines for serials or convention artist alleys. Just for me.

Right now, my game friends have given me lots of inspiration to draw from, so I've been slowly rolling around doing sketches for them (unprompted).  I don't know yet how much I'll paint (except the one big piece I can't show until next month).  

However, I will be active again on twitter when I do produce something-> and begin trying my best to get back on my original twitter: and immerse myself back in the creative world.

As for Book 2 of Tales, that proof is sitting there and I know I have an ending I want to avoid.  I honestly want to rewrite portions to change the fate of Miss Swann, but I think mentally I am not going to be able to touch it for a little while longer.  Those who know me hopefully understand why. 

In any case, I do hope you are all well. I know people have largely left DA for other places. Please let me know where else you may be = whether that be instagram, tumblr, or twitter. Thanks! 

Aymeric the koppokur advocate

Princess aymeric with his birdie friend ? Or more likely this Ishgardian official is listening to the grievances of a small koppukur who wishes for a better life for his friends trapped inside St. Mociannes.

Hello all, it has been a long time since I have really created anything fit to post. It has been a very tough journey to this point and while I am sorting out things on a personal level, I decided to do some limited work for the Final Fantasy XIV mmo, as a warmup to entering their fanart contest for their FanFest in November in Las Vegas.  I'm relearning digital painting on my old software (Corel Painter) but exploring transitioning over to other stuff  once these pieces are out of the way.  I am not going to return to conventions, but just try drawing for fun again :)  .  That probably means mostly ffxiv stuff and maybe eventually back to my original characters.

Anyways this is an elezen by name of Aymeric de Borel, who is arguably one of the favorite "husbandos" in the game. He is a fairly kind and noble type. I call him Princess because he is again, that sort of soul you know has that kind of hope for the world and, as such, draws people around him who are more cynical but willing to protect that vision.

This picture really is a riff on Snow White who has little birdies flock to her (as does Cinderella and other Disney princesses).  Instead of a bird you have a Koppokur -- a little green plant monster -- that has, to date, only appeared in one dungeon and attacks you for some reason or other.  We've been promised another look at them in upcomign content xD

They are honestly quite adorable.

I'm going to post an update in the journal explaining what's up.  see ya o/

In Memory

She will be missed.
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